Cell Phone Credit Card Holder Stick On Wallet for Mobile Phones Compatible with iPhone, Ga MVSN

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ve all been there before youre at a concert. Youre taking the dog dog for a walk or whatever else and you got no place to put your either your pockets are too full or theyre too small or they just dont exist. Well our next guest has made it their mission to help you hold on your phone.
No matter. What is in the way yes so you dont drop it like i have three times here from gear beasts. Our co founders june park.
And jonathan maginot. Oh gosh. It takes a boston guy to pronounce youre all right hey.
Lets talk about the company was founded seven years ago. Absolutely it was found seven years ago with three partners myself. Jonathan and we have another partner whos that hot on the road for us as well large a we actually it was at the beginning when we saw smartphones being more becoming more central pieces of our lives.
So yeah we wanted to come up with accessories that allow you to use your cell. Phone and hold your cell phones. While youre doing activities right make it easier.
We kind of want is we want to say that were developing the smart way for you to accessorize your phone and thats kind of how we started and we have a lot of universal solutions around that no time actually youre showing up one of them right now these smart phone lanyards are pretty smart. Lets talk about this we are so we initially set out to solve a problem for me personally. Im a big.
Im a big skier and i always wanted a place to put my phone where i could access it easily quickly. But not drop it off the chairlift and this was what we came up with little did we know that this would solve so many problems problems that people didnt even understand that they had and its june mentioned youre using your phone in scenarios that you never contemplated before maybe at the grocery store your shopping lists on it you need to pay for things so this allows you to keep your phone on your body. Obviously hands free its safe and secure.
I can grab it whenever i need and our customers have told us we have a great little solution here you or you could take our picture. But what you end up with is this concept that i have full accessibility hands free and people are using it whether its walking their dog skiing. As i mentioned concerts sporting events.
As you mentioned you name it. Anywhere you want to have hands free access to your phone. And its very smart on the back as well you have this little card holder.
So you want to slide your credit card and here you want to leave the rest of your purse or something away. While youre on the slopes or whatever. It might be hes right here yes.
Very much you know what i appreciate that i appreciate about it as well as its not very bulky. So you could slip that in your purse really easily. I mean it leaves the phone pretty pretty slender.
Yes doesnt have much bulk at all to the depth of the phone and you have full access to the phone. While its still attached awesome can we go on to the next thing that youre offering today. Which is super cool and that is a way for people to carry their there are their cards on their phone.
Weve seen a few of these on the market. But this one is super cool so again kind of since your life is centralized around this yeah. And youre you know for the reason.
I developed is because i kept leaving my wallet home. And then bring my cell phone yes we brought it together and then added. A stick on wallet.
So then it also allowed me to kind of minimize myself and carry my essentials credit card usually i have my id in here. But theres my metro pass a little bit of cash. But thats all we really need these days because this this wallet not only allows you to just carry your essentials but still gives you access to your digital pay wallet apps.
Um and gives you full access to your screen we all do the tablets the phone wallet keys yeah so like make sure that you got all three thats one less tap you have to worry about salute. And for ladies. We have one more stop and thats our lipgloss.

credit card sleeve for phone-0
credit card sleeve for phone-0

Oh yeah. I love i love to see and speaking of ladies look at the cute designs. We have some of the female producers.
There my ear going oh cute. I mean super cute on your phone. Doesnt hurt.
Because frankly. There are accessories. These days.
And it appeals to virtually everybody you know young going out who were going out for the night they want their id maybe a credit card or cash works perfectly no no and to someone like myself to your point. I stick my you know my drivers license and a card in it and off. I go perfect yeah how about this uh this right here.
This is pretty uh. Theres a lot going on with this its not just a kickstand. But its a long.
This is this is our latest introduction that were announcing here at ces. This is our rip kick smartphone grip with kickstand. Theres a mouthful for yeah.
Theres the grip kick and what this does it sticks on to the back ear phone. Okay. Its got an ergonomically shaped surfboard design okay so you can slide your fingers right underneath.
There awesome hold your phone talk on your phone. Whats nice about it is you can flip it around and unlike other solutions you dont have to hold it so i can grab things i can pull my luggage through the airport. Yeah.
I can push the stroller and its all right here. You can flip it back right then the genius of it is you pop it open and now you have a stand. So if i want to use it for a conference call you know set the mic towards me.
If i want to stream video and watch the morning blend there anything at the airport. You want to play some sesame streets so they calm down boom. You can do that there we go the used continue using that stroller.
You know airport thing. Im in that life right now again. I have to point out this is so low profile.
So it wont get caught when you try to stick it in your purse and thats a big thing i love these these are super cute 15 seconds left whats next for kirbys well you know were gonna keep introducing things weve got a couple more solutions that will introduce the spring around the family of lanyards aside. One where youll wear it over your shoulder so a restauranteur happening crossbody yeah and then weve got a few more tricks up our sleeve that you know youll see. But you can you can see all the new releases on following us on social media or at gear beast comm.
Very much my fellow bostonians dont let devices complicate your life let gear beast help you take your tech. With you stress free. Learn more at your beasts.
Dot com. Can also find the products at various online and brick and mortar. What retailers as well video shopping network and amazon affiliate to see this product on amazon click.
The link in the video. Description. Description.
Below. Youll be able to see current pricing product reviews. And any special deals desktop users should see the amazon quick link below the video mobile users will need to click the little down arrow below the video first .

credit card sleeve for phone-1
credit card sleeve for phone-1

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