Drugstore Skincare Routine | Affordable Options for Oily, Dry \u0026 Combination Skin | Cleansers \u0026 More

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Sun is awesome. It lights up our world feed. The plants helps us make vitamin vitamin d can make us beautiful.
And as bronze. Tan and of course. It does ton of other amazing things.
But its not perfect it can also cause sunburns aging saggy skin and many types of skin cancers. So in todays video. Were going to talk about the different types of sunlight how they cause cancer and how and what to protect yourself with the sun releases.
Many wavelengths or energies light. The light that reaches the ground is about 53 infrared. 43.
Visible and 4 higher energy ultraviolet light ultraviolet light has the ability to penetrate your skin and cause dna damage the types of ultraviolet light can be broken up into three groups based on their wavelength. The earths atmosphere. Absorbs almost all of ultraviolet c or uvc.
So it does not cause much damage to people much of uvb light is blocked by earths atmosphere. But some does end up reaching the ground uvb can also be blocked by sunscreen and glass privately and the uva is not blocked at all so it can be damaging all year round at any time during the day your skin is an amazing organ and does its absolute best to protect you from the sun with a fancy little protein called melanin. Its in your skin.
And absorbs. Both uvb and uva light. Having a lot of the protein makes you look darker your genetics define how much melanin is standard in your body.
And or you can make it when uvb light hits your skin. It only makes through the upper layer. But it still causes direct dna damage so your body tries to protect itself by producing more melanin.
Though it can take a few days for the melanin to be produced and actually make you look tanner. Uva light is quite a bit different. Its higher energy passed through the atmosphere and penetrates your skin even deeper your skin releases stored melanin when uva light hits your skin.
So protects itself pretty darn fast uvb is what causes long. Depends. Uva also doesnt cause direct dna damage instead it causes the formation of reactive oxygen which in turn then cause dna damage any dna damage could lead to cancer.
But your body has a lot of safeguards and repair mechanisms to hopefully fix any issues with your cells. You only get cancer. When enough cancer cells pass through all of these safeguards so how do you protect yourself from the seemingly deadly cancer causing sun you can stand side wear more clothes and sunscreen yeah you knew it was coming the spf rating on the sunscreen will tell you how much it protects you if you would normally burn.

best face wash for african american skin-0
best face wash for african american skin-0

After only three minutes in the sun than an spf 15. Will allow you be in the sun for 45 minutes. Without burning.
Spf 50 a hundred and fifty minutes even lower numbers. Protect you quite a bit. Most people dont need anything more than a 15 and maybe a 30.
But also keep in mind that youre supposed to apply every two hours and even more if sweaty or swimming. Sadly the spf rating. Only protects against uvb light.
But some sunscreens will put additional chemicals that will help absorb the uva light as well hopefully now you know a little bit more about the sun cancers and how to protect yourself. Just a little bit better. And as always thanks for watching have a super duper delicious day e dirt and oil off before washing and this is not to be done in place of washing you still need to wash your face.
I like to follow that with a little bit of micellar water especially along my eyes and eyebrows to get hard to get off. I makeup off without having to pull until get your eyes. Now its time to move on to that affordable cetaphil cleanser.
And i damped in my face. And use just a few pumps of it you dont need much its not gonna suds up a whole lot but you will feel that your skin feels really clean. I love this stuff and its easy to get all over my face and my neck and my forehead my t zone.
All of that and get it good and clean i make sure that i rinse my face upward. So i dont cause premature wrinkles. And i block my face dry with a paper.
Another. Step you can take in cleansing is exfoliating and yall. Know i love to do this about 1 to 2 times.
A week. Im queen of using a great brush and i love the towel clean buy or clean. Im happy to be working with them to bring you guys todays video showing you guys this brush before several times and i really love it because.
The charger station actually has a uv light in it. It also comes with a daily brush as well as an exfoliation brush. And i really love this because its so gentle on my skin.
It also has a little timer in it which lets you know when its time to move on to different parts of your face. And its so gentle. But yet your skin feels non stripped and also still very moisturized when youre done and ill blot off i love this uv station.

best face wash for african american skin-1
best face wash for african american skin-1

Because its killing bacteria. Its not gonna allow your brush to sit in water and its also waterproof so you can even take it into the shower as one of my very favorite brushes. I consider this one more affordable because of all it can do and what it comes with and if youre interested use my linking coat down below in the information section to get this bad boy for over 50 off.
We are also giving one away. So check. The information section for all the details on this quick and easy contest.
Theres a million and one toners out there. But i like to keep my toners really simple. There is astringent okay.
Which tend to be a little bit more. I think harsher than a toner or for something. Like witch.
Hazel. Or even a apple cider vinegar works really really well as a toner. So i usually found witch hazel in the pharmacy in the areas for band aids and burn relief.
E.en. Bickersons.
Has not only a cleansing cloth. They also have a natural astringent for face and body 597 364. So still pretty darn affordable right toners are very helpful for helping to balance your skin complexion and also for making it easier for your skin to absorb the rest of your skincare products.
Its really excellent in an easy step. But often overlooked so make sure that you do it for your whole face even behind your ears and around your neck. You also have a million in one theorem.
Its made by different companies. I love the lines by neutrogena. I tend to go for something like that one the hydro boost hydrating serum.
This one has hyaluronic acid for keeping that moisture within the skin. Also this one that i like ive tried that one as well the hydro boost multivitamin beause. You would do this before you place on that moisturizers serums are excellent agents for the skin.
But watch out because they dont all need to be used everything i love them because they have extra ingredients that are helping to boost the skin. So they help to get rid of those things like acne fine lines and wrinkles. If im having an issue with deep dark marks and hyperpigmentation.

best face wash for african american skin-2
best face wash for african american skin-2

I go ahead and add a little bit of mederma at this time. We are on some moisturizer yeah heres another awesome chart. I found on in y times.
What i love about it is it talks about the skin type because different moisturizers are needed for different types of skin and textures of skin because i have combination skin. I usually go with a lotion base. I think therapy.
Which has a daily moisturizer is a great but also a cetaphil so today. Im gonna go with the cetaphil. Which is for all skin types you might want to go with one of their lotions that its for your all over body and also for your face.
So thats another way to save money because you can use it all over early that one markets here at 6 47. A little of this lotion goes a long way and it once lasted me three to four months when i was using it straight. You dont need much and the little girls longway just make sure that you hit every important area on your face extend it down to your neck and decollete.
It also rub upwards. So you dont cause premature wrinkling or a when im going through a dry phase. I use the aveeno.
Positively radiant overnight hydrating facial. It works really well at night and also i love the absolutely ageless eye cream which can be added right after your moisturizer or sometimes right before just depends on how i feel. But i make sure that i dab this on with that ring finger.
So that im not dragging my eyes down or causing dark circles for most who needs some protection. Another step at this point is at least a 30 spf sunscreen. Which is going to help to protect your skin on wrinkles and possible skin cancer.
Theres so many different masks and i try to limit them to about one to two times a week. I usually stick with clay or hydrating masks. Hopefully.
Yall. Enjoyed our little shopping trip. Today.
Youre gonna have to pay for something you only get one skin right you guys like shopping. Let me know one thing up this video coming up so in 2019. We dont reverse those wrinkles get rid of that acne control that oily and dry skin and we dont wait so i thank you so much for watching today guys make sure that you comment share this video with someone who can use it and subscribe thanks so much for watching guys beautiful brown baby doll.
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best face wash for african american skin-3
best face wash for african american skin-3

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