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This video. Im gonna be showing you how to use the serene house ultrasonic ultrasonic aroma diffuser. Youll enjoy their favorite essential.
Oil blend. This is the galaxy eliezer model. It comes with a timer function of 60 90 120 minutes as well as seven color options with led bulb.
Theres a four hour continuous mode which means if you let it it will run for four hours before cutting off automatically a little disclaimer. I did use this diffuser before recording this so. The labeling is a little bit worn off.
Im definitely be mindful of the oil when youre learning it up. But at one at one point. This was labeled with the timer functions.
The first button was for power and the second button was for the lighting function so it comes with the charger you plug it into the outlet on the bottom of the diffuser make sure. Its pushed all the way in there. You will need power for this this is not battery operated.
Obviously so that good guy into so you can use whatever essential bling. You desire obviously. Theres so many different levels to choose from but today.
Im using lavender and peppermint lavender is known for soothing properties and i just really loved the scent and i really love peppermint. Im also lemon whenever im working on something or i just want to like fresh in the air. Im its really good for energy as well as mental focus on clarity if i didnt already say that i am a youtube novice.
So i failed to record myself pouring the water in so you can actually see the light spilling. But you can kind of see it here. Its a little black speck again because this is a little bit worn off.
But just make sure theyre not fill the water past that so here.

serene house ultrasonic aroma diffuser-0
serene house ultrasonic aroma diffuser-0

Im adding my essential oils a little goes a long way with the oils honestly. But i like for it to be really potent. So i use about sick lavender.
But i think three to six will suffice and i thinks when a little left. When i was recording a cover version of this so just trust the process. If noah made it in there.
So just put the tops back on make sure theyre on tightly the first button is for power of course. And its basic power. No timer settings as you can see the lighting function goes through all the color options and the miss will shoot out the top you cant select the timer at the bottom.
Im again 60 90 and 120 minutes are the options the second button is for the lighting function. Only so if you want it to go through all the seven colors with no mists coming at the top. I mean honestly it adds to the vibe as well i love the lighting for when im sleeping yeah.
So you can actually cut or pick. The individual color options as well so yeah. Thats pretty much it aromatherapy all day is and set my under eye concealer and then kind of like right in this area.
I will go over it with the too faced like cocoa. Because thats a light reflecting powder. Kind of really similar to the anastacio banana powder or the not really the banana powder.
But the mac emphasize powder can it kind of has a sheen to it theres like light reflecting properties. It just makes your under eye look nice and bright. The laura mercier secret brightening powder.
That one makes your under eyes look really bright and beautiful this is completely transparent. Theres no color to this so in terms of translucent powders. This is the best one although.
This is not a translucent powder.

serene house ultrasonic aroma diffuser-1
serene house ultrasonic aroma diffuser-1

My friend gabby was explaining it to me. She was saying that translucent powders. Even though theyre clear you cant see them on the skin.
They still have translucent pigments in them this is a no color powder. Theres no pigments in this whatsoever. So she uses this on everyone like i said shes a makeup artist.
And she says that she even uses this powder on the darkest of skins. Like really deep chocolatey beautiful skin tones. She uses this and its still transparent.
I know a lot of you guys who are darker than me have asked me if this would work for you and i totally think it would i just love this so much and i highly recommend it and not only is it the best powder ever. But it has such a low price tag. This is ten freaking dollars ten dollars.
Only and theres three ounces this is the beloved beautiful. I still really like it. But this is the laura mercier translucent loose setting powder.
This is a 38 primer. 36 primer. What no powder and this has one ounce.
This has more than double this has three times. The freakin product. And its a fraction of the cost ten compared to 36 or 38.
You get so much more and i feel like its so much better theres also a 10 ounce tub. Which i would see probably would be really good for like makeup artist even this though like who is gonna go through this whole powder. I dont know but they even have a 10 ounce tub for 20 dollars.
Which is still less than that and its like a million times more than that one im not trying to knock the laura mercier product at all i do like it i used it a lot ive spoken about it on my channel.

serene house ultrasonic aroma diffuser-2
serene house ultrasonic aroma diffuser-2

I do really like it but after trying this i dont see why i would even go back to that at all i even bought the little mini. Laura mercier powder. That they have like in the aisles of sephora like right before you check out and i believe it was 22 and it was like this big.
I would say if youre someone who watches youtube frequently if you fall into the hype like me i would say wait and dont get the laura mercier. One. If youve really been trying really been wanting to try it and try the rcm ano color powder try this one out first if you dont like it then try the laura mercier one.
But i really think you might love this because its phenomenal. This also doesnt give me any flashback in photography. Which is kind of a big deal for a lot of people especially.
If youre going to like parties and events and youre taking a lot of pictures at nighttime. This does not give me a flashback at all to me the way. I can describe.
It is it feels even smoother and even better than those i dont know if theyre called mica or mica powders. Those powders will give you a flashback in photography. Like the ultra hd.
Or like the hd powder from make up for ever gives me. A white cast in photos this powder is different. Its like magic.
I dont think its the same type of powder. Because this gives me no freakin flash back its fabulous. So i quickly wanted to give you that review before i went into the video and like show you guys how i use it and stuff.
It really really really is great and i highly highly highly highly highly recommend it a lot of you guys have already been purchasing it on twitter. I know that it sold out like i spoke about it on instagram twitter and snapchat and its sold out. Which is completely crazy.
I didnt think it would sell out its insane to me.

serene house ultrasonic aroma diffuser-3
serene house ultrasonic aroma diffuser-3

And i want you guys to let me know when you get in the mail. How much like it if you like it at all if you love it let me know so yeah. If you want to see how i use this and just like a chatty.
Little video then just keep watching so in my other house. I always had like a little table sitting in front of me where i did tutorials and stuff. But danny thought that was garbage and he was thrown away in his defense.
It looked like garbage. It was so beat up and stain from me it was bad so now i gotta go get another one anyway. Im just gonna go ahead and get started.
The only thing. I have on my face. Is my eyebrows.
I used the anastasia beverly hills new brow. Definer and chocolate. Its a little bit dark um.
And theyre a little bit bold. I know i know but i really have been loving this brow definer. Ive been using it over my brows.
Because i find that this isnt a review video of this. But its just a talking video. Im just chatting with you guys i find that i do my eyebrows like this with this product like a lot faster than the brow is maybe.
Its because the tip is fatter. But i dont know i love it. So i have that on my eyes on my brows.
And then the only thing. I have on my face is foundation and im using the newest tila aqua glow serum foundation. I bought mine on sephora.
I have mine in the shade light. Its extremely freakin dewy as .

serene house ultrasonic aroma diffuser-4
serene house ultrasonic aroma diffuser-4

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