Ark Survival Evolved Xbox One – 5 Minute Tutorial – Dodo Taming

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Everyone im catharsis and welcome back to another five minute tutorial in ark survival. Survival. Evolved today.
Were going to be focusing on a little bit of taming. Were starting off initially here with the dodo the ferocious and dangerous dodo. This will probably be one of the first dinos agenda taming not only because its ultimately really simple and fast to tame the dodo.
But also its helpful for taming other dinosaurs down the road. The private reason. Why you would want to tame.
A dodo is to to gather eggs from it and by having it tame you can control it and decide where its going to be located so now with with the taming of the dodo. Its going to follow the similar similar pattern of most other taming initially you knock it unconscious you want to feed it either some narcotic or some mayo berries to to keep it unconscious and then you feed it its preferred foods in order to tame it and make it to become your pet now. The dodos primary preference for food is vegetables followed by meho berries and than any other berries.
But really almost any was anything will work i mean youre not terribly worried about the level of your dodo. Because youre not going to be using it for fighting now in the in this case. Im going to be going after this female.
But you can see its at the heart. There that means. Its got a male in the near vicinity.

how to tame a dodo in ark-0
how to tame a dodo in ark-0

Which is this one over here. I believe yeah. Thats the male dodo.
There so when theyre in close proximity. It increases. Some of their stamina and some other so they want damage they deal.
And i think it actually has a positive impact also on the frequency of egg laying dodos are very different for most other animals most of the dinosaurs in the game in that their egg laying rate is based on how frequently they poop theres a chance every time they poop. But theyre gonna lay an egg. So they become actually really handy for for making kibble because you could get the eggs for that but then you can also use it to detain the oviraptor which increases egg laying rate across all dinosaurs its near so so the first thing were start with today is by knocking out.
The dodo now you can use tranq arrows or tranq darts. But odds are really good with the tranq arrow. Youre probably gonna do so much damage.
Youll kill the dodo before you get a chance to knock it out. So you have the option also using a club which i think i have on equipped yep. So were going to use a wooden club today to knock the dodo you also just punch it out but in this case.
Im going to use the the club double check this to the female. It is so first things first lets knock this daughter out. I might take a couple hits silly video glitch where zips away alright.

how to tame a dodo in ark-1
how to tame a dodo in ark-1

So weve got our dodo knocked out. And youll notice youll notice first off that the unconscious part for the dodo moves rather quickly when we go into the dodos inventory. You can see they only have a maximum torpor torpor in this case of 46.
This is a little 10 dodo so its gonna its they do wake up relatively quickly. So you have to kind of stay close to your dodo while youre feeding. It now the preference for for this animal is to the meho berry is their first preference.
Im going to give it to both male berries and as youll berries to make sure i have enough in here generally speaking with the level one dodo youre only really going to need around 16 male berries and with the level 20 or you need around 30. So at level 10 probably having 20 some odd berries. There will be sufficient to tame it you see how quickly the the torpor is going down.
Its already its only 30 and you can see the bar. Thats already almost half down. So the taming for these does go rather quickly at level one youre going to tame.
It probably in a little bit in three minutes level 20. Youre looking somewhere around six minutes. So were probably gonna be looking somewhere about four and a half minutes in total to tame the dodo so just to keep it out im going to go back in an inventory.
Well feed it feed it some more if its an article bears you have two choices here if youre using. Obviously. If youre playing the xbox you can just use the right trigger button.

how to tame a dodo in ark-2
how to tame a dodo in ark-2

But otherwise you want to use the you want oh sorry you want to select the item and then use the remote use item. Which is down here the fastest way to do is just use the right trigger. So im going to babysit this unconscious dodo until it gets until it gets fully turn in fully tame.
There should be only a few minutes. But ill clip ahead in the video. And well just kind of head to right where the other dodos are detained.
There you have it just a little over four and a half minutes or so. We ended up with our fine feathered. Friend a nice level 10 dodo now at this point.
We have to come up with a name for them this will be true of any time. That you have any time you tame a dinosaur. Youre gonna get an opportunity to give it a name and then you dont like the name.
You giving you can of course change. It later so were going to call this guy franken dodo. Well this girl.
I guess i couldnt get a female dodo. There you go just like that we have a level 10. Dodo now we can control the dodo of course by by giving some whistle commands you can hold down the b button you get your list of different options you use whistle to follow by using one at a time all unconsidered an aggressive though i dont know why you would want to with one of these generally speaking youre gonna collect them probably a few of them unfortunately there are quick to tame this one took just a just about four and a half minutes to tame and quick and simple.
Thats pretty much all you need to know about taming a todo were gonna tame some more dinosaurs down the road but in the meantime were called quits for this video. Thanks so much for watching once again. Im catharsis and i will see all of you next time .

how to tame a dodo in ark-3
how to tame a dodo in ark-3

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