D\u0026D5e Basics #5 How Do Spells Work

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This video is d. D. Basics.
Number five. And it is about how spells work work in the previous video. I spoke a little bit about spell slots and who spell casting abilities.
Unlike other games and additions of d. Md. Spells are very versatile and fifth edition.
It isnt as simple as knowing damage and range. Some spells are more than that it is important to know various things about your spells. So you can get the most of your abilities as a spell.
Caster and better benefit your group as a whole first you need to know what spell level the spell is and how it scales in different spell slots. Some spells may not scale in an advantageous way for example the spell bless at first level blesses up to three characters then if put it in higher spell level slot. Itll bless up to four characters and five and so on so putting this into a high level spell slot may not be what you want to how you want to use it the casting time is important because you need to know if the spell.
Require your action. A bonus. A reaction or a whole term to cast.
Sometimes spells can take many hours to cast. So knowing. The casting time is very important for you with the option of a ritual spell you can spend 10 minutes doing a ritual in order to not spend a spell slot.
This is a really great way to use some of the spells and not burn up any of your spell. Slots. Something ive noticed in fifth edition.
Is that spell slots are very valuable especially if youre running hoarder. The dragon queen that first section is a pain just something to keep in mind. If the spell requires a bonus action that means.
Its a really quick really quick spell that you can cast like that another nice thing about the bonus spells is that you can do your regular action. Whether thats a different spell or an attack or disengage and then you can do your bonus action. After just.
Remember you only get one bonus action per. Turn. If the spell can be cast as a action spell.
Then that means youre reacting to something whether its being attacked by an enemy. So for example shield is a reaction spell and if an enemy goes to attack you can cast shield as a reaction and you can only do one reaction per turn. But when you do this it bumps your armor class up allowing you to have a magical shield around you other spells might be a reaction in an offensive sense.
Maybe the enemy leaves your reach provoking an attack of opportunity. And now you can cast spell as an attack of opportunity. Because its a reaction spell just remember with long casting times.
That you have to maintain focus the whole time. So you might have to make a concentration check. If you get attacked or something else happens in that time so just keep that in mind.
When casting spells that have long casting times. Also keep that in mind with concentration spells the range and area of effective spell can vary and make you cast different spells at in different situations. So thats very important to know if its a cone.
If you have a straight line spell. If its a cube cylinder. All of that stuff is very important as for the range.
Some spells are touch spell. So you have to be right next to your enemy. Or friend.
And other spells can be cast up to over 100 and feet. Theres some feet that you could take that also will double the range and things like that there are various components that make up a spell. You might have a verbal component.
Which means it needs to be spoken. If you cant speak. Then you cant cast the spell so for instance if youre under water if youre under the effects of the silence about any of that then you wont be able to cast a verbal spell another thing to keep in mind is cymatics.
So if you have a somatic component. Then you need at least a free hand or you need to have the feet that allows you to cast those through a weapon or you need an arcane focus of some sort to use it as well so for instance. Maybe you can cast spells through your staff.
And thats part of your arcane focus and material on the next. Part of the components. Would be a material component.
So every spell will have not respond a lot of suppose will have components that you need to have for instance a diamond or a pearl. But if you have the arcane focus you can bypass that using your arcane focus or your staff your your necklace your holy symbol. Things like that to bypass that part of the components the duration of a spell can affect a lot of things it can either be an instantaneous spell that happens like that or it could be a spell that can last up to a minute or ten minutes.
And you need to maintain a concentration check to keep it going. If it requires a concentration tech check much like ive said before if you were to take damage or something would normally throw off characters concentration. And the dm tells you make a concentration check.
Then youll have to make a concentration check. So keep that in mind when when going to cast a concentration spell. Now with also a concentrations about you cant cast another concentration spell.
While youre doing that if you go to cast another concentration spell. It ends. The first concentration spell.
Here are some of my favorite spells that arent regular actions you got healing word. Which is a bonus spell shield reaction shield a faith which is a bonus spell shillelagh. Which is a bonus searing smite is a bonus spell and swift quiver.
Which is also a bonus. So i chose some from a couple different. Things you can use them as like an average naughty or cleric druid things like that but those are just some of my favorite spells that arent regular actions.
If you have some be sure to let me know in the comments below and id love to hear what some of the errors are and ill look into them. So. That is how spells work in d.
D. 5th. Edition.
If you have any questions. Leave. A comment.
Below also maybe you have some spells that you would prefer to use i tried to give you some of the ones that i liked and leave your stories below remember to like comment. Subscribe and share this video with your friends. Also if you havent had a chance yet be sure to go over to my website.
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But yeah go check out my website and all of that and really appreciate thank you very. Much and hope you all have a great day bye. .

how to make a ranged spell attack 5e-0
how to make a ranged spell attack 5e-0

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