Downloading \u0026 Installing the SCT Device Updater

how to unlock sct x4 tuner yourself This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Downloading & Installing the SCT Device Updater. Following along are instructions in the video below:
This video youll learn how to download and install sct device updater as well well as use the different functions and features within the application well first begin by a web browser and visiting wwe sct flash comm when our home page populates youll go ahead and click on the tech support tab on the top of the page. This will take you to our main support page. There are images at the bottom of the page to identify the product.
You have if you dont see the image go ahead and click on dont see your product. This will take you to a following page where theres discontinued products within these product pages. You will find the downloads.
You are looking for in this particular instance. We have our x4 device. So lets go ahead and click on the export image within the product page to our different icons to download the start guide a user guide sct device updater the live link software as well as tutorials on how to update and how to load custom tunes on your device.
Well go ahead and download sct device updater by clicking on the third icon. Labeled updater software the download will appear on the bottom left corner of the screen once the download becomes available click on it once to run the executable. Please follow the prompts on the screen as this will allow you to and successfully install sct device updater.
There are two parts to the installer sct device updater installs first when its complete it will start installing the sct drivers v10 11. These are required in order for your pc to be able to successfully recognize your hardware your sct device programmer. When this is complete you have a finish option at the bottom of the installer.
Please go ahead and connect your device once thats complete now that sct device updater is successfully installed youll find an icon on your desktop labeled sct device updater by double clicking on the icon you will run the executable itself the application will open youll notice. 6. Different options to choose from the first one being automatically check for updates.
The function of this option is very simple the application will identify the software that within the device and compare it to whats available on our server. If green font is displayed as its shown here the tuner is up to date. And know what data is required any red font thats being displayed will tell us that the tuner is out of date and requires an update there for update device becoming available by clicking update device the software will automatically download and install the updates for you the second option is load custom tune file by clicking on load custom tune file.
This will allow you to install any custom tunes that were sent to you from your custom tuning dealer if youve already saved your custom tunes on to your desktop click locate custom tunes this will find the cef files that are saved onto your desktop by clicking on the actual file name. And selecting select this will put it under the available tunes column you will go ahead and click on the file. Name.

how to unlock sct x4 tuner yourself-0
how to unlock sct x4 tuner yourself-0

And select add to device transferring it over to the column on the right hand side labeled on device. This actually puts it in a queue to transfer to the tuner. If you wish to rename the actual file name.
Now its a good chance to do so by highlighting the actual file and right beside edit name go ahead and modify. The actual title of the tomb. Lets label this one performance race by clicking save so well rename the file.
Now you can click program as ct device up data will tell you when the programming is complete third option and fourth option transfer file to device and update. Former are used to update. Our sf3 devices.
Our tsx devices and our older live wire units. These devices cannot be automatically updated you will use the automatic. We check for update function for your itsx your x4 and your livewire ts.
Only the fifth option is display device settings in serial. Number. It simply just reads the settings within the device and will display the firmware tune revision.
The e type. Which is an identification of the computer of the vehicle. And the serial number of the unit.
It will also tell us if the tuner is married and how many times. Its flashed a vehicle get stock file from device allows you to save a copy of your stock file and save it onto your desktop or any designated folder. Note.
That this does not extract the stock file from the tuner therefore leaving the tuner without a stock file. Its simply a copy so you can have the stock file for safekeeping on your desktop now that you know what all the features are youre ready to use them as needed and youve successfully used sct device updater thank you for watching. .

how to unlock sct x4 tuner yourself-1
how to unlock sct x4 tuner yourself-1

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