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Ladies. This is erica johnston and welcome back to my channel. If youre interested interested in learning.
How l.oreals expert. Magnesium silver try saying that three times silver shampoo works on my hair and may work on yours then stay tuned hey ladies.
I just finished filming one of my workout videos. So i apologize im a little bit sweaty and greasy and gross. But i wanted to test a product today and i really want you to see what my hair looks like before and after so ive got actually really good lighting in my bathroom right now so i dont know if you can see.
But i do have a little bit of yellowing like if i pull my hair over to the side like this you can see theres a difference. I dont know if you can see that but theres a bit of see that kind of yellowy shade in there and then ill show you the hair underneath.

shampoo for grey hair at walmart-0
shampoo for grey hair at walmart-0

So this is the hair underneath. Its really vibrant and it hasnt been touched by the sun at all and then the hair on top has more of like that kind of yellowy tone to it so anyways. Im gonna give this this product.
A shot and well see how it goes alright. So i literally cannot find any english on here whatsoever. So i peeled back the instructions.
And it seems like if theres no english under here either but on the top here it says something 2 to 3 minutes. So im guessing that you have to leave it in for 2 to 3 minutes maybe i dont know im gonna click online and see if i can find something else so i checked online and it just says to apply to your wet hair. Lather and massage into your hair evenly rinse thoroughly and then wash your hands out to use so.
This is just a quick little image of what it looks like in my hair before i wash. It up so i just finished washing and blow drying my hair and im really excited with the results.

shampoo for grey hair at walmart-1
shampoo for grey hair at walmart-1

I dont know i think this might be my new favorite purple shampoo. It made my hair really soft where i find a lot of purple shampoos after i wash my hair is extremely dry and oh i just love this its really shiny. I havent all i did was blow drying put any product in afterwards.
But i did use the oribe royal blowout this product here and im discovering that that is my favorite heat styling product ever its the one that anika von holdt uses and its expensive. But you know ive tried a lot and this is the best one i think so im gonna continue to use that but yeah im really happy i feel like i should be contacting. The company and getting a sponsorship for this so the product comes with this really cool clip that you can just put on accidentally squirting.
It especially if you take this with you on a on a trip. So i was actually really surprised to see that it was purple shampoo and not silver. I dont know why but maybe because the bottle is silver and it says magnesium silver shampoo.
So i dont know i just was kind of shocked. When i did the pump and it was that kind of dark purple color.

shampoo for grey hair at walmart-2
shampoo for grey hair at walmart-2

But yeah i know im really happy with the results and i think that this is the softest that my hair has been from any purple shampoo at all so ill continue to review some more hair shampoos for you i actually bought a couple different ones alright. So i know a lot of my viewers. And myself.
Included are very concerned when it comes to animal welfare and of course testing on animals in our products that we use. So i just want to say this comes straight from l.oreals website in 1989.
L.oreal completely ceased testing its products on animals thus. 14 years.
Before the regulation required. So today l.

shampoo for grey hair at walmart-3
shampoo for grey hair at walmart-3

oreal. No longer tests its ingredients on animals and no longer tolerates. Any exception to this rule as for ingredients.
Im going to show you the label so that you can read it for yourself. As well alright. So i hope that you enjoyed that quick product review of l.
oreal magnesium silver shampoo. This is not a sponsored video. I just purchased the product myself on amazon and im giving you my 100 honest review.
So i hope that you enjoyed it and i always love to hear about what products you are loving so right now im at the two and a half year mark and ive just im showing you my hair without even like really styling it or doing anything special. So i just want you to know how soft and nice. It is i did use a round brush to blow up my hair alright.
So i hope that you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up if you did and be sure to subscribe if you havent done so already share it with your friends and until next time bye for now .

shampoo for grey hair at walmart-4
shampoo for grey hair at walmart-4

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