DOBERMAN vs ROTTWEILER! What’s The Best Family Guard Dog?

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You want to know what the ultimate family guard dog breed is well todayss quarterfinal contest. Sees the rottweiler in the doberman looking to eliminate each other and on to the semi final. So that further ado lets get straight into round 1 about five round five whoever wins.
The most rounds progresses round. Number one temperament with children providing the doberman has been well safe sized. And correctly trained.
There are a good choice as a family pet and they fit in well in a home environment with this said these dogs get very protective of any children they go with an instinctively feel the need to guard them anyone who already shares a home with the doberman with younger children in the house should always make sure they are never left together and attended it is also crucial for parents to teach young children how to behave around dogs and when to stay away from them. Particularly when there is food around or during certain play times rotties need to be treated with a great amount of respect. But when they bond with the family.
The bond remains very strong throughout their lives in short a rottweiler becomes totally devoted to their owners and families. If they are given the right amount of daily exercise and enough mental stimulation. They are good pets.
But care has to be taken when they are around children especially toddlers who may not yet have been taught how to behave around such large dogs. Anyone who already shares a home with verratti and younger children should always make sure they are never left together and attended it is also crucial for parents to teach young children how to behave around dogs and when to stay away from them. Particularly when there is food around or during playtime.
Both dogs can make excellent family companions and have excellent temperaments around children. When trained and socialized well. However.
We do need a winner and in my humble opinion choosing between the two i lean towards the temperament of the doberman for the win in this round round number two the intimidation factor dobermans are proud impressive looking dogs. And there is no mistaking them for any of a breed. Theyre well balanced with an athletic appearance that shows they have a lot of power and strength their heads are well proportioned in relation to their body with a long clean cut muzzle and a slight stop the color of their nose.

doberman or rottweiler who is a better guard dog-0
doberman or rottweiler who is a better guard dog-0

Matches. Their coats with solid black dobermans boasting black noses. Dark brown dogs having brown ones while blue dogs have solid gray noses and form dogs have light brown ones.
Their eyes are almond shaped and set moderately deep. With dogs boasting and alert. Lively expression.
The color of their eyes. Matches. A dogs coat color is a neat and small being set high on a dogs head.
Which dobermans eva carry upright or dropped their jaw is strong and well developed with a perfect scissor bite where the upper teeth neatly overlap their their necks are quite long and lean. Which adds to the dobermans noble appearance and which dogs hold slightly arched with the nate being extremely muscular rottweilers are large and impressive dogs being well proportioned. Powerful and extremely well muscled their broad heads were moderately arched foreheads and nicely muscled cheeks dogs have slight wrinkling on their heads when theyre alert otherwise the skin is tight their muzzles are deep with a well defined stop two noses are always black with nice wide large nostrils a completely subjective round here and both dogs are undeniably intimidating in their own right.
And id love to hear. Which one you find more intimidating down in the comment section below and help me judge this i pulled up two images of both dogs snarling side by side and im not sure why by automatically found the doberman the breed. Id rather avoid if i had to choose between the two and the doberman rooves up two rounds to nil round.
Number. Three. The dogs trainability dobermans are highly intelligent and excel at all sorts of canine activities.
Which include competitive obedience protection training and much more as such theyre easy to train. Because they have a strong desire to please the people they respect and love. However they need to be handled gently by someone whos familiar with this type of highly intelligent breed.

doberman or rottweiler who is a better guard dog-1
doberman or rottweiler who is a better guard dog-1

Their training a socialization must start from a young age bearing in mind that dobermans can be a bit fiery at times. Especially when theyre excited. This is one of the reasons.
Why theyre not a good choice for first time owners who have little to no experience and training this type of dog bearing in mind. The breed is renowned for being strong willed and determined by nature. The rottweiler is one of the most intelligent dogs on the planet.
And therefore they learn new things extremely quickly the downside to this is a rotter would just as quickly pick up some bad habits as they do with the good they need to be handled with a firm yet sympathetic approach that its always consistent right from the word go and throughout their lives. Which is one of the reasons. Our better suited to people who are familiar with their types of needs rottweilers need to be well socialized when there are puppies and it cannot be stressed strongly enough that their training must start as early as possible to failure to socialize a puppy or trainer young dog correctly is a recipe for disaster for both our rottweiler and their owners they are extremely intelligent.
But they also boast a very dominant side to their characters as such they need to be taught their place in the pack and who the alpha dog in the household is them to be truly well rounded dogs there are amongst the breeds that are super sensitive to a persons voice and as such respond well and extremely quickly when now given a command with this in mind is worth noting a great task. We take when training a rottweiler to avoid getting them too excited. Which could result in a dog becoming unruly and unmanageable probably the hardest round to judge here as both dogs are top 10 smartest in the world.
But the doberman does regularly ranked in the top 5 ahead of the rathi who can also show a more dominant side. Which can make training harder. Allowing the doberman to go up 3 nil round number 4 health and life expectancy.
The average life expectancy of a doberman is between 9. To 12 years like so. Many other breeds.
A doberman is known to suffer from a few hereditary health issues. Which are worth knowing about youre planning to share your home with one of these active and good looking dogs the conditions that seem to affect the breed. Most include the following doberman cardiac troponin von willebrands disease hip dysplasia dilated cardiomyopathy hereditary deafness is use bloat hyperthyroidism canine wobbler syndrome and arthritis the average life expectancy of a rottweiler is between eight and ten years when properly cared for and fed an appropriate good quality diet to suit their age.

doberman or rottweiler who is a better guard dog-2
doberman or rottweiler who is a better guard dog-2

The rottweiler is known to suffer from a few hereditary health issues with the conditions that seem to affect the most being cancer. I problems cruciate ligament rupture wet eczema cold water tail hip and elbow dysplasia bloat obesity. A optic.
Stenosis and temperament issues. The doberman also takes his round with a longer average life expectancy and fewer common health issues. The fifth and final round actual protection ability dobermans are inherent watchdogs.
Which is a trait thats deeply embedded in dog psyche having been bred for decades to protect and guard. There are also one of the most commonly used dog breeds in the world for police and military uses. The rottweiler is a natural watchdog.
Because guarding and protecting is a trait that is deeply embedded into their history and psyche as such theyre among the best watch dogs around. And dont need to be taught to guard anything when it comes to protecting their family homes and loved ones. Another excruciating round to judge here and one that im gonna have to go with my gut on and if i had to choose one to protect my young family.
I would lean towards a rottweiler. However. I would be more than happy with the doberman so the doberman wins this contest four rounds to one.
But i want to make it clear that this contest was far far closer than the score made it seem and id be happy to accept you choose an either breed for the majority of those rounds as it was so close. However. The doberman does advance to the semi finals of a tournament.
Where take on the connie corso. Dont forget to leave your score predictions for that next contest down in the comment section below and well see if any of you guys can get it right click the top left video for another first round contest between the bull mastiffs in the akita and click the bottom left video for another one of our videos that i think you might enjoy dont forget to subscribe and hit the bell icon. So you dont miss the next contest in a tournament to determine the ultimate family guard dog.

doberman or rottweiler who is a better guard dog-3
doberman or rottweiler who is a better guard dog-3

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