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Reason i chose deicide is because theres a thread thats going through christianity christianity that jews killed jesus okay that it you know its not the romans mean it was the romans and some of you here. The romans etc. Said oh you mean you grew up thinking the romans.
But theres this thread. Theres also this thread going through christianity christian theology that jews killed jesus these are core doctrinal teachings of the catholic church up through the 1960s in the second vatican council. Which is pretty serious core doctrinal teachings.
So as youre reading those core doctrinal teachings. What i want you to ask yourself is okay. If these are core doctrinal teachings.
Its not that jews did something wrong or jews were in the wrong or jews maybe kind of went astray. Its that jews killed god so this core doctrinal teaching that jews killed your god for christians this is big jesus was god jews killed god imagine the kind of feelings that could engender and a lot of people what i want you to do is take a sweep back for the past 2000. Years with this idea that if groups of christians have the idea live with the idea that jews killed god how do you think they responded to jewish people over the years okay so you got 1500 years of really horrible treatment of jewish people stood luther comes along many people are pointing this out.
He comes along he points it out. But then he later jumps on the bandwagon at the same time that he really begins. The protestant revolution.
So the protestant revolution or the reformation. But the revolution he brings all the anti semitism with him and heres what he said about jews nothing but thieves and robbers so we need to get rid of this unbearable devilish burden. The jews this is the single most important philosopher and all of protestantism all of you are since all the people who claim to be saved by the love of jesus by their faith.
Not a single one of them would have had that experience and would be all your relatives that are in heaven with jesus. They wouldnt be there except for this guy so heres what else. He said set fire to their synagogues in their schools.
Bury and cover them with dirt so nothing can ever be found do this in honor of our lord in christ raise their houses destroy their houses all their prayer books. Therell turn out talmudic writings destroy them and burn them because theyre filled with idolatry lies cursing blasphemy. The rabbis should be forbidden to teach under penalty of death.
What do you think happens. What do you think happens regarding the treatment of jews imagine people following the words of luther. I recommend really destroying them not new words not new thinking.
Thats already part of catalyst catholicism thinking that then becomes part of protestantism treatment of jews. So imagine that so here look at this slide. It culminates in this mid twentieth century.
You know this nazis right theyre all christians theyre all christians now christians you might say well theyre not christians because christians wouldnt have done what the nazis did. But okay well then none of the muslims that you are leaders are attacking on a regular basis as being muslims are muslims any muslim who kills another muslim who acts violently. Who does sinful things is not a muslim.
So remember if you want to say nazis werent christians. Then you have to remember that no muslim who does anything bad to somebody else is actually a muslim because thats not part of islamic faith. Thats not part of islam.
What the nazis did in the treatment of jews is not part of christianity. Except that it is and it has been and it was in fact it was core doctrinal teaching for catholics for nearly 2000. Years many of you dont know about the holocaust.
Many of you havent seen footage from the holocaust. Many of you have no idea the world war ii holocaust. That the nazis perpetuated.
The ideas six million jews killed. It was the some of the the fastest. Most extensive genocide.
I mean just um just the attempt to exterminate the idea was to exterminate every single jewish person in europe get rid of judaism. Exactly what martin luther said is what the nazis tried to do this is hitler right here we tolerate no one in our ranks who attacks the idea of christianity in fact. Our movement is a christian movement that was just standard in nazism.
It is a christian movement. Lets go back.

we tolerate no one in our ranks who attacks the ideas of christianity. our movement is christian-0
we tolerate no one in our ranks who attacks the ideas of christianity. our movement is christian-0

We say well the united states was different next slide. So there were all these jewish refugees during the war after the war and let me tell you the data increasing theyre coming out. We.
See is like no there was so much anti semitism. People put blocks up to jews bringing them in accepting refugees bringing them into our worlds like no the nt summer. This is like kept us from reaching out from accepting from building bonds or these you know this thing you dont boats of refugees coming just not letting them docked.
I could give you stories. Im not gonna go into the story of this particular boat. It doesnt really matter.
Its like theres just so much hatred here in the united states also we had the up many opportunities to stop it and how much we knew and we knew actually a lot more than we imagined that we knew if for many people here in the united states hitler was doing nothing more than carrying out their desires for jewish people. The reason. Im talking to christians in this way.
Im talking to you in this way. Its because its really easy to point our fingers at people of other religions like theyre more violent. I dont think its possible actually to find a religion that has committed more violence than christianity thats not an attack on christianity thats just an observation.
If you see it as an attack then you can look at me as sam youre attacking christianity. Youre an idiot dont do that therefore. I dont have to listen to you no listen to me because the next time thing you want to pass judgment on some other group you can think wait a minute people in my group.
My religion. My belief system. They had the same beliefs about jesus.
They celebrated the same christian easter that you just celebrated the same one what led them to walk down this dark path. And what makes you think as a christian you wont walk down the same dark path. When all the forces converge your christianity is not going to stop you just like their christianity and then stop you just like islam.
Who muslims again and again are saying. Islam is a peaceful religion and christians are saying. Christianity is a peaceful religion and muslims say no.
But you got to understand islam is a very peaceful religion. But some people arent peaceful. Some people are acting against the precepts of islam and then christians over here are saying no.
But thats islam its like in there saying. No its not islam. Its just some people.
And what im saying. Christians. Now you know because we can say no thats christianity christianity is a violent violent religion.
Look. Heres heres proof. Right here.
Christians kill. And you say no they dont kill oh. Thats just some people they werent acting as christians.
They were just yes. I get that i agree with you then the same is true with muslims. The same is true with other groups.
Im building a balance here so you can see something about how you view other people. I know the vast majority of christians are not violent. These christians were which makes me see that what other christians can be also just like some muslims are which makes me see that other muslims could become violent.
Its how it works music applause music. .

we tolerate no one in our ranks who attacks the ideas of christianity. our movement is christian-1
we tolerate no one in our ranks who attacks the ideas of christianity. our movement is christian-1

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