Ark Survival Evolved: EASIEST way to get Silica Pearls/Oil + Ice Cave

how to get silica pearls in ark This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Ark Survival Evolved: EASIEST way to get Silica Pearls/Oil + Ice Cave. Following along are instructions in the video below:
Is going on guys diems here. Thank you for all the support you left in in my videos. I just thats just amazing you guys like made a week.
My day made everything that just that was just made me like so happy i are usually with my channel. I dont expect that much from it um. So i just want to thank you for leaving all the feedback and all the stuff.
I reached a hundred subscribers. Which is amazing to me and thats a lot little a little compared to other channels. But its amazing to me i just want to thank every single one of you thats supported and helped me with with everything that you did so yeah.
Im just going to get to this video. All right for first video make sure when you guys easiest way to get metal and oil and a melon oil must hand god so hey today. We shown how to get silica.
Pearls and um. And easier way to get oil as well um. Its going to have to cause to go on the ice farm.
But if you are a low level. I would recommend you getting hard armor and also get you a pterodactyl if youre a little bit higher level like i want to say around 30 range made uh 50 range. I guess you can try get you a bird and these things are freaking amazing you find about their the ice phone.
Just go there you get do a bunch of hunt and get you some help for armor stuff. Like that and that would help a bunch with all that dog freezing and all the stuff so id recommend doing that so yeah. Im gonna put this on and ill be right back alright.
Im back i got my fur coats on oh. No dont of the new little fun dont fall in the water. You know on the water you get this freaking suit wet.
It you taste our fries and also those photo crap. Its pretty dumb alright so what you want to do is going to get on your bird and pin. Where youre at on the map.

how to get silica pearls in ark-0
how to get silica pearls in ark-0

Let me actually go on the first person real quick are in depending on where you are on the map youre going to basically watch it. See my fur popping up you want me basically going over in this area right. There.
Its theres a bunch of pearls and oil just right. There at the top of the surface. Theres no need where you have to dive.
All the way down to the bottom of the water and like that constantly of like needing oxygen and i know lower level you want to get like up until electronics as fast you can or if youre level. Like me who needs a bunch of pearls for electronics. Oh.
This is in my way the best way possible easiest way for me. And yeah. All im gonna guess.
Im a fast sports. While i get there. Oh yeah.
Before before i do that um yeah. This is quetzel over here. Its pretty cool um.
Hes hes cautious tada. Plenty of times this kind of thing. Him have no anyway went usually hangs out in this area.
But if you guys want to see us stadium. Just let me know i they get a question about someone saying. I wanted to help them tame.
A pretzel and we actually have the perfect strategy for it. Weve actually had two quetzel down. And were in the middle of tainment of one time and and we just had the worst of luck like a t.

how to get silica pearls in ark-1
how to get silica pearls in ark-1

Rex came up and ate it and just dont we have the worst luck in this game. But yeah. If you guys want me to be on that to show you how guys like the best strategies or anything you want me to do with that just let me know in the comments down below.
If you guys want me to do a series on this just let me know ill be glad to report for you guys. Because its extremely fun all over the make you guys happy and stuff like that. But yeah.
Im a fast forward once i get there and be right back you all right and were the thing. This is the place amy check. Im trying to see is this the place is it yeah think its up here in my bag.
Theres two little islands that look the same thats my bad guys sits up here and this place like id recommend getting a bird. Because i can hold a bunch away. Theyre like flying corners in a way.
Its pretty cool all right. This is basically one of the stops of referrals heres a bunch of hairy. So you can stop for rosedale.
Theres some pearls right there so what you got to do is get in the water. Im freezing because of water school would see all the pearls. Im getting see how nice that is im kind of go deep in the water and just come right here put the pearls you know knight bothering anybody get all the pearls and yeah basically.
It is one trip like that and i got 97. Pearls and theres also a bunch of areas on these little islands. I just like theres one over there.
And theres that one i stopped that right there that had a crimper also and these pearls will respawn over time. And theres a bunch of spots. You can and theres a bunch of spots.
You can stop at and handle pit stops to get frozen. And oh yeah also today show you guys will just show you this over. Here.

how to get silica pearls in ark-2
how to get silica pearls in ark-2

Heres like a little ice cave thingy. Ill get over here show you guys have it explored it yet. But its like a little ice cave you guys want me to think could be of meat export.
It donna. Its kind of risky and scary. If you guys want men to be yummy walking in here.
Just let me know i like to walk in here. Right now pretty good okay get over here looks pretty cool woah dude. Ive never been in here.
I promise. This is crazy look at that dude. What the free well i just see that what franks going on dude.
This is crazy what the crap. Ive never been what the crap. This is crazy oh okay look at this ill freak.
Im stuck. Im stuck. No huh.
Oh freak can army crawl in here. No no no no no why why this happening. Okay floored that scared me holy crap.
Theres a thats pretty cool with this little cave thing right here whoa well. I guess you guys know this a cave here as well okay. So there you go something to adam to define now getting some pearls as well this is cool little cave.
I dont even know this was here about ever like came and export come over here and explored it in its pretty cool. But if you guys enjoy the video make sure you hit that like button. If you think.

how to get silica pearls in ark-3
how to get silica pearls in ark-3

This is a good little tip just tell me to come section. Okay. This was pretty cool like okay in response tape.
Youre welcome or i dont know look at all the mamis whoa this would be perfect huh. Im actually about the honeys right now with a private outfit video. But um.
Yeah. Thank you guys for watching again. Thanks.
For all the support. As she left me could ask just just thank you i couldnt say. Thank you enough for it.
And um. Just i have no idea on saying. Thank you because i would like of me.
Getting a hundred subscribers is a big goal for me. Because um. My channels.
Extremely small and i wont hit the 100 subscribers for the longest time. Ive had a channel since i havent had this channel. But that channels in the past when i was little and i was like never get above like 15 subscribers.
And id be just i dont know this it just makes really happy to see me get to this point. And um. Yeah.
Thank you guys for all the support you left me. And yeah. Ill see you guys in my next video store questions down below.
Ill try cover him in one big video or ill probably answer the comments like i did a couple of you guys and yeah buddy guys and see you in my next video. .

how to get silica pearls in ark-4
how to get silica pearls in ark-4

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