DIY LED Light Bar Harness – How-To Make Your Own

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s up guys. Its matt with bleepin jeep comm when i built this jeep jeep to go out to moab. I built it so quickly that i didnt a chance to hook up the quadra tech lights that i got so these are jk quadra tech lights.
They come ready to plug and play for a jk. But since i put them on a turkey we need to relay harness instead of just putting one on i figured i would show you guys how to make one lets do it. But first make sure to check out quadra tech.
Comm for these lights and they sell everything they are quadra tech comm and my website bleeping jeep comm make sure to hit the like button and subscribe alright guys here is a bot relay harness this is what were going to be making today basically it has a switch. It has a fuse and it has a relay and the wires. That you need to hook up to your lights.
Now you can buy these for about twenty five dollars or you can make your own i get asked a lot do i need a relay harness or can i just hook up a switch to my lights well the real answer is yes you should have a relay harness. But you dont have to but you should the reason for that is the relay takes all of the power and puts it in the engine compartment the only thing that you have in the cab is a low voltage switch basically that turns on and off the relay everything thats dangerous. Its pretty much in the engine compartment where it should be so thats the reason that you should use this so theres a few things that youll need to do your own and as always you can make it as expensive or as cheap as you want to the first thing that youll need though is some wire depending on which what kind of accessories.
Youre running will determine the size of the wire. 14. Gauges can be fine for our small leds and most leds.
But ill leave a link in the description for selecting your wire size the next thing that youll need is a switch. I just bought this at the auto parts store. Its got a light on it so you know when its on or off.
Youll need an inline fuse now you can make a fuse holder. Like this if you want to if you want to get real cheap. Well need a relay.
This one has a place where you can mount it on top or you can just grab one out of a junkyard and you dont have to have this. But this is what the relay plugs into so you can just use these female terminals. If youd like and just shove them up in here and use that as your as your connector or you can buy one of these for about three or three dollars.
I say and i think thats it this is a real life from the junkyard. So im going to show you how to make this the cheapest way possible probably. But just keep in mind that you can buy these and make it a little more expensive.
But youre going to have to have the relay switch. Some of these female connectors and some wire you might want to get three or four different colors of wire. But just to make it cheaper you can probably get away with two different colors okay well it always helps me if i can see something on a map.
So lets draw a little map for you here on how were going to wire. This thing up. So youve got your light.
Here. Lets call this light. Okay.
Now youve got a positive and a negative wire coming out of that so your positive is going to come down. Its going to go to your relay. Okay.
Now youve got a negative here coming out of the light. So you can either go to a ground like on your bumper or something. Like that or you can come down to the ground on the relay.
So im going to label this ground okay or battery negative or relay. Ground. So youve got a few options there.
Let me draw out the rest of this stuff. Here and make it simpler okay. So youve got your battery.
Over here. Which is positive and negative and then were going to stick a fuse in here. And thats got two prongs on it right okay.
Now were going to have a lets go from the relay to the negative. So one part on the relay is going to go to the negative side of the battery. And ill show you those connections here in a minute.
This is what your relay looks like its got these what five prongs on there so this wire coming off of the light can either go like i said to the bumper ground or to the battery negative or to the relay ground. And well tie that in together right here. Well make that connection now.
Theres another terminal thats going to come to one side of the fuse. The other side of the fuse is going to go to the positive of your battery. And then weve got one more terminal coming off of the relay and that one is going to come down here to your switch.
Now your switch is going to be inside your your cab and your switch depending on which kind of yet if its lighted. Youll have three terminals coming off of it this one is going to go usually. Its that middle terminal that goes to the relay and then you have a positive end of your switch and a negative end of your switch.
This side. The negative end is going to go to ground. Youll usually just crown that somewhere you know under the under the dash.
So thats to ground and then this side. Were going to have a wire coming out of this sided switch and thats going to go to your ignition or your constant hot. So it depends on how you want to have this work.
If you go to your ignition. This light will only turn on when your key is on if you go to a constant hot. It will turn on no matter whether the keys on ur not so it really depends on what you want to do there.

how to wire led light bar without relay-0
how to wire led light bar without relay-0

Lets see what else we have i think thats it let me label. This battery okay. So that is all of the options.
We have now lets talk about length. Generally you can want this one wire to be about ten feet this one to be about six feet six feet about five feet. Here.
This is if were going to the bumper this relay. Will be close to your battery. So you only need about one one foot from here from the relay to the battery and on this one too.
And you know this one could be three feet maybe to the ground to the bumper or five feet coming to the relay next to this positive wire. Here. So i know my handwriting is kind of messy right there.
But hopefully you can read that and lets talk about the relay next. So this is your relay right here let me enlarge it though lets make a larger relay. I need a bigger piece of paper really okay so on your relight.
You have some numbers on here. Youve got lets see is this orientated right yep. This one this one this one this one and this one so.
This one is 87. This one is a seven a this one is sipping right sideways. Thirty.
This one is 85 and i cant write sideways lets do 86. Okay 85 okay so now this one 87 this is going to go to your positive on your lights okay. 85 over here this one is going to go to ground okay over here 86.
This one is going to go to your switch. And number 30 right here is going to go to your fuse and then thats going to go to your battery positive of course. Okay and 87.
A were not going to use that so i hope that makes sense. Ill tell you what here is a one that i actually took my time on did a little better job. Its in pencil.
But if you take a screenshot of that you can print. It out maybe that will help you out a little better okay. Lets put our diagram over here.
Now were going to follow that to make everything now so that things dont get confusing. Im going to turn this into inches instead of feet otherwise. Wed have a jumble of mess.
You wouldnt be able to see what im doing so also this tutorial is not about how to solder and use heat shrink. But you probably do want to use solder heat shrink. But im not going to do that in this video.
If you need to know how to do that ive got another video on that alright so lets take this wire and start cutting it to length. Im going to need five feet here. So thats going to be about five inches.
And ill cut that for here now i need one foot. So one inch. I cant do one inch.
Because that will just be a nightmare. So lets do you know about four inches. Thats probably the minimum.
I can really work with so thats going to be four here and here now for the switch. I found this green wire. So lets do ten inches of that okay and then six inches of red and black wire for the ground on the switch and the wire go into the ignition.
So that this one goes to ground here get that one here this one here this one this one thats all i need okay next step. All these wires. That are going to go to the relay right here.
Im going to put a female connector onto them. Now. If you are going to use one of these pre built connectors.
You would not use these you would just solder them to the wires on the backside and then slip that in but for us. Were going to use these so what we need to do is strip the wire. I never use this yet.
How does this work oh wrong way just kidding okay strip those wires and were going to put these female ends on and using our krumpers. Im going to crimp. It thats going to take just a little bit.
So i wont bore you with that on this one here. Though. Im going to connect these two black wires together like i mentioned youve got several options.
There im going to connect those together going into the relay. Okay one two three four. Ive got all the connections ready for the relay now this switch has male ends on it so im going to make female ends for everything that is going to the switch.
Which is going to be those three wires. There okay now thats ready to hook to the switch. But before i connect that lets connect the other side of these wires here from the switch to the ground.

how to wire led light bar without relay-1
how to wire led light bar without relay-1

I should probably use a ring terminal. I need to go get one of those now from the switch to the ignition or the constant hot. If youre going to go to your ignition.
I like to use this or even to the constant hop. Because usually there is a blank spot on the the fuse box area. There should be a fuse missing.
So you can plug this in put that directly in the fuse box. And it should have an ignition area and a constant hot. Usually so lets put that on there and on this end.
Lets put a ring terminal on the ground. Usually theres a good ground similar by the the break area the brake pedal underneath the dash so you can do that or you can go all the way back to the battery. If you want to and ground it at the battery.
All right. Theres only a few more connections to make lets do this one right here this is going to go from the relay to the negative on the battery. So were going to use a ring terminal again there for that it needs to be big enough to connect to your battery terminal.
This is the wrong size on the on this end. But its all i have and it will work for now. So lets crimp that on there okay now weve got this this is the fuse wire.
So what we need to do there is cut that in half and put our inline fuse in the middle so more than likely what you want to do is solder this inline fuse in line. There but just to be cheap. Im going to take two of these female terminals and we will make a cheap inline fuse and thats just going to go like this and then im going to crimp this to this okay.
So ive done that now the next thing is to go from here to the positive end of the battery again for that we will need a ring terminal again not the right size. But this will work for demonstration purposes here okay. That is all the connections except for the lights.
And ive got those just i dont have any connections on the end of that so depending on what kind of light. You have you might want to solder that into the connection that goes to your light or you might want to just solder. It into the the the light itself you might have a quick connect that came with your light.
Im not sure but just just connect those to your light. This will be the the negative obviously and the positive on your light. Now if youve got more than one light to hook up you need to check your amperage make sure that your wiring is capable of doing that but if so all you need to do is split off of your positive here and your negative.
Here and come over to your other light. So now lets go ahead and connect this relay. So lets look at our diagram here number eighty seven goes to the positive of the lights.
So thats this one its going to go right here. Number 85. Is the ground so that one is going to go right here 85 to ground.
Now we have a 86 that goes to the switch. See this is the switch that goes to 86. And then the last one is 30 that goes to the fuse and then on to the battery.
So thats this one here okay. Now lets hook up our switch. This probably goes lets see which one goes where this one over here is the ground so thats the black.
Okay. This one is the power then so thats going to be to the ignition or the constant. Let me turn that around here so it matches with our diagram and then in the middle like a thought that goes to what it says is the accessory actually thats going to go to the relay.
But that powers the accessory so thats that now it looks kind of jumbled. But really its all in this diagram here. If you can read that like a map.
Its its pretty simple actually so all we need to do now is connect this end to the ground under the this end to the ignition or constant hot somewhere under the like and the fuse box area. Then we need to connect this one to the battery positive side of the battery. We need to connect this one to the negative side of the battery and to our lights.
Lets plug this up and test it out okay guys were in the engine compartment lets give it a little test. Ive got everything hooked up like it would be obviously the wires are a little shorter. Though so ive got some alligator clips.
Connecting things and you would want to route the switch into the cab. I think you guys understand all that this is the quadra tech light that was on the roof a minute ago. Lets test it out.
Oh ho. Thats bright now. Oh.
You probably cant see that but let me turn that around you can see that the light is working the light on the switch. That is the light light is working and you can actually hear the relay when you click it on if you listen carefully you can hear the relay click over and turn the light on and that keeps on dangerous stuff from being in your in your camp. And in the engine compartment where it should be so anyway.
I guess thats it guys if youre still confused check in the description box below. Im going to leave some links there out some other videos that ive done on lighting and some diagrams to help you out so hopefully you can figure this out i appreciate you watching. And dont forget to check out quadra tech comm like i said.
These are lights were set up for jks. Theyre plug and play they come with some harnesses depending on which model your jk you have that will just plug right in so you dont have to do this. But i figured you guys would would enjoy learning how to make one of these relay harnesses yourself.
So i check them out quadra tech comm also bleepin jeep comm. Weve got t shirt tests all kinds of great stuff for you theyre stickers really cool stickers so bleep and jib comm hit the thumbs up button and subscribe. Well see you in the next video.

how to wire led light bar without relay-2
how to wire led light bar without relay-2

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