5 ADVANCED Tips To AIM BETTER On Console! (Fortnite PS4 + Xbox Tips)

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What is going on guys in this video. Today. Were gonna be going over over some more advanced aim tips for console fortnite players that means you wont me saying things like oh.
If you want better aim just practice or if you want better aim find a sensitivity you.re comfortable with even though those more basic tips are no doubt incredibly important. Im sure you guys have already heard them a million times already what were gonna focus on in this video is more situational and especially focused towards console.
Players since aiming on 60 fps and below can be really challenging at times. So without further ado lets get right into it. The first thing.
I wanna quickly mention is the value of using a low deadzone if you play on exponential or linear. Which everybody does so yeah that tip itself is basic. But i have a feeling not many of you guys know why its so important so heres a short section of a clip that blew up maybe a month or 2 ago that kind of showcases it so basically if you use a low enough deadzone to where you get a very slight amount of stick drift the game will basically track for you at point blank range.
Even if you arent moving your thumbstick. It isnt as op as a lot of people think because its rare that an enemy gets in front of your crosshair. Without you actively trying to track him.
But heres an example of it in action from the controller pro crr he probably couldnt see that guy at all because his entire screen was covered by an explosion. But because hes using a low deadzone. The game basically followed the jumping player for him the next advanced aim tip.

how to aim better in fortnite ps4-0
how to aim better in fortnite ps4-0

I wanna discuss is something that helped me improve my aim early in my fortnite career and thats focusing on placing the enemy in the middle of your screen instead of inside your crosshair. This is a tip that i actually first heard when playing another shooter game. What players would do in that game to try to improve their aim was turn off their crosshair and the reasoning behind it was that it would force you to always position enemies in the dead center of the screen to where you wouldnt even need a crosshair to hit shots.
Now i probably wouldnt recommend that for fortnite because with things like bloom and first shot accuracy you almost need to see your crosshair to be successful. And honestly. I dont even know if fortnite lets you disable it even if you wanted to but the same principle still applies here with pretty much every weapon in the game having a different crosshair size bloom and bullet spread your crosshair can actually kinda mislead you at times.
However if youre able to put any enemy you see in the middle of your screen especially in close range fights youre gonna hit most of your shots by focusing on the placement of the enemy on your screen instead of the placement of the crosshair on the enemy. It kinda simplifies aim a bit which i think is something thats going to help a lot of players in the long run and the good news is if you practice and focus on this enough eventually itll become second nature like it probably is for most pros. The next advanced aiming tip technique that i want to discuss is something i call left stick aiming and that probably doesnt make very much sense to you because obviously aiming is normally done with the right stick.
But dont worry ill explain so now that the majority of controller players are playing on linear and on top of that also likely using a low look dampening time one aspect of aiming thats become kinda difficult is very slight crosshair adjustments maybe not so much at absolute point blank range because you get that insane. Stickiness weve talked about many times. Before but if youre say3 5.
Meters away. The aim assist you get wont be anywhere near as strong. Even.
Though youre definitely still in a close range situation. So what a lot of players will struggle with is when their crosshair is just off of their enemys body not by a lot. But still to where if they shoot theyre gonna miss the majority of their shots or pellets of its a shotgun.

how to aim better in fortnite ps4-1
how to aim better in fortnite ps4-1

But then when they try to flick it ever so slightly towards the direction of the enemy since theyre using such a low look dampening time theres no aim acceleration whatsoever. And therefore they end up moving the crosshair past the enemy and they have the same problem they started the fight with one of the ways that you can counter. This is by adjusting your crosshair not with only the right thumbstick.
But by mainly moving your left thumbstick to make your character move as youll see in this clip. Even though. My crosshair starts just off the sentrys body.
Im able to hit shots by strafing with my left stick and not even touching my right stick. However thats a bit of an extreme example. Most of the time even when youre moving with your left stick you still wanna be adjusting your right stick ever slightly.
Its definitely a very situational tip that mostly applies to 50 50 spray smg fights when youre either strafing or jumping. But the main advantage of incorporating left stick aiming is that it puts less pressure on you to track entirely with your right stick. Because your left stick is doing some of the work for you in general.
Its gonna make your aim less flicky and more tracky. Which is very ideal for controller and console. The next aiming tip on our list is the importance of tracking and predicting enemy movement.
Even if you arent currently shooting at them. I would say the most common example of this happens during box fighting situations. And its so frustrating to see people make this mistake.

how to aim better in fortnite ps4-2
how to aim better in fortnite ps4-2

What will happen is theyll force the enemy into a 1×1 and theyll just kinda be looking at the front wall maybe theyre about to try phasing through or breaking and replacing the wall. But at the moment. They still have their weapon out what the player should be doing thinking in this situation is basically as long as i have my weapon out.
I should be following the enemy with my crosshair through the wall thats the good thing about materials being transparent. When theyre first built you can see through them. And youll even be able to mostly see through fully built wood.
The reason. Why this is so important is because if its a good player inside that 1×1 heres what hes is going to do in that situation. If he sees you just kinda lollygagging around is make an edit on the wall and now you need to do some crazy shotgun flick shot to try to deal some damage heres just a quick little clip of me showcasing the proper way to do this so in that example.
I was caught in kinda this weird situation where i wasnt really sure what to do my teammate was down so i didnt wanna disengage and even though you couldnt hear it in that clip. I was asking my teammate whether he was weak or not because if he was i was gonna try to phase. And if he wasnt i was gonna go for a break and replace.
But that entire time when i prevented myself from being a sitting duck by tracking the enemy. Even though there wasnt an immediate opportunity to shoot him because of that when he tried to make an offensive play by opening his wall with an edit. I was totally prepared and it resulted in me hitting an absolute layup high damage shotgun shot before he even had a chance to react now thats just 1 specific example.
But similar situations will happen multiple times a game. If youre constantly tracking your enemy. Its gonna set you up for really easy shots and if you choose not to you better be a flick shotting god or else youre gonna miss a ton of shots that you shouldnt however speaking of predicting enemy movement while tracking the final aiming tip.

how to aim better in fortnite ps4-3
how to aim better in fortnite ps4-3

I wanna discuss is not making the mistake of rushing your shot even though this is a problem that a lot of people have and it may sound. Kinda advanced. It can actually be boiled down to something as simple as this unless youre spraying a guy to where you dont really care if you miss a few times.
Dont fire a shot until you see your crosshair on the enemy. A lot of players will start to line up their shot. While moving their crosshair and theyll frequently shoot right before their crosshair touches the enemy.
Because i guess theyre scared. Hes gonna move or something and they dont wanna miss their opportunity thats an example of over predicting that can really hurt your aim and make you miss more shots. So i hope you guys enjoyed this video.
And if you watched the entire time be sure to let me know with a comment down in the comment section. Below. This video was about improving aim.
So i wanna know. Which weapon category. Do you think you have the best aim with ar.
Aim. Smg. Aim or shotgun aim be sure to leave a like leave.
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how to aim better in fortnite ps4-4
how to aim better in fortnite ps4-4

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