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Hi guys. Its didi with didi llosa beauty. And so today.
Im just just coming in to show you this quick and easy diy vanity mirror. That is cheap. It was very easy.
The mirror is post purchased from ikea. The lights were purchased from amazon and i just really wanted to come and show you guys a affordable way that you can get led lights that will allow you to do your makeup. Solely at your vanity.
But it also does not take up a lot of space. It is very a minimalistic design. The round mirrors are actually very popular right now.
It is a different look you dont want to go with the traditional bulb lights. There on this side of the mirrors that are very popular right now. I would actually be using those.
But i dont have enough of space so this setup that im gonna be showing you guys of how i did the mirror in another video. I actually show you my whole vanity setup as far as organization and also the way it looks. The final product have a small space to put a vanity area in and i really think.
Its going to work out perfect for me so again i just wanted to show you guys. This is what it looks like and again. If you like this video.
Please give me a thumbs up please make sure you to subscribe and please make sure you hit that notification bell to let you know what ill be doing more uploads and again i hope in the future to be doing more diys and home decor post with you guys as well.

round vanity mirror with lights-0
round vanity mirror with lights-0

So. If you like this video. Please keep on watching.
It first starting off. What i purchased was this flex led strip light and i purchased this from amazon for 1499. And it comes with everything youre going to need for this project.
So when you open the box. You have a dimmer and this is gonna be used so you can control the brightness of the lights. Youre also going to get the actual led lights and it comes on this small thing like these and then you are going to get the power adapter.
Okay and the power adapter is like this so it was very simple youre just gonna need three these three pieces and then im also going to grab the mirror that i purchased is actually a mirror from. Ikea it was very. Affordable it was only 2999.
And i will list the name of the product in the description box below. If you want to go check it out and see if they have one in one of your local ideas or if you actually want to just purchase it online. Do is im gonna go ahead and start wrapping the led lights around the mirror.
And im going to have to im going to go around twice. So im going to start here at the bottom. Because this is the top of my mirror.
And its going to be plugged into the outlet on the bottom. So i want to start with my lights at the bottom so there is tape on the back that you can pull off and im going to go ahead and start peeling off the tape. Its a big there we go and make sure when youre doing this that you are not doing this with it plugged in safety precautions.

round vanity mirror with lights-1
round vanity mirror with lights-1

So again. Im gonna. And im just going to go ahead and unplug these things so they wont be in the way.
And again. Im going to start here at the bottom. And i kind of want to focus it towards the end so im gonna go here.
This is pretty much the middle and then im just gonna peel. And steep music applause music music music. Now.
What you didnt see me do at the end. When i got ready to cut in there is a line right here that has like a picture of scissors and that just allows you to know where you can actually click because you cant cut just anywhere. So you want to click right here on this area.
That has the picture of the scissors and that lets you know where you can click on the led light strips alright. So now i have my strips. They have all been placed on the mirror.
And im just going to go back around and kind of just press down to make sure that they are all pressed down and in place. Okay. There you go very bright.
It will allow me to do everything that i need to do in my room as far as getting dressed and doing my makeup and my makeup vanity. So again the lights are on and if i use the dimmer you can see this is the brightest setting and then you can continue to dim. It until you turn it off music applause music.

round vanity mirror with lights-2
round vanity mirror with lights-2

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