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Guys. This is rusty seven eight six zero nine. This is going to be a a short video.
But i just felt compelled to do it because i had a come by today to do some repair what not do some repairs. Hes improving my electrical situation i guess youd say because the cable. I have now just runs on top of the ground anyway.
Its a mess anybody came by today and he accidentally using a trenching machine. He accidentally cut into the water line. Which you know caused a little mess not its not a big deal.
Im not worried about that but but what it made me think i mean i watched him i mean i went out there you know he had to go into town to get a connector of some kind of repair. The water leak and i went out there and dug around and and got the the pvc water line clear. So all we had to do is just cut.
It and put this thing on there and go pretty quick. But while i was doing that and while he was gone it occurred to me that you know i mean here. I stick my hands down.
There in the old muddy water. And getting made all over my clothes.

he who works with his hands is a laborer-0
he who works with his hands is a laborer-0

And my shoes and stuff. And it occurred to me that people do that every day. Okay i mean they do it every day for a living and theyve done it for 40 years for 30 40 years.
This guy heres 73 years old and hes still operating that trenching machine and putting in that conduit setting that electrical and thats what makes the world work guys we forget about those people all right im not gonna say i do i mean im gonna wear them all the time because i see them. But you know theyre probably the unsung heroes of the universe because you know thanks to all the blue collar. I guess youd call it who cares if theyve even got a collar.
I dont have a collar on now this is a guild and t shirt and but be that as it may you know theyre out. There every day man think about it out there and temperature is close to zero or what are even any freezing temperature wind blowing or snowing or whatever and they got to go out and repair a water leak or electrical problem or you know something else they got all kind of things come up and you know these people are out there doing that you know i looked at this little boys hands and you can always tell the working man by his hands. You know if hes been working with his hands all his life theyre theyre not the fingernails are not perfectly trimmed and the old fingers are not little skinny white things sticking out mine or about average.
And but no his some of these people out there their hands are not hands are like pauls you know i mean you all calluses and all that stuff and you know bruises and you know whatever you know knots all over whatever. But you know and also when he was doing some work. I noticed that he had a little emphysema.
You know he was having a hard time breathing. You know hes like me. Im 73.
Once you get down. Its hard to get up what hes done thats pretty routinely and theres still people out there doing that and i remember years ago.

he who works with his hands is a laborer-1
he who works with his hands is a laborer-1

When i was a chief financial officer at a business and had about five other companies whatever we had i cant remember several and we were going to have a big building bit built to install this new quote printing press. That cost two million bucks. And it was all very heavy.
And it had to be two stories yeah part of it on the top floor part of the second floor. So we hired you of course you had to get a contractor in you had to get engineers. And you know architect in and i remember we were having meetings as this thing was proceeding and i remember the contractor he got you know after we know we pretty well settled on which direction.
We were gonna head and the cost and so forth he stood up and he said you know guys we pay. These engineers and architects. Hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars to give us a set of plans and then we go out and build it and we build it using people that make ten dollars.
Were back then five dollars an hour to do it and theyre the people that do it you know theyre the people that are out there with the welder. The welding machine and all that stuff and theyre in the risky positions. And you know getting the stuff their lungs that nobody even knew about then and theyd may have known about it.
But they didnt say a word about it. But you know so all these guys and im sure women too. I mean im not just singling out men men women whoevers out there in the field doing this stuff.
I dont care. What who what sex they are but you know theyre exposed to all sort of hazards you know and their life spans about probably 30 less than the average life span.

he who works with his hands is a laborer-2
he who works with his hands is a laborer-2

Why well because you know you cant live long with emphysema. Okay. I mean you know and you know youre gonna have a lot of health issues.
If youve been working your body really hard for 30 or 40 years your chances of not having knee problems back problems neck problems and other physical problems are going to be very slim. But what i wanted to do is just give a shout out to all you guys and ladies whatever that are out there in the field every day and i think about that yeah i mean my son works for coming they build highways or another things bridges and stuff and they got laborers out there that are you know moving that asphalt here in texas. When its a hundred and five degrees or more and where they are its probably 130 and theyre breathing those fumes and you know they do that every day.
Why do they do it every day because they got to make a living okay they got to survive thats survival aint easy. But you know and then you got guys you know that are digging ditches and all kinds of stuff. You know what i mean the real labor.
You know what i mean that gets his hands dirty get this body dirty. You know stinks. You know what i mean and you know i just want to give a shout out to them and next time you see whenever youre driving around your community and you see some road crew or even a city maintenance crew and in your mind youre saying boy look at that theres one guy working and four guys standing.
There thats your first thought right well. Why dont you go over and join them all right and you get down there in that damn hole for about four hours and 105 degree heat or zero temperature and see what you do you know theyre not loafing. You know you know theyre human beings just like you and me.
But anyway i just wanted to do this video because i mean i noticed it that really hit me hard man it really hit me hard because heres this guy 73 years old got a little emphysema and im kneeling there right with him to get in our hands muddy down. There getting that pipe cleared out so we could you know.

he who works with his hands is a laborer-3
he who works with his hands is a laborer-3

Its pvc you have to cut off both ends and put a deal in between to splice that leak and you know it just hit me man it just hit me real hard. But for those of you that that see those people now give them a shout out say hey man good job how about that anyway adios amigos thumbs up carpet. Damn ids use the link to amazon products if you want to if you dont want to fool with it dont and what else drink plenty of water stretch walk you know keep your health everywhere you can because without it you youre miserable.
You know what i mean and yeah and this is not a negative video. This is just an honest straightforward the way i feel at this moment video and ill do these videos occasionally because whenever i get inspired by something like i witness today this guy. And me you know anyway enough said about that enjoy your day.
Enjoy your weekend. It is a nice day here in central texas and you know use the amazon link drink plenty of water stretch walk and whatever you know think positive i mean im thinking positive. But its its not a negative thought to tell you or suggest be aware of these working people man it would notice them theyre not ants you know theyre not bugs.
I mean theyre not to be run over in your car. When theyre standing. There with a sign that says stop and youre in a hurry to get to work.
And its a construction crew you know its not their fault. Theyre doing a job man thats all. But anyway.
Adios amigos. Enjoy your life bye bye. .

he who works with his hands is a laborer-4
he who works with his hands is a laborer-4

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