5 WAYS TO CAT-PROOF YOUR HOME // and funny cat shaming

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Welcome to the whole happy cats so pryda and ciayo usually run the show. But but for today. Were gonna do something a little different.
I am. The crazy lady behind the whole. Happy cats and i wanted to talk about five ways you can cat proof your home.
Tip number. One cover those wires okay. So both of my cats.
Both pryda and caiyo are incessant chewers. I dont know why like i keep them occupied. I play with them.
But they still like to chew so i tried covering my wires with tabasco sauce bitter apple spray i tried to spray them with water i tried all sorts of things that people recommended and nothing worked so i just gave up because it just wasnt worth the hazard. I didnt want my cats with two wires. And you know get electrocuted.

how to keep a cat out of a room-0
how to keep a cat out of a room-0

I bought wire covers you can buy wire covers from best buy. But they tend to be expensive. I got mine from the dollar store and everything literally everything in my house is covered every wire every exposed wire.
That they can get to is covered tip number two hi. The toxic plants okay so plants and cats its a difficult mix some of them are okay. But there are a lot of common houseplants that are actually toxic to cats.
So if youre interested in the full list of whats toxic and whats not the rspca has a list and im going to link that in the description box below. And you can check out that list whenever you buying new plants now i wanted to buy new plants when spring started and i was thinking okay. Im gonna have lots of plan and every single plant that i liked and every single trendy plant out there thats easily available was toxic to cats and some to dogs so needless to say i dont have many plants in the house.
I know that there are plants that are not toxic. But theyre harder to come by so my solution is i keep the plants. I love out on the balcony.
Theyre toxic. It doesnt matter. The cats arent allowed in the balcony or i keep my plants in the place that the cats cant reach so i have to aloe vera plants.
I keep them on counters that the cat cant possibly jump on or the other solution is to just get fake plants.

how to keep a cat out of a room-1
how to keep a cat out of a room-1

I know i know fake plants are not for everybody i love the weeping fig tree. I think thats what its called and its toxic so i cant have it in my home. So i have a fake version.
And its right behind me. That tree. There is an ikea weeping fig fake one and to be honest.
Its not so bad i know its fake but people never commented on it or maybe it does look bad and they dont want to be mean to me. I dont know i dont care safety of my cats comes first so if youre interested in learning. More about how you can decorate with cats at home.
I will link a couple more links with a good article in the description box below tip number three the kitties out of the laundry room. I know this is easier said than done but its for their safety tacks are curious they love to get into all sorts of spaces. They love to get into laundry machines.
And if you accidentally turn the laundry machine on with the cat in there i dont need to tell you whats gonna happen. And its a scary thought it does happen to people i have read stories about it so i try to err on the side of caution. And whenever im doing laundry.
I never turn the machine on until i check where my cats are im like cat1 cat2.

how to keep a cat out of a room-2
how to keep a cat out of a room-2

Okay we can turn the machine on and then i turn it on it just err on the side of caution. Because you dont want to end up in a situation. Which could have been avoided tip number four keep the medication and cleaning supplies locked up away from the cats now cats get into all sorts of stuff.
So if they can get into a medicine cabinet and get into your medication. It could prove problematic. So i try to keep all my medication and cleaning supplies and drawers that they cant open and that way you know its much safer for because cats will get into things they are curious by nature tip.
Number five store. Any chewable and potentially destructible toys away after playtime now you might think this is a bit overkill. But its not because sometimes cats will keep chewing on a toy.
And eventually a piece will come off. Theyll eat it and then you have a problem. I have a friend who has a cat same breed as my cats and he ended up eating a piece of a rubber toy and ingested it and it was sitting there for several months.
He had no symptoms until one day. He has i think he had diarrhea nausea. I cant remember and they had to take him for surgery.
And it costs.

how to keep a cat out of a room-3
how to keep a cat out of a room-3

Several thousand dollars. So i like to err on the side of caution. Anything that the cats can destroy anything stringy.
Anything that can cause issues goes in the toy door after playtime. The only toys that i leave out are things that are potentially indestructible and theyre not that many. But i like to leave some toys out because the cats will get bored.
If they have no choice. So there we have it five tips to cat proof your home. This is just a start obviously.
Theres so many more tips. If youre interested in more let me know in the comment box below. And i hope you enjoy the cat shaming.
The cats didnt like it. But hey it was fun so if you liked the video you know what to do give it a thumbs up and dont forget to subscribe. I will see you actually know the cats.
Well see you in the next video bye. .

how to keep a cat out of a room-4
how to keep a cat out of a room-4

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