Basics of Stencils, Casts and Basic Tools in Tinkers’ Construct

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Is up my guys generic minecraft youtuber here and today were going to be be learning how to create your stencils casts and basic tools using tinkers construct in forge. You see right here. So.
The smell. This is a smelter by the way and in my last video. We showed you had to make this little thing is the more advanced version just to kind of mess around with it so to start out.
Were going to want to create ourself a stencil table to make a stencil itself. Youre gonna take your wood your stick just like that make some blank patterns. Believe to make a stencil table you pop that right there just like that as you can see pull that out you can drop that anywhere really right here is where i like to put it in here youll see all your stencils.
Were gonna make a couple. More actually the more you have the better because it lets you use all the different stencils in order to create a stencil all you do is click whichever one youd like on the left or right and then well start by making our basic tools so youre gonna want a tool rod pattern tool binding pattern you want your pickaxe head pattern. Youll shovelhead pattern and then your axe head pattern.
These five right here and these are the basic tools your pickaxe your shovel and your axe. Now in order to make the tool station or the parts builder.

how to make a cast in tinkers construct-0
how to make a cast in tinkers construct-0

I should say so were gonna do for this parts builder is youre going to want to park that in just like that one log in the bottom. It can be an oak. I see over here it can be a spurs birch jungle or your regular oak pull that out im gonna plot that alright here and for making your little parts youll take your stencil pop it in left.
Ill start with this then you can place both right. Here. Thats the material slot of course.
It gives you your tool rod the steak vilo similarity and keep them separate you can use one wood or two sticks. Interchangeably doesnt really in order to make the cast for the different tool parts youre going to need to make aluminum brass now this is done by doing a three to one ratio with aluminum to copper so you can do three aluminum. One copper six aluminum to copper so on and so forth now once that is melted down.
Youll see the aluminum brass it should pops the bottom if not youll just click on whatever it material wants about to the bottom youll walk over to one of your casting tables place down. The item right click on the fountain on the faucet that is and boom. You have your cast now were gonna do and do this with every single different tool.
We have right here now that you have all these different kinds of casts. Youll these are permanent.

how to make a cast in tinkers construct-1
how to make a cast in tinkers construct-1

You dont have to worry about them breaking or whatnot youre going to want to take a material. Im gonna start with something basic like iron them you can use many olam. I believe this was called our die cobalt the slime whatever you want well get to those more complex materials later.
But we saw it was something simple he wont you be able to use aluminum brass think you can use bronze. But well just start out with iron for now to make your pickaxe youre going to want to get one tool rod. One pickaxe set and one tool binding now the other tools dont need the tool binding.
So you dont have to worry about that anymore to make your axe. Youre gonna want one axe head and another tool run for your shovel. Youre gonna want to of course your shovel head and one less to rock.
So to make your three basic tools youre going to want one pickaxe head one small tool binding of leaves called no just an iron binding. A regular tool binding. Three tool rods and axe head and a shovel head in order to make the station.
Were actually going to put the tools together youre gonna need a crafting table and pop. One.

how to make a cast in tinkers construct-2
how to make a cast in tinkers construct-2

Stencil. Right on top thatll give you a tool stint station. Just like that take facilitation just whole station is that a thing anymore you could stick that right everywhere.
You want to actually get the little pattern. Where you need to build it click on the tool. Youll pop in the items.
Just like this in the order that they give you right out like that youll get your tool. Thats the pickaxe shovel just like that and your x just like that now well be going over some of these other tools and weapons a little bit later as you can see if you click through youll see all the different items needed for it well get to that later now. If you wish to name your tool you could do it before or after as you see right here his name is my guy youre just gonna take your tool.
Youll stick it in with the upgrade or while youre making it and right up. Here. You see the name is click on that type in whatever you want destroyer the greatest name pop it out boom.
Just like that you have the name that is how you build your basic tools stencils and casts hope you all enjoyed see you later my dudes music. .

how to make a cast in tinkers construct-3
how to make a cast in tinkers construct-3

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