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Jonathan ready for black friday 2018 no but you got to do it come on on get it and lets go music. So its just me and jonathan no coby this year. He has to work again on thanksgiving.
Hes like magining having to work on thanksgiving. Am. I right now lets go to best buy all right croce best buy lets see how big the line is this year was huge last year turn right oh shit.
I could see it from here man. Yeah. I know its all the way to marshalls well there you have it folks.
2018 black friday at best buy get ready to run isnt this what thanksgiving is about being thankful for the fact that you can go get your flat screen tv. Yeah btw thanksgiving not actually you see theres a reason why theres something now called cyber monday. People should.
I park it like indoor parking go for it dont care. I dont think youre gonna right you take a check out this pink okay. But heres a good parking spot carefully this is why you buy small cars.
And i think i kind of now understand why you later boy see you dude. Im running this blog. Now folks not fair that van parked way too close on my side of the car seven minutes till.
Opening and the youtuber is here now recording everything so everyone wants to die. Now yeah. My family usually doesnt celebrate thanksgiving.
So im not losing anything by being here and jonathan i think er celebrate thanksgiving yeah i had turkey and beers no good stuff just dont go to it just drink. Responsibly phil. Hes tell anyone okay.
Oh yeah. Its like raining a bit right now. I dont know if you can see very happy isnt this what thanksgiving is about waiting in the rain for some electronics.
So thankful no i think yes yeah. Its bouncing off of people its hail. We should just let him bat.
What are you gonna get jonathan well. This is on the maybe list a possible blu ray player and maybe soundbar to go with it harder. Im looking to get a variety of things im not getting anything too big this year.
Just a bunch of small to medium ish stuff. So yeah. Its not like last year.
When i got like a tv nothing that like big one minute till opening but were probably not gonna get in you can tell 10 minutes after opening and the line is moving now at least its not as long as last year because last year. We were way further back police are here making sure theres no fights. But i hope theres a fight for some good content.
But it never happened every time. Ive loved black friday. So i doubt a fight what happened in this small town so close to shelter.
Okay. We got to the fences and its six minutes past opening smiles all around look at all the smiles. How long do you think they waited here.
Technically thanksgiving is all about consumerism too because you have to buy all the food ya line moved way faster than last year got lucky alright me and jonathan are gonna split up down and find some deals bye okay so i needed a cart but theyre out so guess im just gonna have to fill a basket and hopefully doesnt get too heavy all right first up every year always need another sd card 128 and twenty dollars. I wanted the micro sd card version of this but it looks like all they have is the full size ones. So im just gonna have to deal with that oh wait found the micro sd card version.
It was in the tripod aisle and its faster than the full sized version take this and put this back also im in the tripod aisle. So i can pick up another one of these cuz mine is already showing signs of breakings and it doesnt hurt to have a backup 50 not bad i dont remember how much i paid for mine thank you pilgrims for everything grinch dna kits a dongle for my macbook 70 because i dont know of that cheap one i got from ebay what break and without an sd card reader. Im kind of screwed as a youtuber also this one has an hdmi port.
Which my current one doesnt have so if i need hdmi then thats good a nest cam outdoor for a hundred and fifty. Its because our ring camera sucks because it like misses almost everything because it only records and clips. And this camera records.
24. 7. Even when nothings happening still people waiting outside a second generation.
Amazon echo. Dot. 420 just because its cheap and i might want to destroy it for a skit or something so might as well get one now and plan a video for it later okay.
I purchased most of the boring stuff. I wanted now lets get on to the more interesting stuff. The video games section.
Nice jenga tower excuse me could i get this 2d s. Please thank you very much now. Im not gonna play it im just gonna keep it in the box.
And hopefully.

sally beauty black friday 2018-0
sally beauty black friday 2018-0

It rises up in value in the future because nintendo usually only sells special edition 3d ssr to dss during black friday. So this might be rare in the future. So hopefully.
They wont sell this anymore. After black friday. Now this not regret buying this before black friday.
Because i paid full price for it. And its already discounted 40 dang it so quickly after released. I can tell you how successful it was probably alright to the mobile department a prepaid iphone se 80 not bad for an iphone got a win in line to get this.
And then do i just check out in front. Or here. Okay.
Okay. I guess have to wait in a separate line just to get a prepaid iphone. I cant check out the front.
But she says shell check out everything else when i get to the mobile center front of the line. So i just got to get one more thing first yes would be over in small appliances. Okay thank you okay actually the thing i wanted is not in stock here so im just gonna have to go to another store and hopefully find that there but for now.
Lets just check out at the mobile department. Oh doug oh and the mobile line got even bigger now hey jonathan what did you get i got movie black panther and i figure if im gonna be with the xbox for a while i should get another controller. Its good nice since theyre on sale is that all yeah for here nah.
I was told to hold on yo dee. They dont care if i check out here. I think they will yeah you have to go check out with the normies have fun yeah.
Ive been wrapped up in barbed wire. What do you call it tripod cant get the stupid word. Ill see ya yeah yes.
Please yeah. Where its gonna be that i might go to the bottom. Just wow.
Alright thank you ah yes. A clear bag so thieves can see what items you have and can rob you in the parking lot fresh air and now we must wait for jonathan hopefully. We dont get robbed.
Please. Help. Me.
Oh free camping chair in the box. And jonathans done. I am not spending a lot money for quite some time.
Yeah. I bought the iphone to keep in the box wait a few years maybe youll become valuable get it cheap now thumbnail shot yep okay weird flex okay yeah i forgot i had a tv. I broke that have to recycle and i dont think theyll accept recycling now because theyre busy talking about your big one thats a piece who cares about ya.
Ill stored that for a video now were at our second location walmart kind of wish were here to wait in line when it opens. They might have been some fights here cuz if ill trash. It is i dont know maybe theyll still be some fights here.
Yeah. I am such a good person wishing for fights to happen yeah so check over here. Because its gonna be a while before we get a spot over there cuz you see this is why this is another reason.
Why i dont like to drive to walmart on black fridays cuz look at all this phil mode not only is it one of my parking the car returned. Oh you crush it this car would not fit in there had a smart car. I think he had a smart car maybe you could fit still trying to find a parking spot look at all these cars that just goddamn.
I dont know man maybe. Yes. What it looks like to me.
Yeah. Well okay. Yeah.
Were going to the back of the parking. Lots. Theres still no parking look and theres already a freaking tow truck here oh the tow trucks moving we could get you those faces is it trying to get out come on let us part.
There youre taking up like three spaces. Okay finally. 10 15 minutes finally dude.
Thats why you put it in drive good driving by the asian all right lets do this olympics actually. These barricades are less crazier than last year. It was like weaving last year.
Yeah so i guess this black friday is not as big as last black friday windshield wiper in the bakery.

sally beauty black friday 2018-1
sally beauty black friday 2018-1

Yeah. Its kind of empty this year. Lets go and the entertainment is in the meat section.
Again okay to the mobile section. Well yeah. Its much more crazy in this part ah.
The smile on the employees face having to work thanksgiving warms my heart thats what i want a prepaid iphone 6 it says 150 here but its actually 99 i dont know why. But i kind of want that dinosaur oh look they just abandoned. It.
Thats no problem. Thank you maybe success goddamn. How many books are they gonna make team 20.
Thats pretty cheap my new best friend to be honest. I do cry. But i must resist i have enough shit at home ok got what i want from walmart and iphone harry and were just gonna go check out the entertainment section in the meet flexion before we go yeah all right so to be able to look at the entertainment section.
We have to wait in a line first. Im keeping this part in where you have to put everything back after youve done the stupid skit yeah yep another iphone for the keep in box collection. Yeah.
I think i have a new obsession of buying stuff and keeping them in the box okay were in lets see what entertainment. We have trash trash trash fresh fresh fresh treasure. I wanted this game earlier.
But i dont think i want it anymore. Yeah. Im not a big fan of games.
That really fuck with your emotions hustle. Thats already on sale key god. This is for my this is this is not mine what game do you want i like this game.
I like this game. I like this game. I need this one again for my system.
So why not this is the best one out of them and this one i have on xbox360 so im good ooh never mind. Jonathans ballin. Hes getting a 25 game.
Instead all right lets go check out line. All of this for jonathans two items was it worth it i dont know lets see how long we have to wait. Im already checked out so they have workers that self check out so is it really self check out anymore alright successful walmart trip safekeeping one last stop target.
Wow. It looks so pretty with their great design. So i guess we gotta get a different experience than last year.
Also they remodeled like half the damn stores yeah so now lets see you will be easier to find parking here. Yeah. Its gonna be hard to find parking here youre in an open parking space yes well that was easy they target.
What better than walmart huh looks nicer everything looks more white. Dont turn this into a race thing well. I guess im finishing this vlog on my phone.
Oh wait we just passed by something i want the thing. That was sold out at best buy was the this usually. Its 450 dollars.
Now its 279 good deal. I wanted a black one but theyre all sold out. But whatever yes.
This is the same heater i destroyed in that video and this is killing my hands. The reason. Im getting another one of these is that because my room gets cold also along with my office and the rest of the house is warm for some reason.
Except my two rooms so i need another one for my bedroom. Dont turn this into a race thing. Maybe.
I should have gotten a cart at least the checkout line is not as long as last year. This is actually the biggest thing im getting tonight. So i guess this is the highlight of the year looks like jonathan is getting something too because im have an empty stomach.
Thank you what the hell. This is a real thing all right we out of here there we go and this concludes black friday 2018. I think we can say it was a success because we both got everything we wanted right jonathan nice an upgrade.
So since i just been buying dvds nice so. Thank you guys for watching comment. Like and subscribe.
And ill see you next time hey i just hit 2018 miles happy new year .

sally beauty black friday 2018-2
sally beauty black friday 2018-2

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