ACITMEX Laptop Stand Bed Table with Foldable Legs \u0026 Cup Slot – Unboxing and Review

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Morning all afternoon again this is the um another unboxing this time its the the activex laptop bed table to go with the recent purchase of a laptop box else in their package weighs about three kilograms. Its selling at the moment. You can see its got a cup holder and a tablet holder there and foldable links on the bottom.
So lets get this done music. See there comoros you just come out and slots. In there okay.
So the top is mdf. Its a nice gray sort of with slate color. Its non scratch and meant to be moisture resistant obviously havent tested it out yet so let me just unfold.
The legs the legs have a anti slip sponge on if i just put it on the table. I mean it does move thats quite a lot of force. If i just sort of rock my hand back and forth it doesnt slip it just rocks.
And so yet the dimensions is 60 by 40 and height 26 at all in centimeters. Um. Site.
Lets see about the cupholder now it does that should come out which im a bit surprised by oh thats a big deal. But i thought it might be stuck in there. Because the tablet holder is a bit more sturdy in there i can touch and pull that out so if i just put that there to put on the table.

bed tray with cup holder-0
bed tray with cup holder-0

See got a view. If i put a can in it fits perfectly so im gonna come out there. Its probably about the width of a coke can now.
I have got different glasses. Pint glass. Does fit your standard uk white glass.
And thats not gonna tip over yes. Quite be like im actually forcing it in its assistant coming out and it would fit normal normal glass as well. But because obviously the its a bit thin at the bottom that will come out unless you all really throw in the table about i doubt it will um as for the tablet holder.
I havent got a hammock myself to test the tablet at home. I dare my phone in the same width. So just to see whats in there it does something quite nicely actually and it doesnt fall out because you can see im knocking it around its not coming out its quite good its a how deep is it its about a fingernails deep so it doesnt block off much of the screen at all so thats thats pretty good i have got a case on it.
But it doesnt add much absolutely good really nice. And it does have a little space. Here not sure thats full might be for a stylus pen or something im not too sure.
But nevertheless yeah and the benefit of getting this as well as the cap will do is the box you can see in there right lets put the laptop on the table. This is a fourteen inch laptop. So i give you some references to how wide the table is in fact you can compare so this tablet holder.

bed tray with cup holder-1
bed tray with cup holder-1

If this is a 14 inch screen you can see isnt quite that its probably gonna fit. Im not gonna be very good at my dimensions. Here korea.
13 inch 12 inch tablet in there so if i put the laptop on the mdf and see if that slips around nope that is really sturdy and you can see its rocking the laptop bit as opposed to sliding the laptop along so thats really good what else have we got im going to try a mouse on here because what would be annoying is if you know how some surfaces. When you use your mouse. It doesnt its not it doesnt quite take it doesnt move around the screen.
Very well if you use it um. No if i use my mouse on this sofa for example. It wouldnt work very well and so thats quite crucial.
I think so ive got my mouse here just pull it on top of me. See how that fits eat the mouse is moving around as youd expect absolutely fine. So thats a good surface tiny mouse.
Then you wont need a mouse mat. Or anything. Like that it would be much space for a mouse mat.
Yeah. So thats good she quite a good height. This is very low sofa.

bed tray with cup holder-2
bed tray with cup holder-2

Oh yeah. Thats a good heart. You can have your dinner today to use.
Its really nice nice nice little thing. One last thing about i did mention the top 7tf. The these are aluminium the adjustable or foldable legs aluminium.
So yeah. I mean you could because they fall flat. You could have that flat that would move around if you did have it flat.
Because obviously the sponge isnt as much in contact with the surface youre on and it would be when theyre followed out yeah. Nice nice little thing. No time to claim to be some sort of maverick will come along burning bright ideas.
But i did just think of something and bear in mind in these unprecedented times were all working from. Home i thought that for the price of 3399. This you could have as like a make do desk.
If theres a few of you work from home at the moment. I thought id just grab a chair office chair and if i sit there thats actually on a coffee table. Its a normal sized coffee table.

bed tray with cup holder-3
bed tray with cup holder-3

Thats a really good height to work out so ive got my laptop. Its really good hi. And obviously got a lot of storage under there with a table forward so i know its not ideal.
We were all trying to adapt at the moment. So i just thought it might be an idea if if any i was trying to think of a temporary solution for a quite a cheap price welcome to the bedroom. And this isnt some sort of proposition.
What im doing is i just wanted to see how the laptop fared in beta. Because some of us wake up maybe i want to work in bed for a little bit considering were not working on it so in terms of high. Whys it clears your legs by quite some way just like it does a little safer.
Honestly you know if youre working you dont really have your arms on it its not really going to move. Its really sturdy. I dont think it would slip.
Even if it was all on a minion. But obviously these spongy little legs come into their own. When you are using it might fit work it away absolutely fine.
This is quite good size up see. Theres plenty of room for your your mouse and whatever you want to have calculated up side away. Weve got so yeah it just works wont tell me were really.
Good if you are interested in one of these they are. 3399 is paul of amazon on the ceilings and prices. Vary but yes 3399 is again its the activex laptop bed table .

bed tray with cup holder-4
bed tray with cup holder-4

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