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In 1945. The timberwolf division of the american 1st army fought its way into cologne cologne the capital of the rhineland and after berlin. The largest city in germany.
The was unbelievable although miraculously the famous cathedral survived his twin towers standing out like skeletal fingers above the rubble. Like this once beautiful city. All germany went down with the nazis into the pit.
But alone recovered and miraculously to germany was reborn in the face of disaster. Her people found the courage and resilience to rise out of the pit led by a man of cologne on rad at an hour you you in january 1955. Im not out an hour entered his 80th year a birthday celebrated with a typical mixture of family propriety and civic dignity.
He was to live on to the age of 91. He was known as der alte. The old man and his life had spanned all of modern german history where the nazis cologne was an important prize when they came to power in 1933.
They at once took over the city at an hour had made no secret of his opposition to hitler and it seemed his active political life was then over adenauer mayor of cologne in 1917. The age of 41 for 16 years. He served the city diligently at the same time taking an active part in the politics of the vimal republic.
Which replaced the germany of kaiser wilhelm ii. Under the nazis he was lucky to escape with his life 1944 he rounded up in one of the last gestapo purges and confined in miserable conditions. Expecting to be shot when the war ended there were few like him left alive in germany.
The fates. Made an odd choice to find right out. He was not a man of his time certainly not the hitler time or perhaps of the vie maori public.
His real base was the imperial civil service of wilhelm ii in germany. When i first met him in 1948 during the berlin blockade. I was tremendously impressed by a number of things the first was his catholicism which to him was not simply religious.
But part of a political attitude. The second was his probity and integrity no one could doubt that this man believed what he said that he was not the servants of expediency or opportunism and finally there was another attribute that became clear as time went on id now understood as very few german politicians or indeed. Germans of any position the tremendous destruction in germany the loss of economic life.
The loss of social cohesion. He not only understood that but he also understood that germany had to find her way back into the european community. Both these objectives.
He set himself to accomplish and both in time he did accomplish words can hardly describe. Germanys condition at the end of the war. Nor.
The attitude of the victorious powers towards her the concentration camps had just been emptied ashfords belts. And the fruits of what the nazis had done had been on everybodys newsreel in every newspaper and people knew this and were appalled they had heard about it before but until you saw as i did living skeleton.

how did the united states respond to joseph stalin’s blockade around berlin?-0
how did the united states respond to joseph stalin’s blockade around berlin?-0

The enormity of the thing didnt come home be among those who reported on what they saw was the american writer clare boothe luce. The responsibility for these terrible crimes for the excruciating sufferings and the agonized death of hundreds and thousands of men and women and children too in these camps. This responsibility falls squarely on the german people they have long borne that responsibility in the eyes of god they must be made now to bear.
It in the eyes of no german could feign ignorance of what had been going on in the big cities films of nazi atrocities were shown in movie houses while in the countryside work parties drawn from neighboring villages were organized at gunpoint to undertake the grim task of clearing out the death camps. Id know of course knew as well as anybody in his position could be dreadful things that the nazis were doing theyve been arrested. Hed been in a detention camp waiting for execution.
He believed i think that germany had to purge yourself of what the german leaders at least had done he was not one of those who believed the whole german people responsible for doing these. But he thought they were responsible for turning their heads away and letting happen as he once said their tolerance of evil at nuremberg. The nazis crimes were formally indicted before the world and for posterity guri.
The international village bill sentences you to death by hanging defendant rudolf hess. The tribunal sentences you to imprisonment for life. Immediate postwar germany was marked by complete economic stagnation.
A traumatic feeling by the rest of europe against the germans. Then you had on the germans themselves as complete military reversal. Their leaders in prison or dead destroyed at home and detested abroad.
And this is a situation that konrad adenauer took on and out of which he fashioned modern germany. The defeat of germany had been the only bond uniting. The western democracies and the soviet union.
When the victors met in berlin. They were already in disagreement about the future administration of the defeated nation as attitudes hardened into the cold war new boundaries were drawn across germany. Where the armies had halted berliners found themselves marooned behind the soviet lines under joint allied control beginning with cologne which fell within the british zone of occupation at an hour went on to draw up plans for a new germany they centered on the formation of the christian democratic union.
The cdu new political party which became a tan hours means for achieving power. Once free political activity was allowed again in their part of germany. The soviets immediately forced politics into the stalinist mold and tried to discredit what they could not control the rival systems clashed in berlin.
Which adenauer shrewdly refused to make his vase berlin he knew was too vulnerable to outside pressures in june 1948. Seemed indeed as if berlin would shortly fall into stalins hands when the soviets abruptly cut all surface links for the west at this very moment. The three western occupying powers were planning to unify their zones.
They responded to stalins blockade with a massive airlift had it not been for two things first the ability of the americans and the british to organize an airlift and secondly. The stationing of a group of american and british. Atomic bombers.
In britain stalin might well have won the day. But the blockade had another effect. The west berliners did more than anyone could have asked for him they went out there and the unloaded planes.
There were a lot of people killed in the berlin blockade and the majority will west berliners and in so doing i believe they won west germanys passport back in new york. The blockade ended in may 1949 and berliners celebrated.

how did the united states respond to joseph stalin’s blockade around berlin?-1
how did the united states respond to joseph stalin’s blockade around berlin?-1

It as a victory meanwhile under adenauer direction. A parliamentary council had produced a constitution for west germany. After the ensuing elections.
In august. 49. At an hour became the first chancellor of the new german federal republic.
There is series of measures in a series of meetings through which germany became accepted as an economic and military partner in europe largely do i think to add. Now is a great exploitation of the situation. Edens belief that germany could be rearm through western european unity.
The drive to get germany in a nato and ad. Now his reluctance to go in if germany was not sovereign. Which is what he really wanted under admin hours guidance.
The parliamentary council. Had chosen bond is the new seat of government he thought that bond with bb. I yield capital.
Id now i lived at rouen dog which was hard by he was a what he would have called a west russian. He thought that frankfurt was too vulnerable. It is very close to the east german frontier.
He thought that munich was not representative when he thought that hamburg was not represented and that bond was in the center of the catholic rhinox in power in his own country. At an hour. Now turn to the international field spinning their little eggie old.
Ill saudis thankful for the im bob youll love london. Im very grateful to his majesty invitation to come to london. You shall fulfil hetzel.
A dusty toledo will the korean war at its height at an hours germany was numbered among the friends of the west then in june 1953. The workers of east berlin rose against their communist masters. The flare up quickly spread throughout east germany in a violent repudiation of the austerity and repression.
The soviet propaganda made out was to be preferred to conditions in west. Germany. Soviet troops had to be called in and a massive purge followed german reunification was as far off as ever 1953.
Was election year in west. Germany. The central figure was at an hour himself parties and principals counted for less than the personality of the old man who had made germany acceptable again in the west and uh was at the age when most men would have retired.
But he chose a life of ceaseless activity. Because again he had this inner belief that the job had to be done that a new germany had to be born and that he and his vehicle were the means by which it should be born he fought on and won a germany.

how did the united states respond to joseph stalin’s blockade around berlin?-2
how did the united states respond to joseph stalin’s blockade around berlin?-2

Which was a christian democratic chairman. In 1953. Adenauer paid his first official visit to america in washington.
The playing of the old german national anthem gave him the satisfaction of knowing that his federal republic. Though not yet four years old was judged to have come of age. It was a tribute to his own undeviating internationalism well id know a once said that today i regard myself primarily as a european and only secondarily as a german now that was the key to almost everything he did in international affairs during his chancellorship he had seen and i think as a lot of other people did that western europe as a group of independent nations could not stand up against the threat of the soviet union.
Plus. Its a vietnamese invasion. So the modern european unity.
Which is based on the common market and secondly militarily on nato owes a great deal to what id now or did in those very difficult years. Add. An hours greatest political achievement.
Now approached full sovereignty would give west germany the right to rearm to bury forever. The specter of german militarism our armed forces would be integrated in the north atlantic treaty organization adenauer came to paris for the fateful meeting okuda joe pusheen lentree du republic to the hotel manager zhang denis on to the hope occidental who tre didnt plant ignore. But even near the allottee certainly he had now saw the thing.
Very clearly he once said to me that the west must decide on which is the greater danger. The danger posed by the soviet union and its allies and one hand against the west or the danger of a german contingent in a western european army. The entry of the german federal republic into nato is indeed historic event as my predecessor tsar anthony eden.
So often emphasized nato is an intimate. But not an exclusive organization. I think that many of us would have wished him to be here today to witness.
Doesnt the culmination of a policy to which he made so great a contribution. What is the policy of bringing the federal republic into the free association of sovereign states recruiting for the new german army began at once less than 10 years since hitlers war machine had been smashed one of the basic problems of that now i had when it became evident that the west the western allies water germany. We are forced to sell it in germany.
There was no great militarist feeling in germany at that time there was however a feeling eventually that id know our real livin that you are getting protection. You must make your own country trying to experiment. Advisee dust.
Archer fog fun as a politician adna was a tough fighter. But he had certain rules we abided by never tell a lie because your lies will catch up with you and secondly of course never attack somebody whos not there. But he is there go after and go after him as hard as you can thats why i think he was so effective in the bundestag.
No sooner had adenauer won recognition of west. Germanys sovereignty. Then he set off for moscow on an equally difficult mission.
The socialists had always attacked him as being a servant of the west and auntie russian. Both the socialists and his own party.

how did the united states respond to joseph stalin’s blockade around berlin?-3
how did the united states respond to joseph stalin’s blockade around berlin?-3

Said that there were x and german prisoners still in the soviet union. Which the russians said did not exist. Why cant they come home.
I not now it made this pilgrimage to moscow which i would think intellectually and morally cost him a great deal because he had a low view of the russians. But he did make the. Trip it was successful and he got them back less than 10000.
Prisoners of war returned. And many waited in vain for a long lost husband. Father or brother in the intervening 10 years perhaps half a million perhaps a million germans had perished in soviet camps.
Another pilgrimage came more easily to add an hour. Dismayed at occasional science that anti semitism still existed he went out of his way to demonstrate. Germanys break with its nazi past he early understood the link between the united states and israel.
But he also had an emotional feeling as a christian as a catholic that some retribution must be made by germany to israel or to the jewish people and in doing so restored peoples faith in germany and in germans in august 1961. Berlin again hit the headlines by then nearly three million east germans had sought refuge in the west their escape route were through berlin. The soviet answer was the berlin wall.
Which effectively sealed off the soviet sector of the city and cut the flow of refugees to a trickle of daring individuals. The building of the berlin wall really was a backhand tribute to adenauer and the policy of the west. But one of the most ingenious and heavily armed offensives in the world runs from the baltic right down to the czech frontier builder.
The cost of about a million marks a mile by the east germans at their own expense to keep the east germans. In so. The wall is just one part of this whole system and the whole system is a tribute in a way to adenauer and to western democracy behind the east germans lay the red army in their soviet style gestapo at an ours.
Germany was now rich and strong and free. A major partner in nato a bulwark of the west adenauer continued in office until 1963. But he was reluctant even then to relinquish power.
Id know his philosophy of power as i saw was the power used for what he regarded as national and rational objectives. Was correct that should never be too much power invested in one man because being at now he thought that i may be perfect. But my successes may not i think that id know this was one of the great political achievements of this century.
Perhaps in its way. A greater achievement than bismarcks because bismarck was building on strength. And id now are built on weakness.
He took a country broken economically an outcast politically and brought it back into the concert of europe as a strong and powerful and loyal member of the great concept of europe in this century. Now partly this was due to his own personal ambition. His own personal desire for power not an ignoble desire because he believed that he and only he would be able to bring germany back to something approaching a former position.
But he accomplished far more than anyone could have thought in 1948 and indeed if you want his monument look at modern germany. It is his chairman still you you .

how did the united states respond to joseph stalin’s blockade around berlin?-4
how did the united states respond to joseph stalin’s blockade around berlin?-4

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