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Hi. Everyone welcome back. Were looking at project management leadership styles in fact it it could be any leadership style across any management system.
You know if youre leader in your normal organization. Then yes you can absolutely use these as well. But were adding a little twist.
Today were looking at project management leadership styles by disney character. Theres gonna be a whole bunch of fun now there are and this is mainly the information that ive gathered is from the project management body of knowledge. Which is an absolute massive tome of knowledge on management systems.
Leadership and project management of course and projects are a huge part of most organizations. These days and its only going to get bigger. So its definitely something to be aware of but the leadership styles within our what were looking at today.
Now there are eight leadership styles. Mainly in the project management body of knowledge and first just to go through them weve got autocratic democratic orbit is it a bit there participate now thats a hard word to say participative. Less a fair thats also a hard one youve got the servant leadership.
Which is from agile. Most recently transactional leader directing leader. Where youre directing all of the moves in the action.
Transformational and visionary leaders and charismatic leaders even just going through this list can you think of any leaders in your own work or your own company who might fit these descriptions. Im hallucinating the answer is yes. But wait till.
We go into them in more detail. The first one weve got autocratic the project manager is primarily focused on getting tasks done with little regard to the team members feelings now before we move on can you think of a disney character that might fit this description. Theyre primarily focused on getting those tasks done and they dont really mind about the team members feelings as long as things get done potentially get done their way for this one.
Weve got elsa elsa. When her sister wants to get married on a whim to prince hands. If you do recall from frozen.
Yes. I have seen frozen a wonderful movie elsa tells her its not happening. No ones brothers are staying here.
No one is getting mad no matter. What ana says even though elses advice was the right thing to do ultimately ana reacts badly to this approach at first and sometimes thats the repercussions of an autocratic management style next. We have democratic or participative.
The project management. The project manager encourages the team members to actively participate in the decision making process a lot of authority is delegated to the team and the team members and they play an active role in managing the process as well in the project as well so this is where they really encourage people to get involved. Its a democratic process.
Ive put mufasa everything the light touches is our kingdom mufasa encourages participation and he even encourages failure when simba makes mistakes. He uses it as a coaching opportunity. He doesnt necessarily scold or take things off the table he regularly delegates tasks to his team like as a zoo checking in with the morning report far away.

a leader who pretty much leaves employees on their own is assuming this slt role.-0
a leader who pretty much leaves employees on their own is assuming this slt role.-0

Making him go go and deliver messages or check out whats happening on the planes. All of those sorts of things. But mufasa is the ultimate democratic leader next we have laissez faire.
Its a french term literally meaning. Let do the project manager turns things over to the team members and only monitors. The work at a high level.
Do you know someone like this in your own company and can you think of a disney character that might be less affair that might only monitor things that are high level and turn things over to the team members for this one we have peter pan. He lets the lost boys who do as they please all the while monitoring the high level captain hook situation at all times music sometimes his team makes mistakes. But he doesnt worry too much and things seem to work out in the end next.
We have the servant leader. The servant leadership style from the agile world. This is the servant leader and they lead by serving their team they carry food and water for the team you know metaphorically of course removing blockers for their team and coaching their team to greatness can you think of a disney character that is a servant and a serve who serves her people her country even or her family and someone who serves her team and helps them become great for this one we have mulan mulan serves.
Her father her family and a country vlad has no trouble getting involved and getting her hands dirty. She doesnt run from danger. And she goes to help even when she doesnt have to she took her fathers place.
When she knew he couldnt necessarily go to war. And she did that for him. She literally carried the food and water for for him.
And then when they were out in battle. She was the one on the frontlines as well helping lead the charge. Even though she wasnt necessarily in the position of a leader.
And thats part of the point. Sometimes you dont have to have the title of a leader to be a leader yourself or to have these leadership styles next. We have transactional leadership rewards are based on accomplishments against goals in a give and take fashion.
So its a little little bit of give little bit of take if you scratch my back. Ill scratch yours that kind of thing. Its transactional can you think of a person in your own life who is transactional.
Theyll give you something if you give them something and can you think of a disney character that is transactional for this one we have rapunzel from the movie. Tangled also a wonderful movie. I think rapunzel strikes a deal with flynn rider and flynn rider.
She says if you take me to see the floating lanterns. I will give you this crown back. Which is what he wanted all along let me just get this straight.
I take you to see the lanterns bring you back home and youll give me back my satchel. I promise and so shes leading in that situation. Even when she may not necessarily be in a position of power at the time.
What shes doing is transactional next. We have the directing project management style. The project manager tells the team members what when where and how to do things theyre very prescriptive they direct the action they direct it very specifically you be here.

a leader who pretty much leaves employees on their own is assuming this slt role.-1
a leader who pretty much leaves employees on their own is assuming this slt role.-1

Okay. You do this okay you be here. And you do this and make sure everything and action.
Sometimes it really is like that similar to a movie set if you think about it from that perspective. And there is one character in disney. Who has who is very very directive in his approach.
And also he tells his team members where to be and what to do at any given time and that is sebastian sebastian directs eriell. Very specifically on how to win prince erics heart. He sets up the song he makes the reeds you know blow in the wind.
He you know sings of them literally a love song as theyre going along first we got to create ooh and he arranges that in right environment. And the right time and even beforehand and afterwards he gives aerial lessons on how to kiss. Which is exactly what you want from a crowd.
I think. But that is the directing leadership style. Our last two we have the transformational leadership style.
They are empowering theyre motivating and inspiring. The team members they show the bigger picture for the team to follow and for this one. We have aladdin aladdin sees the way that things could be and he brings people on the journey with him.
He goes from being a street rat to a prince and while it seems fake or. It is fake at first it brought about by the genies wish over time he truly becomes what he did believe genie. I wish for you to make me a prince all right now lastly.
We have the charismatic leadership style. This leadership style is able able to inspire they are high energy and enthusiastic. But also self confident and they hold strong convictions in what they believe can you think of someone who meets this from the disney universe and for here.
We have belle belle. Doesnt want to get married to the wrong person yes. Dan you are positively primeval.
Thank you well when gaston tries to win her heart even though hes definitely not her type. She has no problem saying no and she would rather go back to helping her father and reading her books. And you know being around the people who she wants to be around.
Shes smart and shes self confident and shes enough. Shes self confident enough to take her fathers place at the beasts castle. Which is a terrifying situation take me instead music teachers please.
But in that situation. Her enthusiasm ultimately wins over the beast and they live happily ever after as usually happens in disney films. Which is why i love them so much and i hope you loved this video.
Which was leadership styles and project management leadership styles by a disney character. I hope you have a great day. And ill see you in the next video bye for now music.

a leader who pretty much leaves employees on their own is assuming this slt role.-2
a leader who pretty much leaves employees on their own is assuming this slt role.-2

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