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Bobcats. And all the other ocps teachers out there brad schreffler. Here again today.
I i want to talk a little bit about canvas analytics. And the reason. I want do this is because theres a lot of questions about attendance still and what that would look like.
But what we want to be able to do is see if our students have participated in our course. So if were using canvas and were putting information. There we want to know that theyve checked our course each day to see what they need to be working on and thats really easy to do so were gonna start by going into our course.
Whichever course. Were looking at and on the right side. You should see a button that says new analytics.
So were going to click on that for this purpose. What we really want to focus on is students so were gonna click on the students tab and let that load by default itll sort our students by last name. But if i want to know the last time they were on i can go to this button.
Where it says last page view and click that so now i can quickly. See. The students who have not been on recently.
I have a few of my students who have not been on since march 31st. So i know i need to check in with those students and see where theyre at and see why they havent been on and if theyre completing any work. I can also see their last participation.
So that would be the last time they submitted something did a discussion board did something besides just viewed a page. So i can also sort it by that information as well. But this here is gonna be the ones.
I really want to focus on because this will tell me if theyve been in my course or not so an email to all those students who have not been in will pretty quickly help me make sure i know who has and hasnt been available. And what theyre doing one thing to note about this report is that this shows if theyve been in your course. So if you send a message on inbox if you email them on canvas.
And they view that message that doesnt count as being in your course in order to be on a page view they had to have clicked your tile from their canvas page in order to be considered a page view if you would rather have an excel version of this. You can download this as a csv so i can take this report and i can download as a csv. Its done i can open it up and i can pull up the list of that same report for all my students.
So now if you know how to do vlookups and sorts and searches.

how to see who is in your class on canvas-0
how to see who is in your class on canvas-0

Then you can do all those kinds of things with excel and again be able to say the last time they did a page view and now. I can flag the students that i need to talk to or email or message another way to access information about your class would be in going into the people tab. So if we go into people this will give us a list of all students and observers that are in our class.
So to make things easier. Were gonna start to dojust students. Only this list.
We cant actually sort we can scroll through and look at the results. But we cant click on last activity in order to save that information. So this one would be helpful if were looking for a specific student.
But it doesnt give me a great way to see organized way to see whats going on i hope that information has helped you out a little bit in order to be able to figure out how to see. Which students have and have not accessed your course recently and if you have any additional questions as always you can reach out to me bradley schreffler at ocps net. Id be glad to help out with any additional questions you might have and make sure you subscribe to the youtube channel to see all of my additional videos as i release them i hope everyone has a great day ure on im sorry in your journal.
So you dont have to write any additional information in your journal. Because when you witness. A document youre still within your right as a private individual to sign that you witness.
The document and when youre notarizing. It youre also acting as a notary public. So youre able to do both of those so to answer.
It just to be very clear can you witness. The signature on a document that you are also notarizing the state of california yes and even if they dont need something notarized. You can always serve as a witness as well so yes.
A notary public may be a witness on on a on a document that they are notarizing or not notarizing. Either way they can be a witness and i just want to throw this out there wills wills thats the document that in the state of california. We do not notarize just a little tip.
But they do require two witnesses and like i just stated right now. Yes you may be one of the two witnesses on that will but wills strangely enough in the state of california. They dont get it notarized thats weird right all right guys that does it for this video.
If you have any questions go ahead and leave a comment below. I will answer them as you can see i try to answer as many questions as i possibly can in the comment section. You guys have a great day bye.

how to see who is in your class on canvas-1
how to see who is in your class on canvas-1

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