25 SIMPLE \u0026 COMFY SCHOOL OUTFITS (ft. what I actually wear in college)

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Applause. Whats up you guys. Its hannah welcome back to my channel in in todays video.
I am doing something that i dont think ive done before. But i am doing an outfits video today. But not just any outfits video.
I kind of want to give you guys my default outfit formulas that i just have in my head for how i put outfits together on a daily basis mind you i am not a fashion channel. I am a college student who likes to be comfortable and i like to look like i put at least a little bit effort in when i put absolutely. None in i dont put effort in but sometimes it looks like i do and this is how i have written down my top six outfit formulas youre gonna understand more of what i mean by outfit formulas when i start talking about them.
But these are the six main ones that when i wake up in the morning and im like what am i going to wear. Today. My mind automatically runs through all of these formulas to see which style of outfit and which outfit.
I want to wear today i feel like a lot of these outfits are gonna be geared towards more of the fall and winter because thats the bulk of when school is you can also wear these in the spring. Too because youll see you can layer you cannot layer you can mix and match. I am going to show you guys 25 outfits that you can quickly put together to go to school.
They are comfy. They are simple and easy to just pick out and throw on were gonna get right on into this video. Right so.
Outfit. Formula. Number.
One is a cropped. Hoodie and mom jean um. Can you even hear me over here.
Okay. So. This is the first outfit this cropped hoodie that im wearing is from airy these jeans are my mom jeans from american eagle.
If you guys have been watching me for a while you know that those are my all time favorite jeans. I literally never wear any other jeans. I know you guys are probably thinking when i said means wear one of my staples you were like wait a second didnt she say she was in college.
Yes. The thing is not all jeans are uncomfortable these ones. I have two pairs.
But theyre literally the comfiest jeans.

cute comfy outfits for school-0
cute comfy outfits for school-0

Ive ever owned but im wearing those theyre also really high waisted. Which is something i really like and then i just paired this with my white bourke. I wear these all the time.
This is a different crop hoodie. This one is from brandy melville. But i actually thrifted it so i got it for less than a dollar and then i just substituted my light wash mom jeans for my other pair of mom jeans nice theyre on my air force ones another thing.
Thats great about all of these outfits. Really is that i wear bra less with all of them i hate wearing regular bras because i think theyre uncomfortable. Most of the time.
So i always wear a bra less or even sports bras. If i have something thats a turtle not go our sports brian. Its just so much more comfortable.
You can also switch up the outfits and spice things up by adding accessories. I just added a black belt. But this one and switched out my shoes to these black slip on fans this belt is from target.
I really like it it goes with everything. But thats just another way that you can kind of wear the same outfit formula. But just tweak it a little bit so that its not actually the same outfit.
Moving right along the next outfit formula is a cropped t shirt and mom jeans. These are the same mom use from earlier. Im really just gonna transition between the two pairs that i have because thats really all i ever wear in my life and then this cropped.
Graphic tee is from brandy melville. But i have a ton of these that ive drifted and just cropped so cheaper alternative and then i have my air force ones again you can also do some layering here. I just threw on this little frock full zip hoodie from airy just add something else to the outfit.
Which is also good if its kind of that time of year when its really cool in the morning and then in the afternoon. Its really warm like right now ill leave the house and its like 65 degrees. And ill want a little sweater or something and then when i come out of class in the afternoon.
Its like 90. So i can just take this off and its still a cute outfit and i actually wore this exact outfit on my first day of class this year. If youve watched.
My first week of school vlog you would have seen that but if you havent watched that go watch it youll see this exact outfit just like with the last formula you can definitely add some accessories to change it up or switch out. Your pieces this is just another. Graphic tee i got this one at.
Tjmaxx and then put on the same black ball from target and buy black slip on bands again so of course im gonna do this exact same thing with long sleeve t shirts.

cute comfy outfits for school-1
cute comfy outfits for school-1

I really like this one without this from tj maxx as well its just this little cropped long sleeve tee and same light blue wash jeans airforces i feel like im gonna definitely run out of things to say about these outfits. Oh another staple for the fall and winter. I wear this shirt all the time this is just this cropped thermal type t shirt.
I got from brandy melville way too much money and i have drifted probably five just like it so i paired it with my ankle hugs i wear these so religiously in the winter and i like to pair them with stuff like this as well. But very cozy how many outs have ive done so far all right so now im moving on to the next outfit formula. Which is a tank top and you guessed it mom jeans.
I feel like this is honestly one of the most versatile formulas. Because the amount of layering and accessorizing and tweaking you can do is literally endless so for this outfit. I just have this tank top.
It is from tj maxx of course. I swear this video is not sponsored by anybody i just buy a lot of stuff at the same places same mom jeans. The same bought from target and same black stuff on a fan.
And then when it gets cooler out you can make some substitutions and add a sweater or a little more warmth. My hair looks so ridiculous. This is just another little tank top from tj maxx.
I added my old navy black flip flops so simple. But honestly really comfy and college kids wear these like theres no tomorrow at least where im from so another good outfit for when it is still really really warm outside and you dont feel like having frickin sweats teens. The whole day like i always freaking do.
But then for transitioning into fall. I substituted my flip flops for my air force ones. And just threw with this really huge jacket over it this is from tj maxx.
I love the color. I think its absolutely perfect for fall and actually works in an instagram picture another day. I feel like i wear a lot of very neutral colors.
So its easy for me to take a summer or spring outfit and transition. It to one that i can wear in the fall and winter. Just by adding a few layers and also you can just throw a little zip hoodie over it as well i really like this one from area.
Im probably gonna buy it in more colors. I also really like layering tank tops. I feel like that has been a style trend that has been mean i dont really know like i said im not fashion channel.
I just paired this t shirt from zara under this little ribbed cami from airy and i just really like the look of that and plus not to wear a bra because you have two shirts now support it moving right along to our next out before meal and were gonna start using the different autumn. Were getting into the second half of this video. This next formula is an oversized sweatshirt and legging.
Hello and welcome to the outfit that i wear every day of my life.

cute comfy outfits for school-2
cute comfy outfits for school-2

This oversized hoodie is from the thrift store. I feel like i find my best oversized hoodies at the thrift store. I like the ones with places on them.
That ive never been these leggings are from arry. These are without a doubt the best leggings. Ive ever owned in my life well insert what kinds they are on the screen.
So dont member off the top of my head like i said this video is not sponsored by just really freaking like these leggings and i like era in general. They are high waisted black leggings literally the most amazing material or them all the time and finally just have my air forces whats new oh my god im sweating bullets bro then in the fall in winter youre probably gonna see me wearing this a lot same concept same formula. I switched out the switcher.
I wear this picture. All the time also from the thrift store and then paired it with my ankle lugs again then if im feeling sporty. I will throw on a pair of athletic sneakers.
These ones are from target. They are c9 by champion i really really enjoy these i think theyre super cute and theyre also really comfortable. And this is just another oversized sweatshirt.
This one has penn state university on it i got this from a thrift store as well i dont go to this school. I wear a lot of college stuff from schools. That i dont go to gotta keep them wondering where i attend.
This is another really basic outfit that youre probably gonna see a lot on a college campus. Another thing i like to do when its really cold. But i dont feel like wearing an actual jacket is wear a jean jacket over a sweatshirt.
I like to do this with hoodies specifically like an oversized hoodie. But i literally couldnt find a single oversized hoodie in my closet right now. So i just paired it with a crewneck.
I really like the look of this i dont like gives me street style vibes. Like i saw haley bieber or something like this once in her life. At least.
So the fifth outfit formula is a sweater and leggings. This is literally all youll ever see anywhere in the phone winter. Sorry i dont make the rules this oversized turtleneck sweater type thing is from era of course thankings are from area.
Hes really nice comfortable soft. Oh. My god keith sucks and im wearing with it are also from erie and then same hugs.

cute comfy outfits for school-3
cute comfy outfits for school-3

My god im getting progressively sweaty er as this video is going okay so i switched out shoes and i added. My jean jacket over it again. I really like how this looks like i said that the last time i did this new jacket.
Things look it gives me a street style vibes. But but the color of much her mind gives it fall street style vibes. Which thats really what im living for and like i said earlier termites all out of the time.
I wear sports bras because a there away come fear you cant even tell because its a turtleneck thats really it then this is just a different type of sweater its more of the dad grandpas sweater vibe i thrifted this its a polo v. Neck sweater. I have like a thousand sweaters that could be considered dad grandpa oversized sweaters you guys know what i mean like the ones you get from a thrift store.
But theyre super in their vintage. Looking theyre comfortable something you can also do if you want to add a little bit more to it is layer a mock neck or a turtleneck underneath. I feel like i would definitely recommend this again if it is cold outside and you dont feel like wearing an actual jacket and then tearing it around like this just kind of fulfils that purpose for you because youre doubling up on your shirts.
You know what i mean anyway. I really like a look of this and i like i said again the turtleneck thing sports bras bra lets like and now moving on to the final outfit formula of this video and oversized t shirt and leggings i wore this exact outfit to class today and then when its chilly outside cardigan time baby this shirt. Youve probably seen before i actually also wore this in my first week of school vlogs thrifted this cardigan is from american eagle.
I saved the best shirt for last music the final outfit of this video of course features my favorite band queen this shirt is probably i think its like an extra large from the mens section at. Target i got it when it was on sale for 800. I just paired it with my favorite denim jacket.
I dont know if i even said so far in this video where the shack is from but i drifted it i think its a large i love this freakin jacket. Its originally by hall harris denim and then you know the leggings air force ones. The whole nine thats it oh gosh we have gone through quite the journey to get to the end of this video.
I feel like this is really how my life goes. I start off by doing something and having my hair down and looking nice sort of and then by the end of whatever. Im doing alright so that is it for todays video hope you guys like this video.
Ive never done one of these before like i said but i just wanted to kind of give you a little bit of an insight into what i actually wear every single day in college. And what a lot of people wear in college. All this stuff is so easy.
Its simple you can thrift probably 90 of this so its really affordable comfy casual. I mean. But it looks like you actually put like one ounce of thought maybe into it so anyway.
Thank you guys all so much for watching this video. If you liked this video make sure to give it a thumbs up if youve stayed until this point in the video comment down below. Im everyone because youre a real one.
If you want to see it more videos from me make sure you the subscribe button. If you havent already i post a new video every single sunday and i hope you guys all have a wonderful rest every day. And ill see you guys my next video bye music.

cute comfy outfits for school-4
cute comfy outfits for school-4

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