DIY on Applying Plastic Film to Exterior Windows

how to put plastic on windows outside This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you DIY on Applying Plastic Film to Exterior Windows. Following along are instructions in the video below:
Folks its ben. Were gonna be doing a little bit of a project today. Today.
We have a door in our living room that has a window on it can open and it tends to leak pretty good in the wintertime. So what ive got here is an outdoor window plastic kit and the outdoor ones are obviously different than the indoor ones because you put them on the outside of the house. The reason.
Why were putting on the outside. The house is cats they tend to shred the inside ones so in the box. If its like any other window kit.
Were gonna have two things the plastic obviously and this is big enough to do two three by five foot doors instructions on how to use it and thats where youre watching the video and then the two sided tape.

how to put plastic on windows outside-0
how to put plastic on windows outside-0

Which instructions are pretty simple you cut it to size you put it over the tape and then you pull it tight enough. So that there arent any wrinkles. Theres no hairdryer used in this one.
So thats pretty cool too. So. Lets head outside and take a look so heres our door pretty nice story painted.
But what im gonna do now is im going to take some windex and a paper towel and im just gonna wipe the outside of the window. Make sure. Theres no loose dirt.
So ill give our tape something nice to stick to so we wont just lift off because its picked up dirt i washed this last week its still pretty clean.

how to put plastic on windows outside-1
how to put plastic on windows outside-1

But i want to hit it again just to be sure about the height of the window. And troy just about on the bottom here. Leaving a little extra well now.
Ive got a piece. Its really too big thats okay cuz when im done ill come in trim the edges. But thats approximately the right size now were gonna lay tape for this next piece.
Im going to pull back some of the tape covering so i can put my next layer tape over it to make a good seal. You and save the rest for later next. Im gonna come by peel.
All the extra outside covering tape off and then im going to try to lay my plastic as smooth as i can on the window.

how to put plastic on windows outside-2
how to put plastic on windows outside-2

This doesnt use a hairdryer you pretty much just pull. It as tight as you can to make it look as good as you can the tape clearly says that its only for outdoor use only so i imagine. Its a lot more stickier than the stuff youd use on the inside.
Now if you dont first succeed try again. The instructions say that you can pull it off and reposition. The tape.
What make sure all the wrinkles are gone of course being outside you also have the breeze and things to do it you now im going to just trim off a lot of the excess. But well see how it goes throughout the season. Well keep you updated.
But that will at least stop airflow coming in and out of this window from the cracks from the where it is on the frame and mostly between the two panes of glass. You have any questions let me know i think this is our first outside window. Weve done them on the inside for years at various houses and things like that but there you go.

how to put plastic on windows outside-3
how to put plastic on windows outside-3

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