COD Points in Black Ops 4 and How to Properly Use Them! (Everything To Know About BO4 COD Points)

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We all knew this day was coming. We just didnt know exactly when today todays the day that call duty points. Have been added into black ops for same cod points.
That youre familiar with from previous games. This is a very controversial topic and people are really gonna be either happy or quite angry about this now. I think we can offer some insight thats going to ease that anger because its really not as bad as you think it might be it really isnt at all its not like previous games.
And its really not a concern in my eyes whatsoever. Because its completely an option in this game so without further ado if youre new to the channel make sure that that subscribe button turn on post notifications drop a like on todays video and lets go ahead and jump right into everything you need to know about cod points in black ops. 4.
So first off in the black market. If you head on over to the store youll be prompted with this page you can go over to cod points. The newly added section.
And there is five different options currently in the game to. Purchase. Cod.
Points the first and cheapest being. 200 cod. Points for 199.
1100. Cod. Points for at 999 2400 cod.
Points for 1999 5000 cod points for. 3999 and. Finally thirteen thousand cod.
Points for 9999. So you could really cash out and be quite rich in call of duty black ops. 4.
If youre willing to spend 100 in game to do that thats quite a hefty price up at the deal. But heres the deal so. With those cod points.

how to use cod points in black ops 4-0
how to use cod points in black ops 4-0

Now being added in the game. Theres several options that you have to spend them and none of the options at least as of now are anything other than cosmetic. And that is why it is not a big deal that cod points are in the game in that you should not be upset about them adding them in at least as of now because there is no way to get anything through cod points.
That makes you better at the game. Its simply all cosmetic and everything in the game that you can get caught points. With is also earn herbal by just simply playing the game completing challenges and obviously unlock from tears and the loot system.
So basically lets go ahead and head over to the black market. So first off if you guys didnt see in the top left. You now have the black jacks shop up there and top left.
Its not available yet. But obviously. Its going to be coming soon.
Its something thats gonna be new to the game obviously blackjack was in black ops. 3. And its exciting to see it returned.
Its most likely going to bring some supply drop. So be ready for that thats what thats probably going to mean and in cod points. Will obviously be able to be spent on supply drops.
But supply drops will probably once again just give you cosmetics more motes. More tags more weapon variations. Maybe maybe camos things like that things that dont change the way you play the games.
So you cant be mad. If people are willing to spend money on those options that are in game. When simply you can just play and also those options yeah theyre cool.
But they dont make you any better at the game. So lets go ahead and head over to these special orders. The new section.
These these are the contracts in black ops for these might change and the weather presents it later on down the line. But there is two current contracts available in the black market special orders section. The first being a rare special order.

how to use cod points in black ops 4-1
how to use cod points in black ops 4-1

I called covert and its a pretty cool pretty cool option for these seraph. Its a splinter thing. Thats for the name of the skin or the outfit and as you can see it we have it purchased.
Im going to go ahead and head down. It has five available items that are unlocked through tears. This has purchased this special order and progress tears to unlock all five items included the cover outfit.
One tag. One sticker and two items from the reserve. So heres the tag.
Obvious is the reserve heres the sticker and then theres the outfit. The outfits not bad. Its not bad.
Its definitely the carnage colors theres some gold in there that would be even better. But theres some black and red not bad not bad. And then theres also a legendary special order thats available and this is called the bomb arrow.
Which is a lot cooler obviously it makes sense because its a legendary order. But it says once again purchase the special order in progress tears to unlock all 10 items. So you get double the amount of loot from this one.
And heres the very first outfit that is unlocked in it this so order then you have a decal which is for weapons. Which is really really cool it you get that its not available in the rare special order and its a flaming skull. Which is pretty cool then we have this tag called fuego and its like the its really cool.
Its definitely spooky it matches. The current vibe of halloween. It was an appropriate day for that to be dropped and then we have the calling card.
Which is pretty nice and finally we have the war paint. Which makes the outfit ten times. Better it looks really really cool definitely a nice looking war paint for the face for the fire break outfit and then finally probably my favorite and honestly probably my favorite like options just in black ops.
Four thats the gestures and just because the reason. Why is because you cant really see since its a first person shooter. You cant really see your outfits to be honest.

how to use cod points in black ops 4-2
how to use cod points in black ops 4-2

So the only things you really cant see is the gestures so like running around and then like throwing out a gesture is kind of funny in this game. Im so yeah. Its a campfire joshuas this is what it looks like as you can see its just like a character like hes sitting around a campfire.
Which is kind of cool. But yeah those are the two special orders now you can also spend cod points. One other place and thats in the contraband.
So the current operation thats out is called operation first strike obviously and you can spend cod points to unlock tiers now take in mind you can only select tiers you cant pick and choose you cant just go all the way to the end right here and just buy this tier. If you do that notice how its 50 100 cod points. Its because youre buying every tier up till.
Then see if we went back here and only went to like 30. Its only 700 cod points. So basically if you wanted to buy every single tier in black ops.
4. Right now its gonna cost you a lot its gonna be somewhere around you know 18 to 20000. Cod points.
And that is quite quite expensive thats 200 so i would definitely recommend staying away from buying your tears for your contraband just because playing the game. Youll get there eventually like as long as youre playing a little bit each and every day. I mean theres 40 days left from todays point to completely max it out.
And yeah. It does level up very slowly. But 200 man thats very expensive so yes you can you can definitely choose to unlock those tears.
If you like i know one of the ones that most people want is the unicorn the the tactical unicorn mastercraft camo for the gks because its super cool looking it looks like a obviously it looks like a unicorn and its you know quite nice unfortunately. It sits at tier 105 hands. Im at about tier 23.
So if i were to unlock or purchase cod points for tier 105. Id have to spend 8200 cod points. Which is a lot thats like thats a lot of money um.
Thats not cheap so i think im refrain and im hoping that ill just be able to play enough to finally get to that point and then hopefully max out my tears. But i just dont know if thats gonna be the case and the other thing you could do is you could get sits here like 160 or 170. And then right before like lets say.

how to use cod points in black ops 4-3
how to use cod points in black ops 4-3

The contraband is about to end you could then buy out rest of the tiers and its gonna cost you a whole lot less. But theres no point in buying tiers until that last day of the contraband thats when you should be making the decision because these things are just cosmetic. Theres no benefit that you get from having them earlier other than just a psychological.
I want them earlier. You know the psychological effect of wanting it first so other than that i would definitely refrain and just hold out until the last day of the contraband and then make the decision purchase decision on whether or not you want to finish off those tears through cod points. So thats pretty much it.
I mean definitely an interesting day. I dont once again think. Its a bad thing whatsoever just because you you know its all cosmetic.
Its not a bad deal to you know it for those that want to spend money on a game that they enjoy and they have the ability to do that its really not that big a video. So i would have no your thoughts and opinions down in the comment section below guys definitely dont forget to drop. It like on todays video subscribe to the channel.
If you are new and let me know your like in detail your thoughts on cod points. Do you think its even a bad thing to have con points in the game for cosmetics do you think thats a bad thing. I really dont see any benefit in it other.
Than like the only bad side of things with cod points. Is people spending irresponsibly and that comes down to the individual that comes down with a person is that really the games fault. So let me know your thoughts and opinions down in the comment section below guys hope youre having a fantastic day.
And ill talk to you all in the next. One also real quick. I wanted to add here a pee and happy halloween everybody hopefully you have a nice halloween day and night and if you go trick or treating obviously be be careful be careful i want to know if any of you guys are dressing up as something from black ops.
4 or maybe something reporting. I i feel like those are gonna you know for tonight. Costumes.
Theyre definitely to be extremely popular this year. So its gonna be interesting. But regardless have a fantastic halloween from everybody here at carnage.
We wish you you know to get as much candy as humanly possible whether you be 10 years old or whether you be 25 years old. We still like candy them the older we get so anyways guys have a nice halloween dont forget to follow us over on the carnage. Clan instagram and twitter and for the second time.
I will talk to you all later music. .

how to use cod points in black ops 4-4
how to use cod points in black ops 4-4

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