Does Apple Cider Vinegar Tighten Things ‘Down There’?

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You ever received those emails from your mom. Yeah you didnt ask for them. Them.
But you get them anyway yeah. Well the first one these comes from veronica. Tampa florida.
It reads hi honey have you heard that apple cider vinegar can actually tighten things down. There much more uses for apple cider vinegar than meets the eye lol. I would never send me something like this like if i thought something from this from my mom.
See thats the thing like i always come back to cultural differences like me being raised up in a mexican family. When i my period for the first time. I went to to the school nurse and said.
I had to go to a hospital cuz. Nobody talked about it nobody talks like in its fan of culture.

how to tighten vaginal walls with vinegar-0
how to tighten vaginal walls with vinegar-0

We dont talk about this this kind of stuff so i first of all id be shocked to see my mom sending something like that and i dont think i would want to try something like that well we know that i mean they have used it as a douche in the pack sweet. We now know its not a good idea. We know that it is bacteriostatic right my father does have those properties when consumed right and not put in use on the way i dont even understand what theyre saying to do with this and i do have to say that dr.
Landry obgyn doctor batra dermatologist. We talked to them they said this is not something that they would want you to put on your vaginal scan. But what worries me about these kinds of emails when they get forwarded is i could i could actually imagine a woman reading this go in and taking the tampon sticking.
It in the apple cider vinegar and be like well lets give it a whirl and if that didnt work then just pour the whole bottle. Ive taken baths in it it would burn it so stringent and its very acidic. Theres also people have talked about taking putting it in bath water.
Its different taking a bath with a little bit of apple cider a little bit. I mean this episode of inner grizzle. Does have a lot of help help that good and also consumed as we talked about but put directly on the vaginal skin internally is not a good idea is there anything for the women that are interested in making it nice and tight down.
There. What is all sorts of good stuff.

how to tighten vaginal walls with vinegar-1
how to tighten vaginal walls with vinegar-1

Vaginal rejuvenation has more than doubled off off the charmin and wanting to tighten up internally and externally stetic. Thing is pretty it was pretty and youthful just like the rest of our body. Its a cosmetic thing patients are very happy with those words.
You know what these are attics. I would assume what do you think you do with them and theyre three different sizes. I have no clue no im saying they said when it comes okay so when it comes to i know im 36 years old.
But when it comes to sex and having dropped so much weight. Im experiencing new things so im like on a discovery mode of like just learning you guys see me honey look all right what is this these are vaginal eggs. Okay so they would be so these can help to improve if these are inserted vaginally and then when you squeeze around the egg.
It helps to improve pelvic floor. Strength and sexual function and sexual response for a woman. A tattoo babies.
Its hard so this assists somebody that has difficulty. .

how to tighten vaginal walls with vinegar-2
how to tighten vaginal walls with vinegar-2

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