Birthday Cake Cookie Dough Bites Review (American)

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re reviewing cookie dough bites music hello everyone welcome to freeze over here uk stop stop throwing things if theres one thing. Ive learned about you without necessarily around. You is that youre terrible catching.
Oh. My names like that thiessen and today. We are feel like i said.
It its not care dare. No main oh yeah then i stay we are reviewing birthday cake cookie dough flavor bites your whatever you open it okay weird spring. I picked these up in an import shop american candy is actually the name of it not just being generalization expensive.
No it doesnt like that is a lie. I actually picked these up in kingdom of sweets. Oh wow.
In hamden candle. Which is easily london. The best easier than.
But the best import on a little bit like price wise not right simple. Mr. Sims or the fathers mr.
Sims or thank mika l. But in terms of variety these with sprinkles sprinkles are in there i saw them buried in there before we had a long discussion support band. Yeah.
I thought i can mark pretty son come on out. So. If you had any of these.

birthday cake cookie dough bites-0
birthday cake cookie dough bites-0

The advice. Yeah and yes. I had i think had the plain ones not much the finest monster.
But dont spend money on stuff. Im not found there are little bit harder and a little bit less chewy enough ones. Ive had for some reason looks like play doh yeah looks like im just gonna round up it up my daughters play doh.
She was rolling around with us all yeah arguably tastes the nail bella how much very artificial. I mean lets be real im coming off the back of eating arguably. I wanna.
Thank you arguably beats best birthday cake product. Ive ever had welcome you spoiler yeah. The video will ago donna why not we ready birthday cake protein buff.
Absolutely sensational so now the the bar has been raised so to speak there okay little disappointing flavors not super strong its like a mile cake. Yeah. I mean.
It is obviously birthday cake flavorings. Not really a thing in the uk. No.
Until now. Yeah. Oh.
Me was that good. I do uk. Thing.

birthday cake cookie dough bites-1
birthday cake cookie dough bites-1

Then. Yeah. Oh wow.
Yeah. I quite like the flavour. Without necessarily like adoring.
It it depends on the product sometimes over an ass this is this is a little too sweet combined with the cookie dough yeah this is like the second or third cookie dough by its part about how i dont think ill buy anymore if im honest because i just just a bit. I really like cookie dough and theyre just a bit me they didnt they just dont live up to my standards. This is acting the first one ive had those uncoated red velvet had okay and chocolate.
One was a crane included is that all kunti no. I dont think so whos this. No no honest yeah low three from me for another load.
No height mid high somewhere in the twos especially. I mean we dont always do it. But i do have to factor in the amount paid front.
If youre in america. Its different. Yeah.
I did actually came to end up paying about a thousand pounds for those its worth about pound. Yeah. And what i think 399 is a usual impossible price of those one about right about that yeah yes too much yes.
It isnt that its okay so its not most offensive thing with other truck. No i wouldnt say so. But its just its really weird its almost too sweet books or too bland.

birthday cake cookie dough bites-2
birthday cake cookie dough bites-2

I cant really i dont know its like a fart in the wind a waste. I was gonna i was gonna drop something there. But it really could be a spoiler for something that you havent probably havent seen wow the vend.
Me trader. Which he probably emerged actually okay. The latest.
One maybe. Where he talks. Has been oh.
Yeah. Oh. Yeah.
The stupid. Thank. You very.
Much for watching. Everyone check us out on twitter. Hot food review.
K. And what about instagram that graham. Where.
We do some things. And michael. Jamison or david goss.
Is probably. David goss has recently got behind the scenes as posting now from this or good see all his lovely food wow wow. Applause music .

birthday cake cookie dough bites-3
birthday cake cookie dough bites-3

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