Cheddar Bacon Mac \u0026 Cheese Lay’s

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Bacon mac and cheese chips. Im not crying im not crying i just just want to lick that ice cream youtube. Welcome back to the channel my name jason with me once again is keyshawn yes.
Sir today. We have a limited or to say on a limited time only exclusive that you can only get at sams club. It is the cheddar bacon mac.
And cheese lays chips. So sams club is a what would you call it hey i would say its a its a store all numbers. Its like a wholesale club like a costco you have to be a member to go there they sell everything in large quantities.
But you can just get single bags of chips and stuff. And we will be putting up a video here right in another day or so. This one that you could also only get at sams club.
The candy pop popcorn twix. So watch for that video so this is lays chips cheddar bacon so its cheesy savory crispy love it it says like cheese i like macaroni and cheese im not too big a fan of a bacon but who does not like bacon. He doesnt have bacon this pork.
Im not too big i dont know if im gonna like it on not my hips.

cheddar bacon mac and cheese lays-0
cheddar bacon mac and cheese lays-0

They did just do a version. What was it was the tomato. Tomato soup.
Grilled cheese lays that i did. A video of i have throw things out of that up there didnt care for those ones. So im assuming these im just guessing.
These arent gonna be good lays were making a lot of chips like the video. We did on the hat. One well a short beer thats kind of cheesy.
I dont know but suppose it looks like a regular bag of potato chips. I mean it just i dont know if you can really tell theyre actually. This is a heavy bag too.
But this is where is that compared to that popcorn yeah. So maybe. It sams you just get bigger older bags looks like a normal potato chip tastes like like a cheddar cheese chip right away tastes like women with sour cream onion chips you know you want to medal on you know sour cream at night or sour cream cheddar kinda.
But i dont take bacon at all mac and cheese.

cheddar bacon mac and cheese lays-1
cheddar bacon mac and cheese lays-1

No i dont even take mac and cheese like it to me it it reminds me of like cheddar ruffles or something even though. Its not a ruffle chip at that flavor. I mean if you gave this to me.
And said. Hey what flavor is this i would just say. Its some sort of cheddar flavored chips are not actually bad theyre not bad.
But im not getting a savory taste of bacon. I wouldnt be like oh. Thats mac and cheese.
I mean i mean i could sit up here to eat this whole bag. This is good these are good i mean i dont taste good. But theres no flavor it dont taste like a has flavor it just tastes like a regular cheddar cheese chip.
Yeah welcome on the back of the bag it says no artificial flavors i mean its a good chip. But its not im not really getting the flavors thats supposed to be mm hmm. I mean.
Theres nothing you need to run out and get i mean i mean i assume they probably do this this sell like cheddar plays right there cheddar lays i dont let me know in the comments below.

cheddar bacon mac and cheese lays-2
cheddar bacon mac and cheese lays-2

I think they do i dont usually get that flavor. But like this isnt anything special that i would say you need to run out. And get a sams club membership or find someone that has one to get you these.
Theres nothing thats special about these seems to be the tone of a lot of the videos. I do on here of limited edition special flavors that you get that sound really exciting till. You taste them and youre just like come on i mean youre gonna call.
It cheddar bacon mac. And cheese. It should taste like cheddar bacon mac and cheese not just write a cheese flavored potato chip so its good but its nothing you need to go out and get i mean i eat this bag.
But then i wont buy another back yes. I mean its that bad for what its supposed to be its disappointing. But for just being the chip in the taste.
Its okay. But its not what it says so there you go kind of disappointed with these let me know in the comments below have you tried them what do you think of them maybe youre picking up the flavors. A little better than we are im not tasting.
Any mac and cheese. I mean cheese. But what makes it mac and cheese right i dont thats my thoughts on it anyway so if youre new here please hit that subscribe button hit the bell application so you notified every time i upload a new video for keshawn.
Im jay see you later thank you .

cheddar bacon mac and cheese lays-3
cheddar bacon mac and cheese lays-3

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