Brick/Cement Wall Repair (\u0026 brass cover inspection port install) – DIY

how to repair a big hole in a cinder block wall This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Brick/Cement Wall Repair (& brass cover inspection port install) – DIY. Following along are instructions in the video below:
Im doing a video on how to repair a steam app and the prop prop thats what ive done what im doing right now is they a hole in this pipe shaft. And you can see its a pretty tall pipe shaft. It goes down to the ground and i suspect that some mice have been coming in so.
What i did is i fill this up with really dry fine sand. So that they would have trouble digging up through there. But anyway.
Thats not really what what today is about what im going to do is im going to cement this thing. Its inspection pour it into this hole. And its really easy to get this wrong.
And have this annette crack and pop out of there and whatever so im going to show you how to do that so anyway. Lets get on with it after cutting the hole. The first thing.
It is clean it all out and uses brush to clean all the dust away you want to clean a nice clean surface and then ive been spraying it with water like this make sure the old teammate is damp. If its absorbing water quickly. It will absorb water out of the new cement and the new cement will pull away and never stick to it well so i start doing this like an hour in advance and just keep spraying and spraying until the water is till.
The service is damp. If the cement is really old and dry and dusty. Ill pack wet rags around it all night to make sure that it is damp okay.

how to repair a big hole in a cinder block wall-0
how to repair a big hole in a cinder block wall-0

So thats the next step and lets get onto the next. Ill mix up some cement and well start doing this im mixing up the samanthas just some of that bags will get a little pet repair bags of cement one of the secrets says when youre mixing a very small amount of cement is use a glass of water a very small class of water do not add the water from the from the faucet. Youll find that you often times over over water to cement.
So its very hard to judge from the faucet to do that you cant dont have enough hands to do this but mix that up and then ill show you what it looks like when its about done when its ready to go. And its better to mix a little bit dry and then what you can do is use your spray bottle to yeah. Just a little bit more moisture.
If thats whats needed okay let me finish this ill turn it off and well come back in a second. This is the e mass getting there placing a little bit right now. They say mixing tell us about the consistency of peanut butter.
Okay. Since i live in a brick and cement house. I always keep a whole plastic paint bucket with about a gallon of this this c mantle repair mortar around and thats what im using today so again let me get back to the other place.
And well get start putting that breast and brass inspection pour in okay well spray. It a bit more notice. Im wearing surgical gloves that so i can handle the scene that directly because im going to need to rub it on the old on the old to mess and brick and the first thing.
One does is prime the surface. If you will its going to be too wet yes. Its true.

how to repair a big hole in a cinder block wall-1
how to repair a big hole in a cinder block wall-1

But dont film your arm. What you do this you as you make sure. Its wedded up on the surface like this get it in there.
And what you dont want is if you rub it on here and the cement pulls away and youll see what i mean when you do this. But you wanted to rub it in every little crack and surface and if it doesnt want to stick hit it again yes again it will make the cement on the surface too wet. But thats okay it will see how it pulled away right here.
You dont want that you want it so that would get sticky against there like like clay sticking to a surface. You dont want it so it pulls away okay so again. I dont have enough hands.
What im going to do is on the ground and prime the surface surface like ive just shown you and then i will come back to do set in the brass plate at this point. What ive done like that is a dabbed in the corners. That has an excess cement so i start filling in this hole.
Ive checked it for flush with my flat tool. So its flush with a wall and then what im going to do is wait a few hours until its hard enough to deal with and can take a little bit of stress and ill fill in this and make the cement flush and well come back and do that now this is the second coat of cement and that cleaned up a bit with a rag. Ill let this set up for an hour too until it its still soft.
But you know maybe about a soft is chalk and then all ill do is ill go over it with some very rough sandpaper smooth it out a bit and then of course finally paint it and then attach the cover on it so that project. I can show you when i finish a couple days ago. And you can see how it turns out i finished up a couple days ago again the pipe shaft.
Its a screw on cover and reasonably flush looks good just part of the pipe shaft and easy to remove in case you want to inspect for termites or rats or bugs when a whatever spray for those and thats pretty much it in project. Hope you enjoyed it .

how to repair a big hole in a cinder block wall-2
how to repair a big hole in a cinder block wall-2

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