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Is my little stack of genes card so unorganized hey guys whats up it its molly welcome back to my channel. If youre new here. I make and lifestyle videos.
And you should make sure to hit the subscribe button down below. If you enjoy my videos. I wanted to start off by thanking you all for 300 subscribers.
This is a milestone that i was really excited to head thank you for that i really appreciate everyones support lets just get right into todays video. So i wanted to share with you guys the ultimate denim guide. I was gonna share a whole collection video.
But i simply have way too many pairs to just continuously try them on and like i didnt want to go by season. Because most of my jeans are good for the fall in the winter and these are just a few pairs that i wear year round. Most of these jeans are on the higher end side actually sorry all of them are in this video.
But im going to do a comparison video. So i have a pair of zara jeans that i wanted to compare to a higher end jean. Theyre by a japanese denim company.
Called mousy vintage and i swear by them. I know theyre really expensive. So i just wanted to share an alternative and i think i could do a good comparison so let me know if you want to see that and lets just get right into this video.
So heres my lovely little stack. Im gonna do try out as well and lets just go into this and im gonna share like what kind of occasion. I would wear it ill even made me do a styling portion in a different video let me know if you want to see that so lets start with a white jean just cuz.

rag and bone boyfriend jeans-0
rag and bone boyfriend jeans-0

Its summer. These ones are by rag and bone and these i was really drawn to when i saw them i didnt get them right away. But theyre just a straight leg with a little bit of a flare at the bottom within.
It was an unfinished hem. I love these i cant wait for summer to roll around to wear them i would wear them all year round. Honestly.
But i just dont want to get them dirty because chicago winter dirt snow not deal these are great jean i cant remember what the style is but let me figure that out it doesnt have the style name. But it does have the style number so ill look this up and try to link it down below for you guys. These are a fave of mine.
Just with the cute little a colorful top in the summer and sandal on to the next pair. So these im not really a skinny jean gal. So im not going to show you guys anything skinny jeans.
I honestly only own one pair. Theyre super old black ragged. Lone skinny jeans and i like them.
But im just not a fan not a huge fan so i never really purchased them or wear them. But these are the closest like blue jean that ill have to a skinny jean these are by sevens and theyre the rocks and ankle. So these are really cute they have the unfinished hem at the bottom.
I like these as like a little like classier jean because they dont have any rips in them and theyre just there they look good if youre going somewhere. Where you dont want to have a bunch of holes in your pants. So i highly recommend this pair.

rag and bone boyfriend jeans-1
rag and bone boyfriend jeans-1

Theyre so soft by the way so comfortable. And they do have a little bit of stretch in them i do wish i size down. But its okay i still get a lot of wear out of these and theyre great jean and the wash is really cute music so i know its summer.
So were not going to be wearing like a lot of black jeans. But these i just felt like i had to add because they are literally my favorite jeans like all time favorites. These are the mother superior.
I think the gene is called c2. So i feel like they might have discontinued this style. But if you know anything about mother or have tried a lot of their styles are very similar and once you find whats for you you just really like it these are a button fly.
Which is like my favorite characteristic on donna. Im just way more drawn to jeans that have a button fly i love everything about the wash on the knees. The whiskering and then theyre just a straight leg with an unfinished hem.
Then theres the distressing on the back. I like that is just a pretty clean jean to me and these run huge by the way so these are actually mother superior. Which is different than the regular mother line and the difference is the fiber content.
So these are 98 cotton and 2 elastin. They are made up of mostly cotton. They do stretch still so i sized down in these and im happy i did.
But these are literally just like my favorite pair of slouchy straight like boyfriend jeans and i wear this a lot. And i think this this is my first pair of like nice jeans so its very memorable for me love them definitely would recommend checking out mother. Theyre an amazing brand are also made solely in la in their own warehouse.

rag and bone boyfriend jeans-2
rag and bone boyfriend jeans-2

And i actually did a research project on the last semester. At school and i actually found out amazing things about their company. So i can with confidence recommend this brand and everything they stand for theyre a solid company music applause the next pair of jeans.
Which is also one of my favorite these are all just like my top favorites. But like i have a lot of favorites. But these are like holy grails.
Okay so these ones are the citizens of humanity. This is their premium vintage line and i love these jeans these are a mid rise sorry. I should have shared the rises on the other ones too everything else was a mid rise besides that first dragon bone.
Those are a high rise and i prefer a mid rise for me and my body shape. Im very like straight and narrow at the hips so thats just what looks better on me. And my preference.
These brands also make a lot of great high rises. So these are the emerson i love the wash. I know theyre kind of similar to like everything ive showed you kind of not really.
But if you looked at my denim jory youd be like these all look the same to me they dont but to an outsider. I would completely understand yeah. These are just a perfect baggy boyfriend.
These are like my relaxing jeans if im just chillin these are 100 cotton and like i obviously dont dry these. But they do stretch so much like these are so baggy now. But i prefer it that way so 10 out of 10 obsessed with these so happy i got them they were great purchase and id buy them again music applause music so for the last gene.

rag and bone boyfriend jeans-3
rag and bone boyfriend jeans-3

This is definitely the most high end of the bunch. But this is by far my favorite you might say okay that is so not worth it. But to me they are ive gotten a lot of use out of them.
But every single time. I wear these i get compliments yeah. So i just think they have such amazing detailing these are the mousie vintage kelly jeans.
This is a japanese denim brand like literally if you look in the tag. Its just all in japanese these are the stiffest means youll ever try on their premium authentic denim. They literally have zero stretch in them.
So i mean when you wear them theyll stretch and kind of mold to your body. But youre first trying them on is going to be so confused i wasnt gonna buy them at first but im really happy that i did and now i have a few pairs and let me tell you once youve a mouse to you like you really you really wont want to go back. But i mean look at this wash and the rebbes its so detailed theyre actually really comfortable.
Theyre a little stiff at first like i said and when you sit down. Youre gonna be like confused because theyre not gonna like hug you like normal jeans. I dont know theyre very stiff.
But theyre worth it to me i love the rigid authentic denim feel these are also a button fly of course and these are a mid rise which again is a better style for me. But they also have great high rise styles music applause. These are not even a fraction of my denim wardrobe.
But i could live without all my other pair if i just had these five pairs. Im gonna do my best to link down below all of these pairs for you guys. And i hope.
This was a helpful guide for you as always ill have my social media channels linked down below for you guys to check out. Im always sharing content. There as well and i hope you enjoyed this video.
Thank you so much for watching dont forget to leave a thumbs up and subscribe and ill see you guys next time music you .

rag and bone boyfriend jeans-4
rag and bone boyfriend jeans-4

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