⭐ Can You Mix Antifreeze Colors? THE REAL TRUTH!

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Guys. The girls check this out as you can see im right now in in auto zone. Thats over here got auto zone stuff over here.
But the section. I wont be it is were in front of auto zone and freeze. Now.
This is for all you illiterate people out. There whos telling people and especially telling world women that you cannot mix any fries you need to cut that out we need to go back to school you need to learn how to read you need to do your research alright. Because the simple fact is you cant and we are here me and billy bob and i put billy bob won because im again i read and i know he could really get irate so im with him.
Hes gonna show you hes gonna tell you because uh. I feel better come from him. Now before we get to that for you out there who dont shop at autozone.
You can go to a riley check out riley o.reilly brain on rileys right on the front. It says universal and down and bold letters.
It a it even says can be mixed with deck school. It can be mixer. All other things okay so im eternal you billy bob you ready right here we go right back alrighty now put some of you hes right oh women bite gonna wash okay okay like i wonder that they fall in that category but at the same time did not the candies you dont know about cards you should know about it.
But if you do thats good if you dont for you smartass. Im gonna show you the old brand with oliver okay so that was thats photos on brain. Yes we starting off our brain.
Okay. I will read it out no you dont read all that loud. But if i cant read autozone extended life antifreeze and coolant universal mixes with any color antifreeze that cant that cant say that because.
According to people you cant mix it if you so autozone must not know what theyre talking about it well i mean i damn sure didnt write the label put it up here so just in case. They okay. No you might be right.
It might be an accident. Yeah. An accident right you did so im gonna go to another brand.
Oh you stepping up to peak. Yeah. Its another brand.
Me its a good brand is based in oakland. You know what it is. But.
Let me read. This is music concentrated. That huh.

can you mix coolant brands-0
can you mix coolant brands-0

Yeah. Y.all.
Wouldnt understand them beat. Were. Concentrating now theyre good stuff with them see everybody he talking about you know because this is the smart alecks you cant mix.
It now you look here. It is for all makes and model alright now now see now i got it now going to the other side. Now okay that just says for all the old mix you dont say that dont say mix dont say thats right dont say.
So you know i gotta go tell me some different yeah. Im ready to show you something just like they do when they say your cigarettes or beer or any other thing they tell you you know like the tv commercial. They basically tell you betters not included you know you got to read a small print.
Okay so when you zoom in on the small print. Im going to see extending alive to the dirt that technologies in the company that i use in automotive. You see this you see it is only the beginning to even.
See this is light duty trucks motorcycles and mixes with any okay. Motorcycles union mixes with hmm. Any antifreeze and coolant that cant be right man.
Maybe. Maybe maybe something maybe peak nests in this is the problem a that way damn. Its a wrong mistake you know okay thats thats cool.
But because a cheap brand in the press. Dont dont say it but pete to be a cheap rating. They had enough damn sins to put it on a real label you know so let you say okay we try pressed on now you took now prick okay.
Thats it you didnt put that stick up bitch. Oh shit it what not i mean you put that up there. You didnt put that up there okay okay ii to me.
Pete is made on to the bottom bristol. But it sounded like let me the music like around see what you dont see nothing about man you was right man. I dont think pete have i mean fresh snow has it so right then i guess t right.
Yeah. You did mine. No no i like to read you know.
Its a mouthful. You know the gate. Not again.
Now its winning. Anything okay. Hmm hmm.

can you mix coolant brands-1
can you mix coolant brands-1

Well. If these. Ritter says.
Oh mason. Model. You see that any car like trucks.
Now. Lets go to nuuma you wrote that damn it you got a yellow mark on your pocket. I didnt write this up one foot in it and it got worse with any means.
Any oh every what color hair color you piss in that bottle and be able use this this thing wont freeze up thats thats like that and just in case. I will know what do you know the boiling temperature. And we made freezes it says right here 65 point that just in case.
You dont know everything you need to know is here like you go in the store you want you a can of spaghetti by evening traffic. She everything has an expiration date and on top like its racially everything has the ingredients on the back. I dont got angry did you been not giving.
So now no so so so these people the matches on these people out here. Telling these other people that you cant get no any fries to mix with certain antifreeze em home. So you tell them borrow for one bitch.
Today. Wrong do you know they did add today. They brought technology has changed is its not back in the eighties.
Which you know you i think i think you know circuit in 80s. Ive seen. I think they back in the day.
When when you when transmission fluid was was you like tight f g. You could mix it off maybe hes still backing on billy shaver transmission fluid yeah you know would say the antifreeze for antifreeze poetry or music for yeah you still got that now. But this is the thing technology you can mix a whole lot of stuff with a whole lot of things you just have to read if you cant then they call something battle over to read it to you maybe.
Thats it maybe they cant really know your color rest look at doing is reviewing and for you they dont know its pretty i love it you saw say do not add what you dont be stupid. Okay. I dont see then say it about no water.
This thing. That wants concentrate so me hmm. Okay.
Okay. Okay. Okay.
My bad. My bad. I stepped up.

can you mix coolant brands-2
can you mix coolant brands-2

Okay. Hey. Y.
all. Seen it uh. I dont know what that means.
But its the problem. How will you know how to sound it out wrong well i can talk it wrong hold on consecrated cool. I dont see nothing to say if you couldnt put water in this stuff.
Its concentrated its thick. Its not 5050 5050 is a half and a three and half water already concentrate this thing i mean you wanted then answer did you add water to it thats all you do now i think youve all learned something today. How long something i learned not to listen to these internet.
People who think they know what theyre talking about thats what i learned im gonna tell you this im gonna tell you what you know im a technician. Im not just some thickness. Im a super tech.
I have a master tickets with me at all times. Whenever im around im smart. So you can even tell you to me.
I wouldnt be able to put this still feeling my motors. I can ride home when its cold outside you did it ive been dont freeze. So ive done it since winter.
Ive done it so yall might be learn to seven from the day now thats thats the case of emergencies guys girls will be doing it here and kicking emergency yeah theyre out of antifreeze dont put no water in it especially dad want to put that in there lord in there and itll get you home fine. I think they might be learn to sing you go man. There you are all right.
Oh yeah. When we do the ending. You know cousin les.
You got down pay pushes. The comments and all that i knew all about it okay good and they aint no indies that we came in prayer. Because we didnt repair anything we just fix the solve a whole.
Lot of problems. So if yall have any problems. Our hitters up subscribe like pick.
Two smile. Whichever one you want to do oh. I forgot what i didnt even know save it.
But dis subscribe like you know follow the link you know it billy bob that and damn it its iam that deputy yall. Know how to get in touch with us ten days time taking sales in each other music music. .

can you mix coolant brands-3
can you mix coolant brands-3

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