10 Things Not To Do at WALMART..

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10 things not to do at walmart. Dont order curbside pickup. Whats that that hey order number.
Please yeah my order number is 7. How do you smell 800. Im holding it oh wait you forgot something thank you dont order online delivery.
Music. Music music. Dont return your orders good afternoon.
Young man. How can i help you i would like to return this television is there something wrong with it it overheats a lot whoa okay heres your refund. I guess i appreciate that make sure you get better teepees next time ill take care of this nice.
Were gonna resell this one dont write the shopping cart music music applause music dont race to bite sap. Oh. Im doing my thing mom.
Im not your real mom. But hey watch out for that shopping cart nicely nicely. Whered you go ah free shopping cart dont leave shopping cars in the parking.
Lot. Im just going to put my shopping cart here instead of going over there because im so lazy. Im gonna put the drive here because its very inconvenient for other people okay.
Im gonna put it right here even though i could walk. Ten steps that way and put it over there in the shopping cart return. Im gonna put that right here.
Because im lazy. Dont mess with the cashier. Hello.
Ma.am. How are you doing today.
Im good perfect here you go all right uh paper or plastic. Oh please please i have my own here oh perfect. I see you also want to save the environment.
Yeah. I can make this work music alrighty thats gonna be 10 cents please. Ma.
am perfect. There you go. Thank.
You fine. Now dont taste test. Oh boy.
Walmart. Has free food and free drinks. I love free samples free.
No shoplifting you got me single box. I guess ill see you oh no no wait i can explain sir i get you laid music. Dont pretend to be an employee excuse.
Me do you know where the toilet paper is mmm hmm. I dont work here music go go go go go go whos next go go go go go go go whos next dont steal the shopping cards. I that was a successful shopping session from walmart they even gave me this free shopping cart oh what a great place to buy your groceries dont ignore the salvation army person donate donate to his charity his charities big nose you should donate to charity.
I can do it to you yeah yeah please not your neck my starett. But you see how big my bears are so big deal mommy. Its huge just like my charity population 200.
Followers. How many of your followers. Have i got the boy stole our money dont bring more than 10 items in the express lane.
No mom. Sir. Express lane.
Okay. Then items okay. 11.
11. Excuse. Me sorry.
I forgot this one applause. Dont graffiti. Go walmart restroom.
Oh. The day cribs following the slapping them tags for huh. What do you what do you mean sonny.
Ah. Dont act like you dont know my grandpas. Like.
You. One. Day.
Dont play. With coupons. Excuse.
Me bar. Hello. Ma.
am. Do you accept. The pooh buns.
If you have one okay. Very. Nice.
Heres a coupon. Theres a green coupon and heres a orange coupon and heres my receipt because i want a refund for no reason ma.am shes expired.
Me you know whats expired. Tell me you are expired and 2020. That is today right now music.
Laughs yep dont hang out in the parking. Lot. Hey yo.
Whats up mate. Whats up punk. You got any of that with the hs.
Yeah. Yeah. I got some ages how much per ounce huh.
Its about 50 bucks. But for you ill give you a discount. 51.
Oh. Yeah. Yeah.
Yeah. I can do that i can do that. Oh.
Yeah. Yeah. All right come on hey.
Yo. Man. This is a scary alley.
You got the money hand sanitizer. Oh dont go to the walmart right here state agency. .

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