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Of us are looking for new ways to get healthy and feel better. Dr. Travis travis stork.
Hosted the doctors is that with a new book. That might help it called the. Lose your belly.
Diet. Change. Your gut change your life.
Hi. Travis. So nice to see you.
Thanks. For having me. Appreciate you know i said yesterday to dr.
Oz that i have im getting a little excess weight in my belly. As i age so youre just what the doctor ordered. So thank you very much so.
This is really a new area of medical research.

the belly fat diet book-0
the belly fat diet book-0

About good bacteria inflammation can you kind of explain it to us. Its so new. We did not know about this when i went to medical school.
And so interestingly gut bacteria. A lot of people gonna hear more and more about this for the next five to ten years. Our gut back to your way up to six pounds in our gut.
Hundred trillion cells. But they dont just hang out. Theyre very important interestingly lean people have 70 more gut bacteria and more diverse gut bacteria.
So i wrote this book to highlight ways in which we can eat to really change the makeup of our gut bacteria. Because everything from inflammation in the body peoples more gut bacteria may have lower rates of autoimmune illness. But we just got bacteria youre talking about good bacteria right.
Because yeah people think of bacteria and they think oh gross right and to some extent we doctors are at fault weve taught everyone bacteria bad yeah and unfortunately thats not the case most bacteria are really good for us. And its really important that we nurture them and so im really flipping the script on this in the past it was kill bacteria kill bacteria and that may be part of the reason why were in the trouble. We are with obesity being at the highest rate.
Weve ever known and so really teaching people how to eat in a way to increase your gut bacteria. But also help you lose weight and be healthy. Whats an interaction between gut bacteria and inflammation right.
Because they think inflammation is behind.

the belly fat diet book-1
the belly fat diet book-1

So many different diseases right is it bad like bacteria makes your immune system. Almost overreact and cause inflammation that then causes disease well. Im think about it this way.
If youre not exposed to a lot of these good gut bacteria. What happens is your immune system can be like a bored. Teenager.
Uh huh. Constantly attacking things that it should an increasing inflammation in the body. And so we dont fully understand how it all works yet and thats whats interesting every single day.
A new article comes out about this and i spent all summer reading about it. But the one thing. We do know is that these bacteria if we nurture them they seem to tamp down inflammation this complex physiologic cascade.
That i wont bore people with those details they excite me. But if what matters to laypeople is we can starting with our next meal. We can start changing the makeup of our microbiome and also increase our chances of being at a healthier weight and reducing the risk of inflammation.
Okay well lets go through it. Because you have five duck guidelines. You know this is not probiotics.

the belly fat diet book-2
the belly fat diet book-2

This is eating food that will increase that good bacteria in your in your belly. Right absolutely. So in the book.
I talked about five gut guidelines and the first is to eat probiotics every day. And im not talking about supplements. I talked about supplements and who they may be good for in the book.
But were talking about things like yogurt kefir fermented sauerkraut all these foods that i used to not easy. Isnt that why mg is another fermented food those probiotics. What they do is they add good bacteria in there and so it adds to that mix something called prebiotics.
Ive never heard of that well in prebiotics a lot of people dont think about this but these are foods that feed those bacteria so probiotics add bacteria prebiotics feed them high fiber foods simple switch in the book. I talk about raspberries have 8 grams of fiber per cup as opposed to strawberries which have 3 grams. So up your intake of those high fiber fruits.
Vegetables. Whole grains all those things matter. You say pick a mix of proteins right and why are proteins important well in in america.
We tend to think of protein as only coming from meat. But i talk in the book about interesting plant proteins nuts and seeds if you add those throw them in your salad store them into more meals. Those proteins also have great fiber and other nutrients okay you also say great grains are really important dont give up on grains.
A lot of people look.

the belly fat diet book-3
the belly fat diet book-3

There are so many grains that people dont know about try new ones barley bulgur. Its not just whole wheat. When we talk about great grains.
And the great thing about greens is theyre loaded with fiber again great food for our gut and another one is embrace friendly fats its interesting that the philosophy has really changed about fats hasnt it because it keeps you more sated and you really shouldnt avoid them entirely right travis. Another thing that we did as doctors is about two three decades ago. We scare people off.
We told people look dont eat fat. But the truth is fat doesnt make you fat healthy fats can be really good for your health and so by adding all those foods together you can truly create wonderful tasty meals and in the book have a lot of great recipes that combine all these needs real quickly we only have like 15 seconds. Tell us what you should focus on you mentioned raspberries instead of strawberries.
There are a lot of whole grains have fun with grains have fun with your salad and go with these nice deep greens and the one thing. I will say is try as best you can stay away from things like the croutons instead go with nuts and seeds make make it crunchy with something thats good for your health. All right great good to see you tall drink of water thats any way the book is what is it called again if your belly.
Diet change. Your gut change your life. Hello.
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the belly fat diet book-4
the belly fat diet book-4

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