5 Ice Cream Scoops Compared!

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Im comparing five different ice cream scoops thats right ice cream scoops. A while back. I asked people what they thought i should compare and this was on that list and i thought it might be interesting to see if theres a big difference between the range of ice cream scoops now.
Ive got five of them from a cheap one at the dollar store all the way up to this luxurious model which cost me 35 on amazon so without further delay lets get right to five ice cream scoops compared alright. So lets take a closer look at these ice cream scoops before i crack out the ice cream and start scooping first up weve got the dollar store ice cream scoop it feels pretty sturdy eh ish next up from big lots i paid 550. For this one its the farberware.
Its got the easy action release which i dont know how easy that is then weve got the oxo. Which also has easy action release. And that one feels a little smoother kitchenaid this one a popular brand.
I enjoyed their can opener in my can opener. Comparison lets see if the ice cream scoop can come through and once again the luxury ice cream scoop. This is called the midnight scoop.
Its designed to be pushed into hard ice cream. Allowing you to use large muscles and protect weak wrists can it possibly be. Worth.

kitchen aid ice cream scooper-0
kitchen aid ice cream scooper-0

35 lets find out by the. Way this was 1. 550.
9. 11. And 35.
I should point out the first job. I ever had was in an ice cream shop in riverside california. So i have professional experience scooping ice cream.
Ive taken the other ones out of the packaging. But i want to unbox this one on camera this box says its the worlds first ergonomic ice cream scoop. Very fancy packaging here look at this oooh.
Oh that is a heavy scoop. Im going to go wash. This one off so i really tried to look at ice cream scoops for home use not so much professional use so i kind of left out some of the electric ones.
Some of the heated ones. I just kind of wanted to stick with the manual hand held ice cream scoops to see if the range is really different because ive got 1 to the 35 scoops and theres a weight difference for sure. But is there a function difference.
I want to find that out a lot of people suggested other ice cream scoops like the electric ones. The ones with water in the handle. So i might do those on a second edition down the road.
But for now. Im going with the manual scoops and get started in a minute. I do want to point out that consumer reports did a comparison of ice cream scoops back in 2013.
And it was pretty bad for consumer reports they had these people scooping out of these tiny pint sized containers. Which how are you going to get a good scoop out of a pint sized container come on now consumer reports you can do better than that so although my test is not going to be scientific. It is not scientific ok.
But it will be better than consumer reports. I assure you of that i will scoop them as fast as i can to get through it before the ice cream has a chance to melt got some blue bunny ice cream here and its cold. It is cold ice cream.
We have first up the dollar store ice cream scoop ok not terrible not bad really could be worse of course. Its not the most impressive scoops in the. World.

kitchen aid ice cream scooper-1
kitchen aid ice cream scooper-1

Either though kind of flat lets go with the. Farberware the 550. One from big lots it has this fancy quick release on it.
Oh wow. I really had to push hard actually harder than the dollar store. One but is this going to work.
Oh. It just spit on the table. It just spit try another scoop of this it really takes some effort on this one the handle kind of works.
So far. Im not im not finding these impressive scoops here. Lets try the oxo alright.
This one is definitely pushing through the ice cream more easily than the farberware did im a professional guys. I know what im doing ok. This one seemed to go through a lot easier got two more to go now for the kitchenaid.
Which is heavier. Its heavier than the others it doesnt have quick release. But it seems like its pretty well made lets see what we got here alright.
The kitchenaid just glided through there these kitchenaid scoops seem like theyre more scoopy looking than some of the others. The others are kind of flat. These two are the kitchenaid.
The kitchenaid is on top of the dollar store looks like its attacking it or something kitchenaid is more scoop looking lets try the 35 bad boy here let me do a closeup. This is a massive scoop too im really curious ill go into the coldest part of it here trying to hold this so you guys can see on camera by the way. Im going to digest this for a minute here.
Im not eating all of that right now by the way well that was round 1. Ive got some contenders in mind. But so im going to come back in a little bit for round number 2 how about some blue bunny mint chocolate.
Chip ice cream this has been in the freezer for a while its very hard this is much harder than the other one lets start off with a spoon. Because a lot of people use a spoon. Lets see how it compares to the others.
Im not going to consider this in my final results. But i want to see how a spoon works anyways ok well it penetrated the ice cream. But its not really scooping.

kitchen aid ice cream scooper-2
kitchen aid ice cream scooper-2

I would say the spoon is not doing so good because this ice cream is quite hard not impressive. Lets go to the dollar store ice cream scoop ok well even though it seems kind of flimsy. Its getting through it ish kind of maybe not so great for the really hard ice cream.
This is its working. But not working that well lets try the farberware ok well its kind of getting there. Ok.
The farberware is not impressing. Me not only that but the handle isnt really impressing. Me that much either lets go with the oxo feels better.
Made. So it should be a better choice here. Oh.
The oxo is pushing through a little bit better. I guess. Its not bad lets keep going so smooth.
I dont know im not feeling the oxo either that much next up kitchenaid. I can feel this cutting through. There much better.
Oh wow. Look at that its a lot smoother it takes much less force. And its certainly cutting through the ice cream much better than the others did that is not a bad showing from the 11 kitchenaid.
I like this one i like the ergonomic grip. Its actually very heavy thats pretty good. Its actually pretty good its like the kitchenaid it just cuts right through it of course.
The kitchenaid is a lot cheaper than this one. But i would say that the kitchenaid and the 35. One are actually pretty good.
The question is would you pay 35 for an ice cream scoop over 11 for a similar one that is the question and i dont know. But as far as hardened ice cream goes oops. I would say an impressive showing by the 35 ice cream scoop.
These three and the spoon. Didnt fare. So well these two did i want to point out that if you really want to scoop ice cream effectively leave the ice cream out for 10 minutes.

kitchen aid ice cream scooper-3
kitchen aid ice cream scooper-3

Some people put it in the microwave or dipping. It in warm water. Thats really the best way to scoop ice cream.
But i wanted to see which one of these manual scoops was the best without any of that extra work now. Its time to rank these ice cream scoops and i think i obviously have two groups of them ive got the low end models and the high end models. If im going to rank these from five to one.
Ive got to pick an order for these three. Im going to say that when you factor in performance and price. Im going to say the farberware is number 5.
I wasnt really impressed by any of the scoops that it did the handle is kind of janky not impressed by the farberware at all its close for number 4 between these two i think considering the price. Im going to say number 4. Is the oxo.
I dont think it really was very impressive better than the farberware when you consider the price. The oxo is number 4 and the dollar store is number 3. Its cheaply made its not real heavy.
But considering. Its only a buck and it still performed about as well as the other two the dollar store. Im going to say is a solid number 3 now between these two im going to say number 2 is the 35 ice cream scoop.
I think they were about even. But when you consider the price 35 vs. 11.
Youve got to go with this one as number 2. And the kitchenaid number 1. Now kitchenaid was also my number 1 can opener.
I have no affiliation with kitchenaid. It just happens to be that they came out number 1 on two reviews in a row. But i really think that factor in the price and performance kitchenaid number 1.
I would say just performance you might want to consider this deluxe luxury ice cream scoop. So have you used any of these ice cream scoops or are there other ice cream scoops. I should use in a future video.
Tell me what you think in the comments. Below. Please follow my social profiles for progress.
Pictures and videos as i go. And please subscribe for more product. Reviews from me james white with freakin reviews.

kitchen aid ice cream scooper-4
kitchen aid ice cream scooper-4

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