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Guys we have a chevrolet 3500 model 2000 year 2000 okay so im gonna gonna show you guys how to remove the switch okay so these are the jiggler that i had made special for them. If you guys are figuring out how to make one go ahead and watch my previous video on jiggler keys. Its like it did you how to make one of these okay.
So you need our jiggler key and then were gonna use our pick. Okay. So it doesnt have to be this exact regular key you can use both ones they buy anything they look kind of weird first.
Were gonna remove this kind of pry this off so this is a little metal that were prying off you guys so that this little plastic piece can come off if you guys see that you could just pry this off easily. And theres no metal piece. The ignition has been tampered with before and they have tooken it off before so thats how you can tell okay if it doesnt have this little metal piece.
So as you guys can see weve built our cab back thats around the thing. So we can slowly okay. See how thats popping up a little plastic thing in the cap.
So you cant have to fill this have to peel this like act like this you have to peel it back bring it back to the back okay peel that back. And then you should be able to pry this out softly. Okay.
This is what goes around the ignition. Okay. So now that we have this little black piece off with the cap and stuff.
We can we can remove this black cover okay. So we successfully removed our black cover from the top. Okay.
And we have our our ignition lock cylinder. Right here. So now.
If you look and the side right here there should be a little opening right here where youre gonna pull up where youre gonna put the pick in okay make sure you have yourself one of these little picks.

how to remove ignition lock cylinder chevy without key-0
how to remove ignition lock cylinder chevy without key-0

So you can put it in there now like i explained on my other video as soon as we push this in here. Were pushing the side part down okay. Were pushing the side bar down as soon as you get it to click once youre gonna take it out just try to keep jiggling.
It to the right to turn it on okay. So lets do that no only sticking or pick. This is a side bar that were pushing down so were pushing the side bar down like this you guys and were moving the key in now turning it and its gonna click click so as soon as you hear that click you take your pick out of here.
And you just turn all the way on make sure the batteries connected. Its all so thats a little cavity when we stuck our pinion. Okay our pick so thats where it goes.
It so basically were kind of pushing the sidebar up. So you guys can see it goes in right there. And were kind of pushed into its kind of pushing the sidebar at the same time.
Were gonna kind of be jiggling on key and i do like or like or like a raking movement. You know like this while were turning it as were holding this okay so as you guys can see it clicked okay you guys will never go click so now we opened our ignition switch you see whats that easy i spent no more than 25 seconds trying to open it up you guys as you guys can see it was that easy okay so now were going to go ahead and remove our ignition switch. So basically.
Theres like a little hole in top right here. And you guys can see theres a little hole right here. Were gonna push that down with a pic or something small it fits in there okay.
And then were gonna put ignition out okay. The next step right now okay so as soon as we check out our ignition open. Now we can go ahead and press this down right.
Theres a little here so that were looking to press down. So that were able to post ignition out okay should be a pin in there somewhere okay guys. So um.
You can disconnect the battery just so it doesnt cranked cranky.

how to remove ignition lock cylinder chevy without key-1
how to remove ignition lock cylinder chevy without key-1

Cranky. But doesnt make sure this is all the way open you guys. And you guys are pushing this button out okay.
And then your ignition should come out okay like so okay. So just disconnect the battery. So it doesnt crank crank crank.
So this has to be all the way open you guys. And this is the button that were pushing down look you guys see that thats a little button or pushing out theres a little horror push it down and well pull it out okay okay. So this is the core that we need to cut our key s.
9 7. 0. And j ok so were gonna go to our second nine were gonna look for cheerilee ok now were gonna look for 3500.
See if its on here for now we can put it on theres something else ok. So lets just put it on the suburban. Ok.
We can do that all right. And then this is a 2000. So then if we got a quarter here to input the code.
It should tell us a series as you guys can see it starts with an s. Okay three digits and the last letter is gonna be between a and k okay so sometimes like i said some people are confused like wall is that a number 5 in the beginning. But then you look at the cord just to make sure that its an s.
So thats how you go by okay. So you dont get off. Track.

how to remove ignition lock cylinder chevy without key-2
how to remove ignition lock cylinder chevy without key-2

S. 9. 7.
0. 0. J.
Okay. 9. 7.
0. And then it j. Just.
Make. Sure. Thats the same s.
9. 7. 0.
J. Perfect. So then were going to go to enter search.
And thats our bidding. Thats our thats a key chord that we need and thats our key for ignition so i already have our key lets say the cutter original prescott and then were gonna color it key and then try to see if it works perfect okay music music music. So before we put our ignition.
Lock cylinder.

how to remove ignition lock cylinder chevy without key-3
how to remove ignition lock cylinder chevy without key-3

On i always like to spray with a little bit of a houdini. Okay. This is lubricated the best you guys have i also have a video of that on my page so guys check it out now were gonna spray inside the keyhole right here okay just because when you jiggle it with the jiggler.
There might be a little bit of the breeze and different opinions or from the key. I just like to keep it clean okay you guys just spread a little bit of lubricant in there before he is now officially ready okay. So lets go put our ignition back in try out a key.
See if it works perfect. Okay okay guys were putting back on a mission switching okay. So you kinda have to find the way in there that it goes in there okay.
Perfect. You guys can see an open ignition up page. That needs a little lubricant like i said perfect.
There we are you guys so that lubricant helps it cuz when you jiggle the key in there you move the pins. Youre moving the pins up and down. So youre kind of messing with them so thats why i always like to spray.
It just so i can make sure that you know that the key turns on square. Whats up you guys can see after little times of just moving it back and forth. It was personal there we go we have our key now we made with our code.
You know so if you guys have any questions. You know you guys have any questions. Anything just leave a comment in the section down below remember to guys subscribe to my channel cuz.
Im always putting up really really good information alright you guys just a really good channel. You guys so thank you guys for watching once again take care you guys any questions email me or even in the comment section below okay. Till next time you guys take care music.
See thats good or dont have to put this back in there. I mean i suggest you probably go to the auto. Parts and get one of these news in you and then just put it on there.
But i never really put mine back on there .

how to remove ignition lock cylinder chevy without key-4
how to remove ignition lock cylinder chevy without key-4

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