Adventure Time! With John DiMaggio (Jake) and Tom Kenny (Ice King)

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We are with john dimaggio and tom kenny from adventure time ice king and jake jake and a myriad of other characters that we all know and love so well were in the middle of a pretty interesting season. Ive been seeing a lot of more of the side characters coming out more and we also got weve seen ice king get very vulnerable before i swear it wasnt me it was the crown music. But now weve seen like jake maybe not as mature as his kids.
And thats at a little bit yeah i love dad and everything. But hes only ever met me twice. Really i love the fact that hes just he just cant get it together and his kids have rapidly outpaced him in maturity.
I think its just funny. Its just its a great storyline. Its its its wonderful.
I know and the cool thing is all the guest voices that have played played my kids. Which is really great we just had you know mark. Evan jackson.
Just played another character. I mean.

who is the voice of jake the dog-0
who is the voice of jake the dog-0

We just we just have a lot of a lot of really great people coming in and its just its just cool. I think its a really great way for the for the writers to keep the show fresh you know to really expand the universe of the land of ooo and and you know and the characters within it you know and im all for it you know the more the the the more depth that this show has the more life itll itll retain. And theres not very many other shows that have those kind of character arcs.
You know its like oh. But you know kid shows are cartoons yeah. By the way.
Barney rubble is gonna be revealed as this dad who cant get it together and as letting down his kids you know what i mean bamm bamm is very sad about it you know its like youre not gonna see that out other other shows and fred flintstone has dementia. You know its like the ice king. So its like a little bit.
Whats been your favorite episode to work on my favorite episode was that was the episode of jake hess. Kid as the babies and and then the wolves are like hey this book says we can eat babies. I love that and i just love that scene.
I think its just so funny but yeah thats my favorite up dimaggio likes eating babies yeah yeah theres your headline hello tmz yeah but i like the betty episode obviously really fun to act on that kind of heavier stuff. But you know i also like the ones whore that weve seen a lot lately with ice king sort of having a social life.

who is the voice of jake the dog-1
who is the voice of jake the dog-1

A little bit and going on road trips with this fellow misfit wizards feel better a little bit like at least. Yeah. Thats what were talking about the thats thats the kind of like character arc.
Like ice king would have been capable of having friends and hanging out like a couple of seasons ago. Hes the characters keep changing and growing and you know you dont you know that doesnt happen on other shows. Its its just isnt how cartoons are set up everythings supposed to be like a franchise that just is frozen in amber for forever scooby doo ai.
Nt gonna change hes go be do anything yeah kind of like real life yeah actually i age i just dont learn anything jake actually gained some weight theyre drawing jake with more weight because hes getting older and dogs retain more weight so if you notice jake starting to get a gut. Its because that they purposely done that so i think thats just fascinating and i love it you know they cant under all this those bacon pancakes. Theyre really adding like thats it i guess.
If if finn is maturing and aging. Like as a real kid into teenager would why not you know in dog years. Why dont we do that absolutely i just hope.
He doesnt become incontinent with that but we have to go thank you seven we promise we promise a lot more incoming seven watch it music. .

who is the voice of jake the dog-2
who is the voice of jake the dog-2

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