DIY How To Build: Wrap Around Deck Steps RLR S02 Ep 4

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You finally got out of bronze you finally looked out some videos you finally watched watched my video of how to get from bronze to silver now you want to with the big boys todays video. Im gonna be showing you guys out a club from silver to gold another continuation of this mini series where i just teach you guys how to climb from one tier to another tier. Because it seems like you guys love this mini series it seems like its just i just gonna help a lot of you guys out because i remember when i first started playing overwatch.
I got frustrated when i was in like gold. I got frustrated and platinum because i felt like i was so much better than other people and i could have climbed. But nobody was really teaching me so thats where i just come in and just tell you guys what ive kind of learned.
But also what other people have told will other people in this exact same tier now. I just want to specify that im not like an overwatch expert that im still learning every single day. Thats why i kind of wanted to put this serious offs for so long because i felt like i had to get to a certain point or at least play overwatch to a certain level for you guys to at least understand where im coming from and to at least credit.
Me you know ill get im not trying to say im the greatest overwatch player. But i do feel like i can have a few things i can do to you guys. However with that being said.
I probably will have to make a second video to this will how to climb from silver to gold because theres a lot that i can give you. But i dont want to overwhelm you with tips because with with my bronze to silver video. I give you three basic things that you have to practice.
Which was just basic a mechanics. Understand overwatch or just understand fps games as a whole and get good with one hero not master. Because theres a big difference just at least main one a hero right with that that was very basic.
But thats the biggest thing with bronze players is that whenever they come to me its like hey bri wreck. You know im in bronze. I cant climb what should i do im gonna probably tell them those three things because most bronze players have the same problem and they can easily climb from bronze to silver.
If they just get those three things down wood server to gold. Though. This is the thing where you just set the foundation right because well if i just teach you a lot of this kind of stuff.
Theres no reason why you shouldnt have great success when you are in gold because a lot of this stuff youre gonna take into gold and still take into platinum. But thats why im telling you right now. When youre in silvers so not one silver player is gonna be very much alike like the other silver player where bronze players again im not generalizing.
But more or less kind of share the exact same problems. But now actually get it into the tip portion of the video. A lets say you first were to place into silver like you literally chess got out of bronze.

how to build wrap around deck stairs-0
how to build wrap around deck stairs-0

What i told you guys to get out of bronze to silver. I told you guys you had to learn one of those three things now that youre in silver. If you want to climb to silver to gold you have to learn all three of those things it shouldnt be that hard trust.
It really isnt that hard to have basic a mechanics now and aiming for the head just being able just to aim well like literally this is the part where i tell you guys to get good. But its easy to get good you just have to practice the second thing just understand overwatch understand that every hero has some certain role understand what healers have to do understand that would he play mercy. Youre not really meant to be a dps mercy right and the third thing is just get really good with one hero more likely.
This is probably gonna be easiest part because youve probably identified one here that you really do like in my case. It was may in my case. It was soldier center 6.
But maybe in your case. It is just one hero and thats totally fine. But at this point you have to master all three of those things if you want to see some greatest success.
But now here are the very special tips to silver players. And again. I just want to specify that these this is the setting foundation.
This is the time work whatever you learn in silver youre still going to be practicing even if youre in diamond head. If im in masters right now and im still practicing headshots every single day every before i even go on a competitive. Im practicing every single hodgins thats not a tip.
I want to give you i just want to tell you guys that im still learning every single day. But its because i set that foundation so early in my home for watch journey that it really did help me. But this is the time where youre starting to learn basic advanced techniques.
I know that might not make sense. But im not gonna just tell you guys like oh. If youre on hani mourra.
You have to play genji. And you also have to pair up a reinhard genji has to go on no im not gonna be telling you guys. What the pros do im not gonna be telling what i do at masters.
And again some people will describe me. Because i youre not in grandmas dude. Okay.

how to build wrap around deck stairs-1
how to build wrap around deck stairs-1

I probably higher the level than you okay. I have a few tips. I can give you okay.
But again these are just very basic advanced techniques that youre not gonna master. But youre just starting to learn youre starting to appreciate youre starting to understand why. This is so important to learn and a perfect example of that where you just have to understand and learn is basic positioning knowing where you have to stand when youre defending knowing where you have to stand when youre attacking.
I understand that the high ground is always going to be the best ground when you have to take it you know positioning is such a big thing that you dont really realize that youre doing maybe something bad because hey youre killing a bunch of people. But thats the thing. Though you might be having this bag technique in your head and thinking that its work.
But thats whats can stop you what firm climbing from platinum to diamond or maybe from gold to platinum again. This is a video showing you guys how to climb from silver to gold. I want you guys to understand this right now so that when you are a platinum and youll realize why you cant come diamond.
Its because well hey youre not getting the high ground. When youre old team with soldiers so that way you can just reign havoc on everybody just basic stuff like that but just understand why positioning so important especially if youre defending on route. 66.
You dont want to be at their spawn because if you kill them you might be doing a lot of work. You might kill four people they respawn right away right there if they just luckily. Kill you right there you have to walk all the way back especially if youre playing me.
Especially if you play in symetra. Please dont ever attack or defend. Epis pawn figure out good positioning look at what pros do you dont even have to analyze what they do just realized.
Oh theyre standing on top of big earls on route 66. Because thats a perfect place to defend and then drop that you just just stuff like that now the second thing it kind of goes against what i said it when you want to climb from bronze to silver and that is proper team comps again. I did say that you can literally play torbjorn you can play mercy you can play symetra whatever.
The case may be and if you understand the in and outs of that hero you can easily climb the silver here. It really wouldnt be wise to play symetra on attack on route 66. Why cuz thats not what symetra is designed for again there are going to be times.
Where yes maybe there is a fair. Amazed a soldier sentry six on the enemy team and if you play reaper clearly youre countered. But sometime again this is where its contradicting myself.

how to build wrap around deck stairs-2
how to build wrap around deck stairs-2

Because i dont want to tell you guys oh no you cant play that here. Because maybe youre really good with reaper. But its just understanding its like okay if you have already three dps on your team you might second day.
I just kind of got fed up with it didnt want a notch. Any boards anymore and so i pulled out the reciprocating saw the sawzall and where the face boards were gonna have to go in because that was the hardest part to knotch the steps you really couldnt avoid it those had to be notched. But that was pretty simple.
But the face boards you were having to mitre and then notch into the long edge of that board. And it was a pain pain pain pain. So the second day.
I just took that sawzall and cut an angle into the stringer on each side so that i didnt have to notch. The board anymore it ended up being like a 25 degree angle. And it worked perfectly overall.
I could not be more pleased with this project customers were thrilled with it theyve got a wedding coming up so theyre theyre waiting until after that wedding to have me come back out and finish putting the rails which obviously at this point. Ive kind of committed myself to making custom rails and custom posts. But its good because i enjoyed it it was a great experience enjoyed working with customers.
They were wonderful so all in all i could not have wished for that project to go better. And the great thing is i learned from it and learned some of those tricks. Especially using the sawzall to notch out an angle on the inside of each of those corners.
So that when youre trying to put a face plate on you dont have to notch the face plate like i said you still have to notch each of these steps inside those angles. Cant be helped because youve got two boards. Theyre narrowing the further back you go and so i ended up having a cut in about an inch and a half from the back of the step and then about two inches from each side of the step.
So that it would slide all the way in but once we figured that out and once we got all the angles and 22 degrees. And twenty four degrees and then it was mirrored for the other side whereas 24 degrees. And 22 degrees.
It really went fast so anyway. I had fun with it weve already had two other customers kind of reach out. And say hey we want you to do the same thing for us.
So now that i know how to do it much faster. I think we make a go with that so you got any questions or comments or if you learned anything from this please feel free to post comments below. I promise we do read them and we do respond to them so if you got any questions wed love to answer if you got any ideas of how to do this any easier share those as well because i would love to know those yeah.

how to build wrap around deck stairs-3
how to build wrap around deck stairs-3

So i just told janet that if were gonna do this construction thing. Were gonna build a drive gate theyre real sorry were gonna turn that into a drive gate cuz. Im not hauling everything back and forth through the fence every time i got to do this so anyway.
I hope. Yall. Learned something from this hope.
Its been a value to you guys what i encourage you like i said at the beginning of this video. Were doing a lot of work on this workshop right now if you know somebody whos got a shop that they want to fix up our whole challenge with this workshop. Even before i found out.
I was unemployed. We set ourselves a challenge to redo renovate remodel this entire workshop its 12 by 24 without spending any money on it now we had to spend i think like 35 on studs to rebuild that wall back behind me and ill show that in another video. We havent posted it yet because our priorities shifted to fixing the shop side of this building.
But anyway. Im going to encourage you if you are looking for ways to do improvements man you come to the right place click subscribe and click. The bell and youll be notified at any time when we post new videos.
We are big on finding ways to make horrible wretched worthless spaces functional and so this of all spaces on our property has been the most horrible unusable space. And its transformed completely and about its been i write at for 4 weeks that weve been working on this ill just show you real quick. Thats the shop side of it and then back over here is kind of the guess youd call it a.
She shed so its gonna have this paneling. The pickets planks everywhere. Were gonna have media tower.
Here with tv in the stereo and some cheers and possibly some benches in here. So this will be where the kids and the wife can come out if they just need it some time away. Were working on getting an air conditioning unit for out here.
Its not terrible right now. Ive been sitting out here im not sweating. And its a hundred and one degree heat index outside so the fans and the way its set up it circulates pretty well weve done a lot with this plastic sheeting and with some insulation.
Its pretty comfortable out here actually. Im not saying. Id want to sleep out here take a nap or anything.
But you know its its a good place so anyway feel free to share these videos. There were trying hard to get a lot of good content that will benefit you guys and give you some ideas of how to make improvements to your house. Without spending a ton of money on it so share.
It with somebody you think might benefit from it click like and well see you guys next episode music music you .

how to build wrap around deck stairs-4
how to build wrap around deck stairs-4

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