Best way to stop the buffering on terrarium tv for a firestick 2018

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s going on people back at it again with another video of how to minimize minimize or stop. The buffering now just to give you a heads up. I am.
A vpn which i highly suggest and a blockade block a blocker blockade is best of both worlds. If you dont have it. The link is down below a video of how to get it.
But if you do have it have it started and lets get going so first thing. Youre gonna do is open your terrarium. Okay.
Then youre gonna go over to your settings. Go make this sweet simple and sweet go down to settings. Now these are what youre gonna have you want to have yes player because yes player it minimizes a more of the ads you get if you dont have it once you start try to play a movie or tv show.
Its gonna tell you to download it you download it you should be alright so youre gonna have on your auto. Mark yes gonna have that on dont keep going down filter out non english tv. Shows you dont have that on gonna scroll down show hd links only have that on turn that on i mean filter out.
Now. This is if you want it or not me personally ill leave cambers and links in there just to see how it looks because sometimes it says cam version but then its pretty good but i aint gonna lie to you man 90 of the time it looks like crap so you could turn that off if you want were out of here this here click into it youre gonna go to play. What that is it just basically automatically plays the movie it doesnt actually if you want to play it it just starts.

how to stop buffering on terrarium tv-0
how to stop buffering on terrarium tv-0

The movie once you click the link keep going down yes. Thats on thats on those are on this here. If its a different number.
Okay you want it to be 13. So you click into it whatever number. Its at okay change it to 13 most likely its at 13.
If you have the new 13 19. 10. Okay so and if you do have a 19 sign.
Its not 13 change. It then you want to keep going down. Lets see here and they will thats for notifications of new episodes come on you can have it or not its all preference.
Ill leave it on let me know on my shows. The shows are coming up same thing with movies you see here keep going down. Ill check in thats all good keep on keep going.
Thats good keep going alright now keep going down so you get to this guy right here youre gonna click that on thats this little message thing. Its annoying click that it hides it and it frees up the space. Our frees up your screen makes it look more clear just keep going down you bond.

how to stop buffering on terrarium tv-1
how to stop buffering on terrarium tv-1

Think thats pretty much it yeah alright there you go now thats all you is to it what you want to check to if you have the news version hit about and you set up their version 1910. So you hit ok like i said do all that you could clear your cache. A if you want back out of the settings.
And lets go into a movie quick lets start lets go to in theaters. Alright here. We go skyscraper all right you hit okay here.
And that one cup come up again. He says it okay now its the nice thing about terraeum. If you hit on the fire stick all you have to do is hit the play button on your remote.
This is gonna come up this is actually telling you like the best links to choose for it keeps. The buffering out and stuff. Google videos pretty good.
Amazon drive is good anything that says fast server is great you know i mean so. Then you say okay you got it give it a couple seconds. Its gonna find your links.
Oh and you see that big blue thing. Thats just just let just hit the back button to get rid of like that all rid of that give it a couple seconds. All right here we go you see how you have pub film fast server click that yeah my screen is all dirty.

how to stop buffering on terrarium tv-2
how to stop buffering on terrarium tv-2

I know okay how seconds is gonna buffered a little a little bit should be good there you go lets fast forward. This a little bit disapprove. They will come from full coverage.
Yep good all right as you see its pretty good and pretty fast. Its backed out out of that lets try two different movie. Actually lets try a tv show real quick just to show everythings on the up and up power for the season load it up oh no there you go.
Its gonna show that that was an episode lets say this one here when you hear just hit probably on your remote give it a couple seconds. Shell put up your links hopefully. Theres some links there you go you have 720 ch.
This ones also good. But lets try this 720 give it a couple seconds. Also it all depends on how fast is the server.
There you go there you go quick and easy okay. There you go as you see it works a lot faster. Its less buffering.
But mainly you see theres not many ads and thats whats the main issue with running terraeum sometimes you get a lot of ads. Just run that blockade and like i said the link is down below how to get it and how to set it up on your fire stick alright. I hope you enjoyed if you did like to like the video and subscribe to my channel.
And ill keep the videos coming thank you have a good day .

how to stop buffering on terrarium tv-3
how to stop buffering on terrarium tv-3

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