CSGO How To Level Up Fast Tips \u0026 Tricks Tutorial

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s up guys my name is dean aka blue crusader and today. Im gonna gonna be giving you some tips on how to level up fast in csgo in but these tips should also work in the future. Because for the most part.
The system remains the same in the game for a very long time basically. Theres a total of 40 different ranks in csgo with a max rank being the global general rank number 40. Prestiging meaning resetting your rank.
After level 40. Will grind you the first tier of service medal of that year. But you can also upgrade this service medal seven times which appear in different colors which you can collect on your profile xp granted at the end of a match is actually determined by various different factors.
These can be factors. Such as your performance in the match. Like your kill to death ratio.
Or your leaderboard starts the match length and also certain other factors. Which are we covering. Im also gonna go over the specific xp multipliers.
Which are granted for each different game type or mode in the game. And why you get that amount of xp. Theres also a weekly xp.
Bonus which is added on to the match. No2 xp which is rewarded in two different. Paths which consists of a total of 5000.
Xp when you hit this 5000 bonus weekly xp you will have to wait till the next week to receive it again meaning if youre only want until level up quick sometimes its worth just playing together week. Xp bonus especially when youre at high level you can play any type of games such as casual matches to receive this bonus when you play frequently your multiplier bonuses will reduce across all modes. This is actually in effect because they want you to play the game.
More and more grinding means more leveling up its a slow process.

how to level up fast in cs go-0
how to level up fast in cs go-0

But youll get the hang of it so firstly deathmatch is based off your score times a 02. These are quick games and theyre very casual with mostly lower skilled players making it easier to get more xp from getting higher kills and score in the game. Its very easy because in deathmatch mode.
You respawn. So you can consistently just get high frags in that game which means high score and in turn high xp. Rewards but 02.
Is a pretty small multiplier mainly just because the games are easy and they have a small. Duration casual is based off your score. Times a multiplier of 40.
The games are a little lengthy above shorter than competitive because you have to win eight rounds first rather than sixteen in a competitive match. But players are usually a mid level skill. And it can be less casual that deathmatch because a lot of people just play practice to warm up the aim or to play a game with a little less simplicity and easier opponents then going to competitive.
So you might see all of good players in casual as well competitive is where the big xp payouts come out from this is the biggest xp payout. Now. Whats interesting is competitive is based off the rounds of 1 x.
30. So its not based off your specific score. Its based off the amount of rounds that your team wins and then x 30.
So youre basically relying on your team as well as yourself. So this can be a little bit trickier games are a lot longer in competitive mode. And it takes a lot more effort and focus to win games.
Because the players are a lot better. But the payoff is a huge amount of xp gained if you win a lot of rounds and the ability to rank up to to increase your competitive rank. Arms.
Race is based off your score.

how to level up fast in cs go-1
how to level up fast in cs go-1

Times a multiplier of 15. Games are extremely quick and mostly new or lower tiered players are playing this especially to level up to rank 3 to get into competitive mode making high kills easy due to respawn abilities and a more casual climate because most of the players are new. But you might see a lot of cheaters.
Playing in deathmatch mode. Just to get that quick rank. 3 to go into competitive demolition mode.
Is based off your score times. A multiplier of 3. These are slightly longer in terms of rounds than say deathmatch or arms race.
But its a nice larger xp multiplier. Which makes it worth playing this moment. And its pretty fun because its a little bit different with slightly smaller teams and smaller maps in rotations such as dust and bank.
Theres also overwatch mode. Which isnt really a game type per se. But its granted to gold novas with many hours in the game and mostly a lot of commendations.
Theres a lot of different factors that go into actually allowing you to gain access to overwatch mode. And its basically a mode. Where you boss cheaters by watching certain demos and voting to see if theyre actually cheating or not completing cases in overwatch mode.
Grants. Xp based on your accurate. Verdicts that youve submitted and your overall overwatch investigator score.
So the more players that you get banned and the more accurate votes. You submit the more xp youre going to get from participating the best most to run or deathmatch for a constant stream of quick games to get a lot of hourly xp or casual games. Because theres a higher chance of winning them remember if you play competitive.
Youre mainly relying on your team as well as yourself to win those rounds rather than individual performance in all of the other modes.

how to level up fast in cs go-2
how to level up fast in cs go-2

But if you have a lot of time to commit to competitive. If you do win a lot of rounds you will level up faster. Most people want to level up to either get the service medal of the year or to reach level 21 for prime mode to avoid cheaters and lower trust factor.
Players. If youre playing to get prime to avoid cheetahs and smurfs. Its recommended to just entirely avoid competitive mode.
All together when grinding xp for this reason. But if you dont mind having a few unlucky games or bad games then competitive will still get you a lot of xp. Although.
I wouldnt recommend it for entirely new players because it might be slightly slow to level up. If you lose most of your competitive matches for me. I would also recommend buying or purchasing the operation pass if theres an active operation at the time of you watching this video.
This video has been recorded during the time of the operation shattered web content. Which is currently nearing its end phase. I think now were week 14 or 15.
I believe which means is near the end in march. But this has been a really good operation overall although slightly different to the old ones. Such as operation.
Hydra. The operation grants a lot of xp for just completing missions especially guardian missions. And it also encourages you to play all different variants of modes in the game to complete these missions to level up your coin and receive the ta rewards such as skins in the battle path style system.
Which the operation offers this means youre getting xp for just simply playing these game types. But also xp for completing the missions if you complete four missions you get an xp boost item in your inventory. Every four missions.
You get a new one of these xp boosts.

how to level up fast in cs go-3
how to level up fast in cs go-3

Which can be used to grant you one immediate quick level up. I cant stress how much time this saves. When you can just complete for missions and just get a guaranteed level of each time.
Especially when the missions can be quite easy at the start this ranked meal. All the way from level 1 to level 21. Extremely quickly on my account to unlock prime mode operations do require a short investment to actually purchase the operation paths.
But towards the end of the operation. Its usually cheaper because theres less time to complete it especially if you go on to the community market. Where you can buy it cheaper and sometimes valve reduce the price in the store towards the end.
But the payoff is great in terms of xp. If you buy the operation pass especially for newer players and account. And it might also be a more fun way to play or learn the game for casuals of beginners.
These are just some tips on how to level up in csgo. These are not rank up tips. These are just how to get more xp and get the service medal and how to get level 21 for prime mode.
A lot quicker. These are all the tips that work for me there might be some better tips which you can leave in the comment section below. If i miss them out in this video.
And if you disagree with anything or if you have any better suggestions instead of just getting mad just drop them in the comments below and let me know because im sure a lot of people know a few different tips which i dont know which i look forward to read and learn about in the comments. If this video was useful in you leveling up in csgo. Then like the video and share.
It with any friends who play the game and make sure to subscribe and enable notifications so you dont miss out on daily videos on this channel. I make minecraft gta. 5.
And csgo videos thanks for watching guys. And ill see you next time music you .

how to level up fast in cs go-4
how to level up fast in cs go-4

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