5 Best Sensor Touchless Trash Cans in 2019

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Introducing compactor can the worlds first trashcan to combine the latest smart sensor touchless. Touchless. Lid technology with the built in fold away.
Compacting tool. It will change the you dispose of waste. Using patented 100.
Touchless lid. Sensor technology. Compactor can promotes a germ free environment.
While the manual compactor function. Allows for the sanitary compression of waste saving space time and money no more mess and frustration.

touchless stainless steel trash can-0
touchless stainless steel trash can-0

Pressing the trash down with your hands or feet. Just use the simple convenient compacting tool to fit twice as much trash into every bag compacting trash with compactor can is simple just remove the compacting tool and lock it into place. Then press down to compact trash.
The easy and hygienic way. This technology reduces and compresses the waist size maximising trash bag capacity and reducing trash bag use by nearly 50. This not only minimizes.
The amount of trash bags being sent to the landfill. It also saves time and money compactor cans unique odor control system utilizes activated carbon odor filter technology to absorb foul trash odors the natural way leaving your home smelling fresh and clean unlike ordinary trash cans compactor cans removable retainer ring holds the trash bag firmly in place to avoid spilling waste. And provides for quick and easy bag replacement built in air channel vents eliminate suction and provide effortless bag removal.
When the bag is full its energy saving technology extends the life of the batteries for up to a full year. An optional ac.

touchless stainless steel trash can-1
touchless stainless steel trash can-1

Adapter is also available for battery free operation. Compactor can the money time and environment. Saving trash can if youre nearby or not open.
Ken. Its never been easier to throw your trash away okay. Now watch this at first our sensor can only be triggered from above.
Which is good because that means no false triggers when youre just walking by but once it does open the sensor expands to the front that way it wont close. Until you finish. Tossing dropping or scraping.
The leftovers inside that hinge is a very small but powerful motor. Which means hey look at that no bulky mechanics to block the opening.

touchless stainless steel trash can-2
touchless stainless steel trash can-2

And if you listen real close itll sound like oh yeah. Its durable. We test our cans to last more than 150 thousand cycles.
Thats equal to 20 times a day for over 20 years in other words bring on the trash. The touch free voice and motion. Sensor can the smarter easier way to throw your trash away music.
Music music music disposing of trash. Doesnt have to be a tough job. Make the everyday task a soft easy experience with softstep.
Unlike. Other cans soft steps.

touchless stainless steel trash can-3
touchless stainless steel trash can-3

Unique petal design. Requires just a gentle step. The lid close is soft and silent every time.
Give your kitchen an instant upgrade and enjoy a little more time to yourself soft steps elegant stainless steel finish is fingerprint proof and smudge resistant cutting down on cleaning time the inner bucket makes taking out the trash. Easy and mess free. While the tuck and hold back lock prevents a full bag from falling in and spilling the easy to replace all natural filter.
Absorbs odors leaving your kitchen smelling fresh and clean other cans become noisy and hard to use over time but soft steps easy to replace air damper means. It will work like new for years of use make every day better with soft step music music our new generation of simple human steph cans are sleek strong and very efficient and they include a very special innovation that makes it faster and easier to change liners. Its the liner pocket.
It lets you store and dispense liners right inside the can faster. Easier and more efficient. Just place a 20 liner refill pack in the back our line is dispense one at a time.
No clumsy perforations or unraveling just pull our unique lid design has an outer liner rim. Which holds the liner in place and keeps it neatly hidden inside and on the bottom theres an integrated drip tray very easy to clean since theres no need for a bulky inner bucket the can holds 25 more trash the wide step petal is extremely sturdy tested to last over 20 steps a day for 20 years and our patented lid shocks slows the lid for a quiet .

touchless stainless steel trash can-4
touchless stainless steel trash can-4

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