DIY Giant Surprise Egg!

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It whats up you guys. I am here in nashville. With my sister and today yet.
We are doing something that was really fun thats super popular on youtube. Right now. Its making a giant surprise egg and were making this for my nephew colins birthday.
So you make it and then were gonna stop it with a bunch of toys and then on his birthday hes gonna break through it and rip all the toys out it looks like its gonna be really fun we got all the directions to do it and so my sister and i are going to spend the afternoon trying to get this all put together so its perfect for his birthday. All right you guys first of all look at the size of these balloons. There are three feet diameter balloons theyre ginormous jagged dick.
But first look at how big the hole is that you have to blow up and this is step. 1. We have two bullets hang up and i cant you have to try because i cant get we havent even gotten through step one okay.
Im gonna give it a pop. Yeah. Im gonna give it a shot lets see youre doing it youre doing it so shes out about it inch diameter at three times bigger.
Well be all set take it in there right now you come out how she doing annie thats big its gonna take up a lot of newspapers. My mouth seriously hurts now i forgot i didnt quite mention this to her but when i read the directions and suggested that you like a pump to blow them up. But i dont think i had words my favorite.
I cant be that hurtful of these boys a little bit. I dont think so we may have plateaued at about one foot diameter. But its gotta be a big egg.
Because its supposed to be like as big as colin. So its like really exciting. Its like bust open.
So shes got to keep pulling over here. She can do it right karens losing steam and im really concerned so. Heres what you gotta do to help us out give this video.
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how to make a surprise egg-0
how to make a surprise egg-0

Maybe ill get excite her and shell get this balloon blown up because cones counting on this for its 4th birthday you can do it girl applause laughter. Id offer to help but im kind of gross so just let her keep going im gonna route her out youre her odd youre just getting bigger. I think shes almost halfway there yep encouraging her though you can im seeing spots.
Its getting here its getting there. Carrie yeah. Almost halfway getting a little bit.
Worried should. I see me we do wheres jason yeah. Way this might be in jeopardy.
He might know where a pump is yeah. Im gonna keep working on this okay. But im secretly hoping they find a pump were gonna go ahead down.
A pump karens gonna keep blowing baby up okay here comes g and were gonna see if you can rescue her okay so were trying to blow at us three foot balloon up. But karin san struggling it looks almost done. Shes like in a plateau thats not my baby.
We have a pump that we could use for that baby. Ill have to take a look at right bigger. Dont touch it will make slobber look at that one if you need this size.
And you bring the pump to me we dont know what plug for that anything that come on no thats a manual. But the tap the directions said they suggested blowing it up with a pump. But theres nothing on the hand that could do that loop.
Now sorry can you give him much effort. Ill faint a little much effort whatsoever. No effort you could at least pretend to like lick on the garage and try to find somebody for a few minutes.
But you know you dont have anything reenact. Stubborn. Im absolutely positive.
I have to admit whenever aunt karen or grandma comes in town. I like to give them the tough project. But i do it thats why i thought this would be a perfect project to do and karen got here anything with like glue and glitter in little pieces hmm.
She always says thats the project and sure enough. Shes doing a good job music well well cant busy plugging it up all claimant. Were doing next as soon as shes done with the blowing up part of this project.
Were gonna paper mache this i boiled a bunch of gloopy stuff over here right karen you have the easy part you have the easy part. It was one part flour and four parts water boiled it gloopy stuff and karen shut.

how to make a surprise egg-1
how to make a surprise egg-1

It a bunch of newspapers over here and were gonna keep the mache this whole thing a couple layers let it dry then were gonna paint it youre doing really good what do you think do you think its good enough should we tell her if she can stop she tired she could talk. I think its good karen. I think its good now dont let me out.
Ive never been so happy to tie up a balloon heart dont mess it up when if it pops right jones. Easy be kind of funny wouldnt it you would out do the naxalite and alls root you on she seriously cant tie. It now why not i dont know if you want to happen oh tight be careful like we dont want to grasp the possibility.
Hes so tired try this hand. I honestly thought the balloon part was like the easy part. But hoping to be the tough part you get it im almost there you know artie begin music this is all my carbon dioxide so now we have two paper mache this and okay when i used to be true.
Michigan school. I would get this wet and then put it on is that is that always look about the direction. I think so okay so i just dip it in so ill let lucy explain what this stuff is cuz.
She made the batter actually already explained that while you were suffering through blood libel re poor parts water one part flour bull on the stove obviously i was not focused on what she was saying my mind was elsewhere music. So lucy. What is the theme of his birthday.
His fourth birthday well. Im not really sure because last year. Like it was super into toy story.
The toy store was like an easy decision hed have a toy story theme party and the shoe. Theres nothing that hes super into kinda like spider man fan. Likes transformers kinda like spa patrol.
Kind like nothing that he like really loves you know i dont do if any ideas. Olivias not into like one certain thing what about just doing like like animals or like trucks or i dont know what a four year old boys like girl. I dont know i know one of the things.
I was thinking is we could just buy coffee and we decorate this egg like online. They have like spider man egg smelter. Its cool stuff maybe we just look like a big whore on it just make up for girls.
Were all birthday happy 4th birthday teen. Didnt really have a good character. If he might know so do you remember a tmi his fourth birthday.
What you did cuz. I sure dont cheese fourth birthday boy thats tough. I know right cuz a ds t.
My first and second birthday is a fourth birthday. Oh.

how to make a surprise egg-2
how to make a surprise egg-2

I dont know was 100 superhero wasnt that my yes. Yes. That was such a cute one all different superheroes.
Yes. Youre right mice totally a superhero birthday for her fourth birthday. But i really dont room for a ds.
But something really cute im sure music. Its been about three days since we did the first coat on this surprise that fall for colins birthday. We put two more layers of the newspaper with the goofy thing on it.
And its dry its hard now so now its time to paint and do you guys know what we just decided what his birthday themes gonna be paw patrol. So we are gonna paint it red and neither my sister nor myself is very artistic so i think were just gonna spray paint it red and then do like a four on it cuz hes turning four and then maybe later on if they want to theyll go get stickers to put on like some papa total stickers. But this is where you get to be creative.
This is the fun part yeah of course. Oh wow. Theyre getting down to it music.
I just realized. Im the only one not doing any work. Im just kind of sitting here supervising.
I guess. But i blew up that thing so im done no lucy thats i know youre brave yep thats looking pretty good. I think thats good for the first first coat done so if youre doing this for your kids birthday make sure you give yourself at least like three days in advance maybe even four cause its an ongoing process.
Yeah gillette tons and tons of layers set and dry now the girls are working on their own project addie. What is this force our backyard meeting that goal dad forget him very closely you just found it yeah in the backyard. I wonder what it was theres a wreath holder.
Oh. The wreath older oh okay theyre very creative and very crafty. I like that i always wished i was more crafty and could do things.
Like this thank goodness for pinterest. Oh. Dear.
Now were just spray painting. Anything we. Buy ha ha and this one yes yes.
This one addy is gonna spray paint it gold for leila jade laila jane is napping right now but she loves pinecones and we saw one out here and we thought itd be funny to paint it gold and give it to laila changeup. I think its so beautiful here we just leave it out here to dry.

how to make a surprise egg-3
how to make a surprise egg-3

Thank you addie moving on to coat number two of the egg coat number three starting to look pretty good one suggestion. I would have if you do this is i know. Its kind of hard to pick and choose wet spots in the newspaper using it but dark pictures on the newspaper that showing is really hard to cover with pings at least with spray paint the girls are off looking for more things to spray paint.
I wonder what else is gonna turn gold back here. What is it can i not we use two whole cans of red spray paint to cover that up and i think it looks pretty good now so the last step. Were gonna do for now.
Is just paint a big old four on it since hes turning. So i dont know why that lucys not letting me do this one this part with a four. Oh carrots.
Just never had the neatest printing. I have the worst handwriting its so embarrassing i blame it cuz when i was learning how to write my eyesight was horrible. I didnt think of and we never i could never see the board or anything and to this day.
Thats still my excuse and im sticking to it right no pressure a little bit nervous no pressure. We just ran out of red pants paint. So we cant cover it up you messed that music good job.
Okay no its good its time to pop the balloon now im a little too nervous to do it im afraid im gonna mess it up and ruin his whole birthday thing so im just letting loose. We do it so if she ruins it its her fault. Here.
We go that would be very bad ready yep. Oh. Okay.
Didnt i pop. Oh. No well.
Thats okay right yeah. And i just i know i was looking at me like i was very in cyclomatic. But at least at least.
It didnt like just late that would have been really fast. So the next thing they will do is cut open a big flit tip. It all through the back and x in the back.
So that they can put his gifts inside that was super fun so if you guys want to see that how theyre going to do the rest of this put. The presents inside and then collin opening it all up make sure to check out their next vlog all about collin birthday on tic tac toy family. But at least you got a head start now if you want to try this at your house.
Thanks. So much for watching please make sure to watch hey mamas it takes actually in tic tac toy family. Well see you guys all next time music.

how to make a surprise egg-4
how to make a surprise egg-4

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