Can a Hair brush really straighten your hair?! | DAFNI BRUSH REVIEW

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Guys happy friday yes. I am in my dressing gown and its not because because im being really lazy. Its actually because its now night time you may be.
Thinking but this videos up at 1 pm. What is she talking about well todays video is going to be about hair streaming you may be like hair straightening. Like we all know how to straighten my hair.
Thanks lace. Well do you know about this i feel sense the daphne hair. Straightening brush and i am so excited because i have wanted this for ages.
Its basically just like a hair brush. Which is supposed to straighten your hair perfectly. So the reason.
Im here in my dressing gown right now is because im gonna box the braids my hair is going to plat my hair so in the morning when i wake up and film the actual video my hair is going to be really wavy and my hair is so thick so this brush gets through my hair when its wavy and this thick. Then its a winner. So just wait and find out okay.
All done night. See you in the morning morning. Okay got my coffee.
All this is my second one. I dont be that drunk a whole one of these already i mean i still sit down me yep thats right see i bought me a coffee early this morning cuz. Ive had so much to do and i drop the whole thing down me so that was fun.
But anyway. The daphne straightening brush. Lets see how this goes.
So firstly. This is it okay.

dafni ceramic straightening brush review-0
dafni ceramic straightening brush review-0

So this is all it looks like here. Im taking out the box. See ill do that now.
But firstly. Im going to take my plaques out so that my hair is a bit wavy right. Daphne.
Lets see how you cope with this mane. Oh. Quite like my hair like this theres a bit of a shame to straighten it oh well also my nans name was daphne.
But not spelt like this its the aph. Any you suspect for you there right lets have a look firstly instructions use thats the only on dry brush pair dry brush step. Okay fine make sure your hair gets into the inner area of the brush brush in a slow pulling motion.
Okay. Thats how we have to do it. And it says definitely isnt an innovative hair straightening brush incorporating the most advanced hair care technologies ensuring safer easier and quicker results time after time it thats what im looking for utilizing top quality ceramic coating and springy bristles protect your scalp.
Great i have psoriasis so its good that it protects your skull deb needs our safely this easiest way to look great in minutes maybe im going to time it as well because like minutes is that 59 minutes is it five minutes. Who knows i definitely havent got 59 minutes. Ive got to get a flight to italy in like an hour and a half anyway.
Choose carefully and make your day. Look. Better.
Okay. Daphne. Lets have a look at ya.
So here you go. And you open the brush.

dafni ceramic straightening brush review-1
dafni ceramic straightening brush review-1

This is what its like oh it feels like hard doesnt feel like a brush. It feels like a hard really hard brush okay so theres no kind of like heat stabbed or anything like that so just be careful when youre putting it on the table plug this in plug it in it will give a momentary chew. A short red flash to indicate.
Its ready apparently alright lets plug it in here. We go tear that made a little beep. Its got a ring on it you know like a ring like a straightener so plug it in oh.
I think i have to turn it on that might help okay so red flashing lights. Im assuming the light stops before you for when its ready it will find out im going to time how long this takes me this taken about 10 seconds. So far which seems quite a long time too okay.
Its not talked about you know oh i can feel oh okay. Its gone green. Thats hot like straighteners.
I dont know why i thought it wouldnt be but in okay. Lets do this ah lets set a timer right so just gonna slowly brush it through my hair oh oh my god guys youre just in that thats literally four strokes. Okay hold on thats the bit.
Ive just done. And this is what it was like before wow. That took me like four seconds.
Oh piss upon wow. Oh. My god.
This is amazing. Okay. Lets keep going.
Okay. Im just gonna brush.

dafni ceramic straightening brush review-2
dafni ceramic straightening brush review-2

It like id normally brush my hair and not kind of do it too so all kind of pale attachment. Just so you know as well i just caught on top my ear. But it didnt burn me know how traitors when you capture on top of your ears.
Nor like so i think the heat is just at the base of the brush. This is gonna revolutionize my and life omg okay. Im literally just brushing this rip you can see i mean im just like pushing it through my hands touching the top thats fine actually before i must have touched the base when it was really hot.
I literally cant believe this you know when you see the adverts and you see people doing. And youre like oh yeah. This must that looks great.
But really really okay so im so impressed im going to do the other side now really quick and whilst. Im doing that you subscribe to my channel. Oh i went a bit too dramatic and did niger.
I just ripped it off ridiculous. Yes scribe. Its always lots of crazy things going on on the air.
Anyway for now. Im going to keep straightening my hair. I am the most impatient straightening person like i straighten my hair in like four clumps and my hair is thick and long so this really is amazing for me.
Because i can just keep brushing it through my hair. It doesnt take as long strainer right. Thats also my hair is not hot like its not boiling you loose.
Sometimes with straighteners. It can get really really hot well. Its not with this not even doing it properly.
Im sure i mean i think it suppose were just doing its little segments and im just kind of brushing the whole hair. I cant believe im like blown away by this i really am okay.

dafni ceramic straightening brush review-3
dafni ceramic straightening brush review-3

So i swear to you that has taken me four minutes. And thats with me kind of talking as well so look you saw how curly. It was before and now look how straight.
It is in like four minutes and like i say my hairs not hot it doesnt feel boiling. I havent burnt myself by like touching you know how you automatic the hairbrush kind of use your hands as well i love beauty innovation technologies come on so much. But sometimes is fads out.
There that you see something and you are like yeah whatever. This is what i thought this was going to be youve seen it for yourselves as well its bloody brilliant its absolutely great price wise. Its about the same price as ghds think about 140 pounds now.
Which is quite a lot of money. But if you love straightening your hair. And if youre always in a rush like me.
Then you know you cant put a price on time really can you wow and my hair looks shiny my hair never looks shiny okay im gonna go i love it im going to give it im going to give it im gonna bloody give it a 9 out of 10 yep. Im gonna give it a 9 out of 10 you know its not too hot its great its straightened my hair in a couple of minutes my hair is shiny it feels healthy it doesnt feel dry the only reason. Im not giving it 10 out of 10 is because of the price.
Which is quite expensive. Ive just seen actually ive just googled. It and theres quite a lot of like fakes well might not be fakes.
But on ebay and stuff any beauty products whatever brand personally i would never ever buy them off ebay always buy them off a proper website. Because um. If you get a fake one of these i think its electrical.
Its just not worth it is it. But yeah. So that is my review on the daphne straightening brush.
So even though i love my wavy hair at the beginning. Now love my straight hair. Even more there you go let me know what you think comment below and again dont forget to subscribe and ill see you on tuesday bye guys.

dafni ceramic straightening brush review-4
dafni ceramic straightening brush review-4

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