Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar \u0026 Honey Blend

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And welcome to jjs review. So i just made a review unfortunately i accidentally accidentally deleted it so im just gonna go ahead and redo this as best. I can so i was gifted some braddock organic apple cider vinegar and honey blend.
So yeah. It looks pretty healthy doesnt it so as i was saying in my channel dayna trying actively trying to look for healthier things to eat and drink and to review as well. So this is definitely definitely falls into the healthy category.
Although not in the inexpensive category. So a special thank you to the people who gifted it to me it was people in my family so im not being paid to review this or anything. But i do appreciate that so anyway.
This is some that i made according to directions. It said to do two tablespoons of the apple cider vinegar and honey blend with about 8 ounces of water.

braggs apple cider vinegar with honey-0
braggs apple cider vinegar with honey-0

Which i i put about that much water and i did that much vinegar. So i already drank a little bit of this like i said. I was making a review and actually deleted it so you can see little cultures in there like little strands of vinegar and you know i dont know its like when you have kombucha the little strain spandy things anyway.
Theres not a whole lot i can say its decent. I mean. It has a bit of a honey sweetness to it especially the aftertaste.
But its still vinegar. I mean i you know its kind of hoping for something like really sweet and just kind of like lemonade. Thats not the case and you know obviously.
Its not gonna be the case because this is vinegar do i like it i you know obviously im drinking this more for a health benefit for i suppose it health bennett benefit. Then for you know just the taste so thats what they do to consider it tastes alright.

braggs apple cider vinegar with honey-1
braggs apple cider vinegar with honey-1

I dont like the burner vinegar. Im just gonna be open about that i do not like the burn of vinegar and this does have that burn. But not too bad.
Its its pretty dilute in the honey does help so as things go. This is pretty decent. I mean as far as vinegar goes or something you know i guess.
I was kind of had very high expectations that this would taste really good masked by the honey and it still burns a bit. I probably give it a 7 out of 10. That said.
I still feel funny giving us a rating. Because im not taking this just for the flavor.

braggs apple cider vinegar with honey-2
braggs apple cider vinegar with honey-2

Im taking this because its supposed to be healthy. So i feel the only way i could actually accurately give it a rating is if i were to see how it made me feel over time or how it affected you know levels of you know like blood glucose. Things like that so i mean i would take that rating with a grain of salt.
But really you know real reason. People take this stuff isnt so much for flavor. Its for the health benefits.
But anyway if you watch my channel update. You saw that im trying to introduce more healthy items into our reviews. And just into our diet in general also inexpensive ones as well looking for more cheap items when we do go out to do fast food reviews.
Im trying to look for some good things in the value menus and the dollar. I mean used to save a buck akkadian here and there so anyway if you have any ideas either way please let us know and im opening the floor to comments about health food items in general starting off with vinegar or any other health food items youd like to discuss or recommend please leave a comment for us we enjoy your comments thanks for watching. Please like comment and subscribe.
And i do hope to see you in soon for another episode of changes reviews take care. .

braggs apple cider vinegar with honey-3
braggs apple cider vinegar with honey-3

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