8 MUST HAVE Winter Boots | **Survival Guide!**

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Guys welcome back to my channel today were doing a video thats been been a tradition so far which is my winter shoe essentials that i feel like woman should have in her closet to battle this season. If youre new to the channel welcomewelcome. If youve been here for a while thank you thank you and now lets get to the essential shoes for winter first boot is the combat boot.
These are probably my most favorite purchase in the past couple of months. These are from common projects and i decided to splurge this season before that i had a version of these but drifted i got them for 25. And honestly they served me so so well i personally love the cool aspect they bring to an outfit also their wait for winter obviously durable you can put a thick sock with it and i wear it with skirts with jeans with pants.
I feel like this shoe can serve. Everybody no matter. What style you have and also i feel like i can bring like a dressier aspect to your outfit.
So this is the reason. Why i decided to go for this one. It has a little shine to it and these are like my fancy girl boots.

winter boots for teenage girls-0
winter boots for teenage girls-0

The next shoe is the over the knee flat boot. This one ive owned for probably seven years now and honestly it just gets better and better with the years these are jimmy choos and they are pricey by the fact that ive been enjoying them for seven years just shows you how good is it to make an investment with things that spend the test of time so this boot is a leather it goes over the knee it really dresses up an outfit even during the day or if i want to make something a little more chic. So i really really love this last year.
I made actually an essential video as well where i featured this pair. Which is also over the knee. But with the heel and its way these are the classic stuart weitzman that you probably see a lot during fall and winter time.
I still love these theyre definitely not as practical especially if you live in a country. Where you have like 10 centimeters of snow. But these are kind of my party shoes next shoot that i actually just recently purchased because now i feel like i know how to wear them.
There you go. I specifically wanted the white ones to bring something that has a little more kind of funky feel to it i have to say because i wear a lot of black like most of us were a lot of neutral darker colors in the winter. This is really a fun color to work with also it really works with a lot of other colors.

winter boots for teenage girls-1
winter boots for teenage girls-1

If you have a lot of different overcoats or faux fur. Ok. The next shoe is i wanna say the most fashion faux are one but it is very much needed when there is a lot of wetness and dirt and gross things outside rain boots.
I actually did it on rain boots. Until a few months ago. And i dont know what ive been doing until now like why didnt i cave in and buy rain boots.
I dont know anyways. I have to say these have been life saving accessory to own when its really gross. Its lumpy outside the next shoe that i feel like have been really good for me are my moon boots.
I have to say that theyve been really really comfortable and very easy to put on on days. Where i could drop off the kids or go to the gym. And its just a snowstorm outside so ive been rocking those i got my moon boots theyre our montclair.

winter boots for teenage girls-2
winter boots for teenage girls-2

I got them on sale for like a hundred dollars. So that was a big win win situation and those babies literally can just survive through anything any type of weather youre in it you might feel and look like a yeti. But honestly it serves its purpose and thats what were here for but there were a few incidents where i tripped over them especially when i take the kids to school and were running so i decided to invest in a little warm understated winter boot.
And i ordered them online. Theyre not here yet. But these these are them and honestly as long as theyre durable water resistant and comfortable thats all that matters to me so thats definitely a pair that you should own in the winter.
And now that have been serving me very well in the winter is these babies. These are nike air force ones and although they kind of look like summer and warm weather shoe. I started wearing them with just like tall white socks and if you roll up your pants and you see the socks you can wear funky shops and it actually looks really cool.
I am a big lover of white sneakers. So i cant wear my comments projects in the winter. Although i still do and obviously ruin them that way.

winter boots for teenage girls-3
winter boots for teenage girls-3

But this has a thicker sole. So this is actually a much more weather resistant and easier to wear in the winters. So this is my white sneaker pick for the cold months.
The next pair of shoes are these well use sock booties and these are honestly so easy to incorporate with any pants. I wear a lot of colettes. So this is kind of the shoe that i wear during the day or in the evenings.
You go out for dinner or during the day when im going to a meeting and i want a heel. But i want something that will be comfortable. They look great with cropped pants just because they are kind of complementing and alone gating you this pair.
I bought from topshop probably four or five years ago. And as long as theyre leather and you know that theyre gonna go through the weather youre good to go thank you guys for watching my winter to essentials. Let.
Me know which are yours also if you want a little help with a gift guide you can check my video here .

winter boots for teenage girls-4
winter boots for teenage girls-4

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