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Loves mac and cheese. Im danny anisha. Im nicole im hannah and and this is me give you whats up guys welcome back to the show.
We are doing a vegan mac and cheese taste test because that is something that i feel like everybody loves right like mac and cheese is something thats a staple for people. So. If you can have it vegan and cruelty free.
Then why not but were gonna tell you which ones are good. And which ones are not good. Yeah.
Were trying seven different kinds. Today. So we got a lot of variety.
Yeah alright lets get started all right were going to be starting with annies vegan shell and pasta creamy sauce mac and cheese this ones made with sweet potatoes and a bunch of vegetables. So its supposed to be like a healthier alternative to box smacking and its organic and its organic and i think the pasta is like a whole wheat pasta. Also disclaimer whoo.
This has been like reheated and like good times. So its not like the freshest guys. Its a very mild flavor.
It doesnt taste like cheesy. Yeah. Mm hmm.
It doesnt even taste like theyre trying to i can see its a light sleep. Yeah. Its got a good amount of salt.
I actually really like it. But i dont know if its like a classic mac and cheese flavor. Yeah.
I dont get that and be like ah. Satisfied. My mac and cheese.
Craving. Yeah. Its a little like sweet.
I definitely you can taste that it has like a vegetable in it. But its not like oily and cheese and it has like i didnt try like i wanted to have more sauce mm hmm. I do like it though i think it tastes good right if i wanted to pasta like this would be good as a side maybe for something something else.
But i dont think that if i was craving mac. And cheese. This is the one.
I oh yeah. I aint got have to add something to that to make it exciting. What do you give on its got from one to.
Ten ill give it a 65. Because i feel like its again a good a good pasta. But not a mac and cheese.
I get a 5 its not bad. But its kind of boring. I give it a 7.
I think its really good and i like that its organic. I also give it a 7 just because it tastes really good. But i mean its not mac and cheese next.
We have the de a deluxe cheddar style. Mac and cheese. This one definitely looks like very brightly yellow.
Coloured. It looks. Good.
It looks classic mac. And cheese. Like kraft mac.
And it smells. Like plastic. Its like the texture.
A lot better. This is actually my favorite mac and cheese. This is what i think you always get when i get excited now cheers.

best boxed vegan mac and cheese-0
best boxed vegan mac and cheese-0

Yes. Mmm. It does have a js like diane.
No it does have a diet aftertaste. But when you first eat it it really does taste like box mac and cheese. And its not as overwhelming as like some day of things you know and i like how chewy and creamy.
It is yeah. Its salty its really salty and tart. Which is what i like i have to say when youre making it.
Though it its pretty gross like funds out of a squeezy container. And its just like its whole food plant based its very gooey and oily yeah. Its like the velveeta show.
Yeah right yeah i used to eat growing up they sell just this cheese sauce now on its own right really yeah you can feel like potatoes. Yeah. I think its really good and do you guys feel like the deitys doesnt bother you as much as it used to like first my vegan.
I was like this is a sad excuse for cheese and im kind of like yeah the lows are gonna get a lesson fathers yeah i think it is good actually alright so what do you think im gonna give it a 9 and a half. This is a maeve. I give it a 7 out of 10 7.
Im gonna give it a 9 and a half next up. We have another daya one this is the deluxe white cheddar style veggie. Which i have not tried this one so im very excited.
This one looks like pasta salad kind of yeah. It is it has peas and carrots. And like variety hector isnt it im wondering what the thought process behind that was so theyre like dehydrated vegetables and then when you cook yeah.
When you boil it can be hotter with the pasta and you just boil it and rehydrates its like im gonna like this one cuz if you like the veggies. Well add like a nice this smells that i own a classic diet. Yeah again on your pizza.
Sure i lets see yeah cheers the texture again on this one. Its really good mm hmm. Okay.
I just got like a bell pepper thats such a weird taste to have with a mac and cheese. Yeah. I thought peas is really like traditional with mac and cheese right whenever you get a bite of the bell.
Pepper. Its a little weird also its weird that it says white cheddar. It doesnt taste like cheddar as much as the last one did to me i think cuz of the peppers it almost tastes like a not spicy pepper jack cheese yeah.
Its like not quite salty enough like its actually like even though the smell of daya is not as strong as that day of flavor. Though i feel like it would be really good. If you added like a little bit of salt and a little bit of garlic pop yeah.
While youre cooking. And i think that i would taste marley. Did ashrita or something i actually like it alright.
What do you think im gonna give it eight. Because i wish it was a little saltier and a little bit more sharp tasting. I can fit an eight.
I really like the texture and the flavor is like a little bit more mild than the last one. But i feel like i dont know something i would crave more often im gonna give it a 5. I feel like theres so many good mac and cheeses.
I dont think i just cant imagine like buying that again you know i also want to give it a five i dont know for me we never ate vegetables. My mac and cheese. I dont know we never ate mac and cheese really so it.
Just doesnt it doesnt measure up to my expectation okay next up we have uptons cheezy mac. I didnt even know this existed i love up and jackfruit. But ive never tried this mac and cheese.
Its just like a healthier brand oh it only has a few ingredients yeah nutritional yeast oil corn starch like as a thickener my work oh thats pretty bad like pretty much. How you would make mac and cheese at home at home. Yeah.
Minimal like people did nicole. Like noodles. And their precooked.
So. This is like fast. Oh yeah.
Exactly ready in one minute. Its more like to definitely. Nutritional use pasta needs to be cooked more which is weird because im i did it for two minutes.

best boxed vegan mac and cheese-1
best boxed vegan mac and cheese-1

So its kind of a strong nutritional yeast flavor. But i kinda like it cuts like a little sour. I dont know it really does taste like nutritional yeast and like salt.
You know like when you just think that a little news for use in your pasta. Yeah. I like nutritional yeah.
I think to me this is a texture thing like its very cute also its very chewy and its kind of just it means a little something else like something missing when you compare it at how it told us to and each of these boxes. We prepared it like the best youre supposed to its not as crazy see like i would eat that tastes great. But i wouldnt buy it because usually i dont know when im eating something like that i want something as close to the real thing as possible yeah or i want to bring it to friends place.
My friends wouldnt like that like they dont know what nutritional yeast is especially if youre new vegan who hasnt eaten nutritional yeast. Im gonna stay but though this i think of all of them is probably the healthiest option. So if you want to indulge and have like a similar texture flavor.
But you want something thats still healthy like this is pretty low calorie pretty low fat pretty good ingredients. So you have to give it that all right um. Im gonna give it a 5.
I dont think i would buy it again i get a 6 out of 10. I didnt think it was bad i give it a six you do. 5.
It just wasnt salty enough wasnt creamy enough just not yeah. I wasnt shook by it criteria. Chuck so next.
We have the diet deluxe alfredo style cheese. This is supposed to be like one of those. Alfredo mats.
Like you know the craft has different flavors okay. So i think very interesting. But in comparison like all of the day ones.
Ive been so. Much creamier. Yeah.
Oh yeah. Like we mac. And cheese.
Sound. Yeah. Sound.
Mmm. Dont like. It.
I pledge a big diet. I like it im sick guys looks like this is like the most daya ii. Really dont know good oha still be stay there nothing tastes like date is it dara daya.
Yeah. I dont think it tastes like it and i dont think that the i can see maybe a little bit of the aftertaste on the cheddar daya. But i dont really taste on that one i dont really know i feel like its the strongest day of flavor.
I feel like a weird or like wow. Me are drinking it for the service. I never yeah what do you say good it doesnt taste this such a strong that that way do you think.
Its more like mac and cheesy or do you think. Its more like afraid it does hiss. Afraid oh.
You but like the texture of mac and cheese yeah. Its a stur mac and cheese to me. I think that you know we taste that like plasticy after tale.
Oh. I dont think js plasticky. I think.
Its powdery. I tasted it the most on the cheddar zane well its like that tapioca tastes well that being said. I did like yeah.
Yeah. I like this is a confusing review. Okay what did you guys think im gonna give it an 8 again the same thing that i gave the other one.
The cheddar is my all time favorite and then the other two are good i really like the creaminess. I feel like theyre a little salty and i like the texture. But i dont feel like theyre as salty or good as the cheddar yeah.

best boxed vegan mac and cheese-2
best boxed vegan mac and cheese-2

Im gonna give it an 8 that ones actually my favorite out of the data ones wow. Im gonna give it a 7. I cant explain why im gonna give it a 4.
I didnt like it i thought it tasted really day and its like what you did like a daya sam. I say youre right daya. Yeah.
Im like when you get a damn pizza. And its like has too much. Oh yeah.
Thats what it tastes like to me. Oh yeah. The texture to is more rubbery.
I think than the cheddar daya. Which i really liked yeah now we have roads and organic shells and cheese all right this ones i think healthier too yeah so its mostly we yeah wheat flour nutritional yeast a bunch of b vitamins and tapioca this is probably gonna taste similar today because it has similar ingredients doesnt seem like it has any salt in it. Yeah.
Yeah. Theres a lot thats good when i was cooking it it was so dry really like theres too many noodles and not enough sauce exactly it just like sucked up all the sauce yeah it doesnt leave theres really any sauce yeah. And i cooked them all at the same temperature like its just really.
Its not very soft. All right teachers dont i dont know drive that just tastes like pasta. Without any sauce on it well they just barely any sauce in it like theres just condensation on the bottom.
Its really flavorless yeah. Thats bland af. Im gonna give it a four i wouldnt bite again i give it two its like not an edible.
But not good give it a one because im like what was i dont even know what that was zero. I mean why would you spend this much money i feel bad. But why would you spend this much money on a product when it tastes just like regular pasta.
Yeah. Like okay i give it three hahaha gimme dat sauce. Oh yeah okay.
This ones my favorite. This is a vegan chow creamery creamy mac and child i feel gross its so good i havent tried it on something. But its hard to find where did you find it where did you put you i got it at mothers here.
But they dont have that everywhere. Yeah. Ive been looking for it since i tried a expo west and i cant even remember.
This was just like a little creepy is thickest sauce like look at that so damn she thick sorry. No dont cheers. Oh gosh.
Oh. My god like you can taste the sauce after that its like timing. And its like such good flavor its like salteena mm hmm.
Its good. But its mild so it does have an aftertaste like the chow. But i dont mind the aftertaste of a child cheese as much because such a mile now.
I know that like yeah. Ill coconut oily yeah. Yeah coconut.
But it tastes like coconut oil that doesnt bother. Its just like the chow creamy original. But in mac and cheese so creamy and good is this a microwave product.
Yeah. Its amazing that the pasta is so good from a microwave thing because its its soft. But its not like its mushy and its a lot of good sauce yes.
Oh man. I want to try the cheddar again and compare them before we mismanaging this one yeah. This is like a really im really invested.
I mean since its here. Why not i know because im like is it better as good. Wheres that one just like kraft mac and cheese.
And this one tastes like more right. Theyre different hmm. I feel like that tastes more like velveeta and that one i think so were like the white cheese melted on it or its all sauce and you just pop it in the microwave.
Theres no anything should we rape this eating you know yeah what im gonna giving a. Video im gonna give that a 95. The same as i gave the day a cheddar.

best boxed vegan mac and cheese-3
best boxed vegan mac and cheese-3

I like them both equally. But for different reasons. I like the daya because it reminds me of the mac and cheese.
I used to eat growing up so its very nostalgic and comforting box mac and cheese box mac and cheese yes and then that is a little more decadent almost in a way. Its got a claim your mom would make right from scratch. Yes.
Exactly i give that a 10 thats the only one out of all these that i would everybody notice. I give it a nine for the same reason. I feel like this is like if you have a mac and cheese craving.
But you dont want to make it at home. This is like what you should get for sure i want to give it a 10. But i want to give it a 9.
Because its not as widely available yeah so chil get on that this job. Ask your grocery stores to carry this yeah. Its just so creamy.
It tastes like someone really put some care in just making you that. But its from the microwave. Yeah focus a good quality good.
While were on the chow train. We have the chili mac and cho and i have not tried this so im excited to try this theres maybe like the most different than all the other ones yeah. It actually has beans in there.
There is and little pieces of field roast. There is a bacon mac and cheese of the uptons this is the best taste test. Weve ever had salty get one theyre like wiggling.
What about our cheese and meat. One that one was really good cheers. Shes like hamburger helper.
It tastes like the chow chipotle cayenne cheese and some like vegan meat mm hmm. No i dont know so not as creamy. As this one or did i just got a weird right now i feel like guys less let me just sauce.
Yeah. I think the original one has like a its like a more creamy sauce. But the flavor here is really good.
Its definitely got a kick to it yeah absolutely like that yeah. I mean even a nine and a half again again. Its really good its so different from the last child.
But because its got a little bit of spice to it some texture with the beans and the sausage. Its really good i give it a 9. Its really good but i like the original bitter.
I feel like were server positive. But i totally agree i love the kick that this one has the spice is so good. And its definitely a little bit more interesting and i grew up eating hamburger helper and that is a little bit similar so i love that so what do you get oh.
I give it i give it a eight. I was gonna give it an eight and a half yeah. Eight and a half its not like traditional mac and cheese.
But its really good especially. If you like those tomato cayenne slices that chow makes. Its very similar.
But its a little more hardy. I feel like that one does have more the chat aftertaste than the original though and it could because theres more oil do you like it are you sure you dont want to operating. Its for the baby.
I dont know i dont know how thats how aftertaste is ive never really noticed it oily. When you mentioned. Im like oh okay.
Lets have a taste to it. Yeah. Alright.
What was the favorite okay third place. We have the chowchilla in second place we have the dieter yeah and first place we have the chow creamy mac and cheese the original its almost gone we are the best im probably gonna eat it alright guys. Thank you so much for watching.
Todays episode of the vegan view. If you guys have any other ideas of things you want us to taste test in an episode leave it in the comments down below make sure to check out our facebook. Page.
If you want to come hang out with some cool vegan people and all of our individual channels. Are always linked in the description box down below. And well see you in next weeks episode bye bye.

best boxed vegan mac and cheese-4
best boxed vegan mac and cheese-4

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