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Want to give a shout out to rainbow ag. Sparkles thanks for the request and and just craft. It for this craft.
You will need communion cups. Craft paint mini silicon and size 30 millimeter. Clear ornament balls start by taking your communion cup and adding.
A starbucks logo you can print out these logos from our blog or you can also cut them out of starbucks menus. Also if you want to make frappes that arent starbucks you can leave off the logo and add any logo. You want were just going to use a glue stick apply it to the back of the paper and stick it on the community cup next take your fast drying silicon and just squeeze it into your communion cup depending on what flavor you want you can add a tent of craft paint.
Were using a light brown for our caramel frappe and then just take a toothpick and just stir it around till. You get the nice color that you want and then to save on our silicone.

how to make american girl doll food-0
how to make american girl doll food-0

Were gonna stuff a cotton ball right in the middle. So you cant see it but this way it takes up space and you save on your silicone. So well just put it right there and then if your customers want whipped cream.
You can just take the two of silicone and squeeze it right on top you can also take a ziploc bag and a star tip to make it a little more fancy. But once you use it with the silicone. You dont want to bake with the star tip.
Anymore so make sure you keep it in your craft supplies then if your customers want the caramel. Drizzle you can use your puffy paint and just squirt it right on top so cute to go one step further you can take these clear ornament balls. You can find these at some craft stores amazon and ebay their size 30 millimeter.
Theyll have this little tab on it its plastic and you just want to bend it back and forth and pop it off if theres a rough edge you can smooth it out with the nail file or you can also just carefully cut it off with your exacto knife to make the hole in it youll need your parents permission or supervision take a small drill bit and just carefully drill right in the center of it and this is one way you can get your hole started the second way you can do it again with your parents permission or supervision is to take a paper clip and hold it over a candle. So it heats up once it heats up after a few seconds.

how to make american girl doll food-1
how to make american girl doll food-1

You can press. It right down the center of the plastic ornament and it will create the hole. Once you have the hole now you can widen it im using an exacto knife.
And im just gonna go slow. Im speeding this up so you can see the process you can also take scissors and just twist. The scissors in there and it will widen the hole.
But you need to work very carefully its a soft plastic. So the exacto knife will cut it right away right to the exact size you want and you just need it large enough so you can stick a straw right down. The center.
So your dolls can drink their starbucks use your exacto knife to carefully shave away any rough edges. So now.

how to make american girl doll food-2
how to make american girl doll food-2

Its nice and smooth. Now that you have your top you can place it right on top of your frozen. Frappe and make sure you sink it down into the silicone so when it dries it stays in place and it doesnt fall off you can wipe away any excess caramel frappe you can use the mini straw to push it right down the center.
If you dont have a green straw. You can use craft paint or nail polish to paint. A straw green.
You can also use a toothpick and now you have your american girl doll. Starbucks frappe. Were going to make a few different flavors here i think this is like smores or maybe cookie dough.
I cant remember but were gonna do like a chocolate bottom and then were gonna use really tiny seed beads for the middle to look like crushed up cookies and then well do chocolate on top again leave a comment. If you can remember what this frappe is called and then again.

how to make american girl doll food-3
how to make american girl doll food-3

Well top it off with some whipped cream and then some chocolate drizzle and then if you want a two tone frappe. Like maybe a vanilla bean on the bottom. And then a flavor like strawberry on the top.
Just put your silicone in there first. And then add your paint on top and then carefully mix so the pink or whatever color flavor. You have on top stays near the top and that way itll give you kind of an ombre effect.
So the bottom will be white and then the top will be whatever color. You choose you can do chocolate like this and caramel. Like this also and it just gives it a really cool effect make sure you push the silicone all the way to the edge of the cup.
So there are no bubbles and gaps oop. This can be like a cotton candy mix or what are some other cool flavors. They have music again drizzle on top because we love the drizzle and your little lid and thats it thats how you make your starbucks frappe.
Be sure to leave us a comment with what your favorite flavor starbucks frappe is is it vanilla bean is it chocolate chip. I prefer caramel and extra caramel drizzle and subscribe to our channel so you can just craft it with us every time music. .

how to make american girl doll food-4
how to make american girl doll food-4

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