3 DAYS IN LISBON – Best things we did! | Vlog 41

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Hello from lisbon. Portugal. We just got here and were here for the next next three days.
Its part of a collaboration. Im doing over on instagram. An airline called top airport go basically theyre an airline that flight from the us and they go so i think sixty five destinations and they have this really cool stopover program.
Where basically you can have your final destination. But you have the option of coming to either lisbon or porto as a stopover and staying here for three days. And then your flight cost is still the same it just means you get two destinations kinda for the price of one.
Which is really cool so theyve invited me along to experience that and help them promote it over on instagram and here we are so kens here as well were just ready. We flew in early this morning so we flew overnight and we got here this morning and then when it was around 12 oclock. We got to the hotel and weve just been kind of unpacking and getting our bearings and kimmelman for a bit of a nap.
And i just caught up on a bit of work. I had a video to put live so weve all laughed on now and were gonna head into the main part of lisbon and explore its our first time here and also so as i said this is our stopover. So then we have three days here so saturday sunday monday and then on tuesday.
We go to lake como initially even saying it makes me excited. Its been on my bucket list for so long and when we did this collaboration and we got to choose where to go out of all other destinations from lisbon and as soon as i saw lake como. I was like thats where were going so were filling to milan on tuesday and then getting a carry from milan to lake como.
I think it takes about an hour about an hour in 10 minutes.

how many days to spend in lisbon-0
how many days to spend in lisbon-0

Which isnt that bad and then were there for three nights as well so its such a cool trip and we also have a special guest joining us. Shes flying in later our mom is coming to shes gonna meet us here this evening and come to italy with us as well so we have a lot going on its gonna be up 1 1. So let me just show you what im wearing now for our first evening here.
Its gonna be a bit tricky to show you both its this white dress and look at that back its the back i fell in love with its from a sass. I actually got this a couple of months ago. And didnt have a chance to wear it so todays the day and i have my dealer shoes.
What im also going to bring flat shoes and k something to change into them. Im gonna bring these sandals. Because they probably will be better.
Walking and wandering my chloe bag and my celine sunglasses and then im gonna pop them all into this carrier bag just for ease of traveling yeah thats the quick update. So i will bring you in now and well see music applause music applause. We just like but i kept us going were gonna have dinner nah.
My mom gets here pretty nice to be the area music okay finishing the night with some ice cream and there is so annoying. She gets like mix one scoop. When they get into fire and you mix abandon everything its like in heaven.
Where is it not not sauce. Terrible morning and next day. Were all on getting ready definitely a little bit tired the jetlag is kind of kicked in but were gonna head off to an area called sintra and we havent really planned this trip to monterrey.
Im just going with the flow and seeing we can find on the way.

how many days to spend in lisbon-1
how many days to spend in lisbon-1

But people did say that this is a must see so were gonna go there now today todays log. I love this top. I havent for ages.
And i didnt get a chance to wear it and im just doing quite short music okay. We made it we got it over here. But now we have to walk up this hill to get to the oxford palace.
Looks like a pretty big hill nearly. Its like everywhere you go. Its kind of bright this if you find over here.
Ill bring you took. So many steps. Oh got a big view of your bum.
Here this place music. Im giving us instagram addresses. Shes all girls doing this and she was telling us when you do this shut up that is not bad actually is really nice can i do for you music.
I was like setting a troodon did you have fun so cool. We definitely recommend this amazing okay were back into the village. Now and oh my god kind of a wonder his know theres like all shops about on these side streets you dont really know where were going.
But we had some wine and some lunch yeah were just wandering music okay yours later.

how many days to spend in lisbon-2
how many days to spend in lisbon-2

Were back in the main writer. Lisbon. And we found this tapas restaurant look at the beer mugs.
Ive gone blonde. Our favorite its so cute like its pretty busy here. But they have this like steps for asian area and some of these other things.
But they bring you to drink. And then well be going hopefully soon for food down. Here.
Its really really cute are you getting on guys sorry are you loving. It helping every second now. Its been some about today.
The plan is were gonna go to an area call. It the beam and then probably do a little bit more wandering around and then come back to the hotel. Maybe like freshen opportune and then go to two phases so hiring fire cuz its cold yeah.
Its a rooftop burn. Yeah park fire and then were going for dinner in this place hold your ground. Jay z.

how many days to spend in lisbon-3
how many days to spend in lisbon-3

Q. Uo. I think weve got some really go back later than it looks amazing theyre super fancy so we kept it very last night and then tomorrow we fly off to milan its about a click update and now were only about five minutes away from here okay we got them will they be as good as the high if they not about weird you know honest i have to taste them mom didnt get any.
Shes got coffee. Its my taste is full so as far as you like this like this custard a filling. I liked it didnt love them.
But i can feel i can feel im sorry music music thats a wrap lisbon. We are back in the airport. So were going on now to our next destination.
Which is lake como and hp and im going to put that into a separate vlog because i think theres to be nice to have it two separate therell be like too short or separate vlogs. But its such a good time hows your highlight we are those souls oh cool jeremy renner palace walk around the city just explore yesterday we saw the trams on the elevator tram in viral thyroid. So thats a really cool area.
And yeah. The food who into a restaurant less like college innocent quoi so. But didnt recommend it im before that we went for drinks park.
Where which is like a bar above a car park and its so hard to find it just to get in. But a really cool spot and cool music. And yeah.
Everything really was great i cant believe its all over we squeezed a lot in though in like the two and a half days that we had and now were on to the next day since i had to wait for you want to leave this block here. Were going to be just about to board. Its boarding in like five minutes.
But i figured id finish it off music. .

how many days to spend in lisbon-4
how many days to spend in lisbon-4

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