Checking TPS voltage the RIGHT way

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Guys hows it going well you might wonder did i ever make mistakes. When when im working on the car well the answer is yes. I think most have mm hmm yesterday.
I was filming a segment for this repair on this car with the tps sensor well position. Sensor is what this actual name is and install the sensor and adjusted it and i kept cart running okay. But i kept getting a code for a low voltage on that the tps even though its brand new so i scratched my head and scratched my head and thought about this overnight and came back out this morning and looked at this even started the car up.
And i noticed that the light would go off once. Ive raised the rpms of the engine up to about 2000 or so and then let off the gases that come back on again. So if you look at that first clip.
Youll notice when i was sonia on the meter is that i made a mistake. How i read my meter. The first mistake that ive made i had the voltage set at 2 volts.
Its not supposed to be in thought you needed measure up. But where its will read up to 20 volts where it is now and then i was reading the reading.

how to fix throttle position sensor low voltage-0
how to fix throttle position sensor low voltage-0

I had on there youll see it was point zero nine or whatever it may have been you know something else. But it was not what happened was a reason why i realized this is i measure. My battery voltage.
And i realize that for one thing. Im not a math major and i had actually what i was perceiving as point. 8.
5. Volts was actually point oh eight. So this thing was i had it set on less than a tenth of a volt at idle.
Thats why its loading the code. So now well do this again. Ive got set on 20 volts 2 meters.
Selling 20 ohms. Ive readjusted the tps and then probe the wire when you ground the other side of it now you see thats on point eight six phone.

how to fix throttle position sensor low voltage-1
how to fix throttle position sensor low voltage-1

Thats correct. Thats correct reading on the 20 volt. Scale has to be a little bit less than the volt.
So sorry about that. But you know that was my mistake. Im not a math major and ive done that more than once so that should that should straighten everything out.
I also know else i just got done putting the motor mount thats that worked out great note something else here that ill have to look at is theres you cant really see it on the camera. But theres just a little bit of fuel sleeping around this gasket on the throttle body not this gasket that ones going out. But this one here so looks like its nothing major but im just gonna try tightening those screws up a little bit yeah.
Thats it easy to make mistake. There. So be sure when youre using the leader.
That you have full understanding of how to read the scale on it otherwise youll run into a problem like that that you cant hardly figure out. And itll drive you crazy please for a night so thanks for watching guys im doing .

how to fix throttle position sensor low voltage-2
how to fix throttle position sensor low voltage-2

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