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Everybody it is fixie and im super excited to make this video. I actually actually have to head off to work in like 40 minutes and usually i like give myself a whole bunch of time. But i have been putting off making this video for okay literally maybe like five days.
But thats a long time for me because i want to i want to fully use it and not feel guilty for doing it before making a video. So as you can tell by the title. This is going to be my review and swatches of the new to face totally cute palette.
I have not seen that much hype about this palette um it says its coming out in fall 2016. But uh a heaven um. One of my moms friends was actually in the city um.
Basically like two provinces that way is the closest sephora to us. And she was awesome and picked up this it was the last one there and im so so so so so excited basically lets get a close up on this packaging. Its really really cute.
Im probably gonna say cute like 1800 times in this video. But its just a little palette and ah the thing. That is neat about this palette.
Is that it actually comes blank um. Like the outside of the packaging is blank. And it comes with two sheets of stickers that you can put on yourself.
I have already used this i am not going to lie to you so theres the outside of the palette as it comes has the too faced logo. But what is actually really cool is that the little spaces in between the letters are colored in and also the two and the f is one color purple and the aist is another color purple. I dont know if that was on purpose.
But thats what mine looks like omg stickers and makeup. Thats pretty much what i said. Its a combo.
Totally. Mf e. Oh made for each.
Other duh. Nine brand. New highly pigmented shades in matte to shimmer finishes.
Plus totally cute limited edition stickers to jazz up your palate everyday neutrals and bright pops of color allow you to create a look thats hashtag amazing um definitely is aimed at a younger audience. Im not sure cuz like its still an expensive to face palates. So like i mean you gotta have money to get it i think its just really cute hey lets look on the inside tada.
Its beautiful and i havent looked into this yet. But i think it has tutorials on three looks you can do so we have theres three like looks.

too faced totally cute palette-0
too faced totally cute palette-0

So each column row the horizontal ones are like the sections of colors. You can use to do a look so theres ice cream qt. Which contains double scoop bunny foo foo and chocolate donut.
Theres lucky girl. Which contains shooting star clover and storm cloud. I have clover on my eyes right now.
I was so excited for this color cuz now i hair is green and i really wanted a green eye shadow and theres totally cute haha named robin which has unicorn i heart two faced i heard tf and meow exclamation point which i think is really really cute on my eyeballs and also on my cheek ease. Today. I have clover thats what its called right.
Yeah. Ha. I have clover and then on my cheek bones.
For my highlight. I have unicorn um. Which is really pretty and like slightly iridescent ii.
But like just a little bit so im gonna do swatches of each of these cute little colors and then we are going to do the stickers which im so freakin excited for so stay stay tuned for the stickers theyre coming up. I also managed to get three sheets of stickers umm. One of them is a duplicate of the other and they came real stuck together.
So im pretty sure that was a mistake. But im pumped. There are all of my swatches.
I put the large highlight contour shades in the middle. And then the first ones and then the third ones um or the second ones of the third ones. I dont know why i messed it up and i just kind of went with it.
But there they are um. I okay the first three for ice cream cutie. I think is the shade collection name those are super super super pigmented and then as you go down.
They get less and less pigmented. I found like clover. I really wish was more intense of a green and i heart to face.
Also is like kinda not that intense compared to what it looks like in the pan. Because it looks so intense and then you put it on and its like okay. I dont know i mean obviously if you use the primer.
If you wet your brush or something you could really get that pink out. But like mmm compared to the too faced chocolate bar palette and other stuff.

too faced totally cute palette-1
too faced totally cute palette-1

I have from too faced. This is like its okay i mean its okay so youre supposed to get two sticker sheets. I got three which i mean im super thankful for because my favorite sticker um is the one that i got two of which is awesome.
So whats the cheeky close up again so heres ah. The first sheet. Which has the logo and everything we have all icy cream.
No thats a cupcake. Im an idiot with the too faced logo will cat ears donut cute gem pizza happy star too faced is my life too real get in here clover. Which must be a dog of some sort at the two faced headquarters.
Im assuming unless its just random love bunny two faced i wake up for makeup happy duck. Happy rainbow and i heart bunnies and also eyes and the logo that you can put on so some of them are definitely like kind of lame and dumb. But i appreciate what theyre going for here.
I still think its real cute hes the second sheet which i got two of so theres happy heart cute charcoal. Happy bunny pretty unicorn little bow um hes like a shooting star coming out of a pink bag uh fries clover mm taco you own your pretty butter a carb. Im not even like reading them completely now uh.
Happy dolphin or is that a shark. Its not a shark is that his fanners. I like his little head spike.
Anyway kissing make up this is my favorite one. I think its really cute its the little melted lipstick. Which i have on my face right now.
I can grab it look. Its the same thing. Thats so cute theres a banana.
Some lips. The dude whos the head of two faced who runs. I dont know his name.
Im a terrible person od ice cream add a little whack around with that im gonna stick my palate. Im super excited i should probably put the totally cute one because thats like what its called thats like literally the title of the palate so ill do him and theyre clear like around them so thats nice its not like white boxy edges okay its like slanted but i think i like that and im gonna put in my favorite little melted lipsticks first cuz theyre in my face. And i want to make sure they get like a good spot stickers are important dont even like mess with me so hes gonna go poopy him i like clover hes a happy dog.
I dont really like dogs but like clover seems like a chill dude. Okay um putt ill put my favorites first ill put the unicorn and i have two unicorns what a blessing so ill put him like in the little corner should i put the other unicorn look at him so far look at him go oh my frick. Im gonna use the purple bow because he looks good with the purple logo hey this is very heavy on one side silver.
Im gonna put clover its clovers time ill put them there ill put them there woof woof. This is such a pure and innocent activity.

too faced totally cute palette-2
too faced totally cute palette-2

I will put the sparkly sparkly gem to balance out the blue in the unicorn cuz. They have like the same color blue. Do you see what im doing i am an artist yes.
Oh geez. Im gonna do the donut cuz. He cute.
Im gonna put him there buh bam. You can go no. But i dont want it to look like yeah.
Ill put them up there so its not like to face totally cute love thats not what its called. Im gonna put the other unicorn cuz like who are we kidding me this is so cute and im gonna pause. The other dude.
Yeah. All i need like two more stickers well maybe just one like hereis. Yeah.
I think im gonna put those guys right there shh. All i have like a tiny little room is gonna like make anyone want to scream as anyone like yelling at me to move the stickers. Oh well you get in here.
Thats funny. Yeah. Hes funny get in here.
What are you doing get the heck in here. Oh. Now i need one there gosh hackett.
There are you two faced is my life theres my complete stickered palette. But a bum. But a bum.
I still have more stickers left. What the heck i could put these on my other two faced products. I can just like implement totally cute on all of my collection it thats good.
Ive had this palette for a few days now and its been totally naked totally cutes been totally naked and its felt weird. But now i so cool i love it i love it so much i am. Very glad i have a bright green.
Now the bright green and the great. But that the bright green and the bright pink are like what ive been digging lately like a sour watermelon candy.

too faced totally cute palette-3
too faced totally cute palette-3

So i really like that lets take a cheeky peek at me. And yeah. The inside says totally cute too faced.
Which is good you can see theres a mirror. There it is work oh cute on a baby. Okay.
Lets actually look at this makeup and stickers make everything totally cute xoxo theres the dude. I really should know his name i know we whole. This is so cute for the first time ever you can create fun makeup.
Looks and use the totally cute limited edition. Stickers to jazz up your palette poster. Creation and signature looks on instagram.
So we can harp it on wednesdays. We wear pink and then its in french cuz. Im canadian then this came from the canadians or ah theres the looks yeah see i dont think.
This is like a meant for eight year olds. I think its meant for literally people like me who are 18 or whatever. But like to have a fun time and yet then it has the tutorial for each of the cheeky looks anyway you guys let us sit for this video.
I hope you enjoyed let me know if you got your hands on this palette. Or if youre looking to get your hands on this palette. Does anyone else know why everywhere.
It said it was being released in fall 2016. But it was in my local sephora in july. I dont know what i really loved it did anyone else get extra stickers or am.
I not special and everyone gets two in the same sheet. I love it so much i love it so much. Oh oh oh sorry im like uh.
If you have this palette. And youve stickered it up you can like tag me in instagram on it or whatever. Im like just loving this i think.
Its so good china its a cute thousand times. And yeah. I hope you all have fun making looks with this obviously not sponsored.
I feel like im talking this up. So much that i need to like declare that even though too faced would never ever sponsor. Me that is it you guys i hope you enjoyed and i love you very much i will see you in the next video.
Which is not this one because this one is over bye. .

too faced totally cute palette-4
too faced totally cute palette-4

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