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the mutt software is an example of what type of mail service software on linux? This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Email on the terminal with mutt. Following along are instructions in the video below:
This video. Im gonna talk about how to configure mutt mutt is a email email client a terminal based email client and in fact you see it right in of you and it is one of the most extensible and valuable programs. You can learn to use it takes a little time getting used to getting everything set up.
But it is one of the most effective programs you can manage all your email just with your hands on your keyboard. There is nothing more simple but well of course setting it up isnt always simple. But thats what i want to talk about in this video.
Im going to talk about how to do the basics of accessing your email whether you have your own email server or any kind of email account. How do you access that email from mott. How do you send emails and how do you actually get into configuring months.
So you can get what you need out of it so in this video. Im gonna cover just how to how to actually plug into your email server or email. Service and look and look at your mail and send it so its simple enough to do now for the example of this video.
Ive actually created a junk email account at this site cocked oddly in fact. Ill tell you what the email address is it is mut at kali so thats the email address. Im gonna use now the one important thing that you need i mean you of course need an email address and you need a password that you can access it with.
But you have that already but the one other important thing you need is the server information for your email provider in this case. Its mail dolly. Most email sites.
If you just look them up. If you have gmail or here. Ive pulled up mail comm.
Which is just some boomer web site typically theyll list two servers. That you need one is an imap server. Now imap is basically where your email is stored and you can log into an imap server remotely and access that email from any computer.
Okay if you have the proper credentials. So you you have an imap server. Even if you dont know about it even if you have some email service.
You need to find out their imap server url and their smtp server url now in cocked out lees case. Theyre both male carly in men cases. One will be im on ally map.
Dot. Whatever and the smtp will be smtp dot whatever. But you also need their port numbers as well these are usually for imap.
Theyre usually 993. Theyre usually for smtp theyre usually 587. But every once in a while someone switches it up and does something a little different.
But once you have that kind of stuff you can start setting up mutt and well lets go ahead. And do it so. But like most terminal based programs has of course config files that you can easily change just text files and they are located in your well well go ahead and make the directory.
So im gonna its in config and mutt and im gonna change directory to there and mutt will automatically read the file mud are see that is where your con figs are going to be kept. So. The first thing.
I want to do lits well actually i should open up mud and show you what it does by default now. I will say i am actually going to be using neo mutt. Which has some extra features i recommend you to use neo mutt.
But most of the stuff. Well talk about in this video is not neo mutt specific. It applies the mutt as well.
But lets just run the program and see what happens without having put any configs in whatsoever. What happens is that itll give us this message. Home luke mail does not exist.
Create it yes. Or no. Im going to say no so what this is by default is that mutt is looking to this directory mail in your home directory.
As your mailbox by default. We dont want it to do that we want it to look at our imap server. So how can we tell the dude to do that so ive said no to that prompt im not gonna press q to to quit so lets change that folder and how we do that in mud rc is just by saying set folder and then were gonna provide our imap server in here.
And it has a very specific kind of formatting. Were gonna say imap im apps colon slash slash now were going to provide our email address. Which is i said was much at dolly and that is going to be at our imap.
Server so thats mailcom dot lee and then youre gonna put in a colon and then youre gonna put in your port. So thats all you have to do for your folder. So notice again.
What the format of this is im apps. You got your port number here you got your imap server here which may not be mail dot. Something it might be i mapped out something whatever your provider.
Has and then your actual email address. Here. Okay.
Now the other thing. We want to set. Actually we can go ahead and run this and see what happens here so if i run mail.
Now. Its gonna say var school. Mail luke is not a mailbox and thats because its looking so its now looking to the right place.
But it is looking still its looking for a spool file that is on your local computer. And we can easily change that to the to be whatever our actual remote mail folder is and we can do that by saying set spool file to plus inbox. Okay now the plus in general is going to mean the folder.
We have plus this extra you know this subfolder of it okay so now once we run that its actually saying connecting to mail dot cockily now its prompting me for a password im gonna input my pollock password here okay now its logging in and youll see actually my mail for this account has not now popped up its not very much this is basically just an email account. I just made and send emails to for illustrations. But you can now it move around and mutt and use it how you need to so youll notice that vim keybindings j.
K. Go up and down or you can use arrow keys. If you want.
But notice. The formatting here so these are all different emails. Most recent is at the bottom right now emails can be tagged with things.
So. For example. These emails have a little lowercase r.
That means that they have been replied to this uppercase n. Means. Its a new mail that i havent opened.
I can press enter to open a mail up q to quit out. I can press r to reply to one although we cant really send mail. Yet because we havent configured that but so thats how you can basically move around in month.
Now as i said mine will end up looking like this ill tell you some of the changes. I make to do this. But lets go ahead and set the rest of the mailbox up just to get the basics out of the way okay now as i said you we cant actually send mail.

the mutt software is an example of what type of mail service software on linux?-0
the mutt software is an example of what type of mail service software on linux?-0

Yet so lets lets think about doing that but also lets think about how okay so im in my inbox. Now how do i change to my sent mail or my drafts or my trash or something else now. I will say if you press question mark at any time.
It is going to list out all of the bindings you have right now and you can leaf through them by pressing. You know space or minus sign to go back okay. So you can check those out.
But all of these commands you can remap in your mutt rc. Im not gonna talk about all that in this video. But you can do it so one of the bindings is lower case lower case c.
And it will say open mailbox a question for list and i can press question and it is listing all of my mailboxes and i actually have none because i have to either manually set these up or i mean the mailboxes would be like inbox or sent or drafts. Or something. Like that so lets go ahead and start manually setting all this stuff up additionally.
I will say one other problem is if i press r to reply to a mail and i open it up and you know im gonna say yeah im gonna send a mail here i type whatever i want there are other weird things that we havent set yet for example our from address is actually just the name of my user on this computer at this computer. So we can we can change all of this. Im just sort of detailing all the things you havent need to set up.
But lets go ahead and do it okay so im gonna say no to postpone now im actually gonna quit much okay so lets go back to our config file. And im gonna put in a couple things go lets go ahead and put it in our smtp server. So lets say we want to send a mail.
We want to put in our smtp url. Okay so that is going to tell mutt how to actually send mail okay so we can say smtp. A colon slash slash mutt at talk li at mail music dollie and our smtp server is typically our port numbers typically 587 ok 587 so it looks the formatting is going to be pretty similar to your i maps or your folder.
Just with a couple changes and note that this is our smtp server in my case theyre exactly the same but as i said this might be smtp for your server settings our port is different and additionally. I will just say ive noticed with cocked out lee sometimes they have some problems. Sending encrypted mail.
So i just dont put the s here at the end of smtp. There might be something else that im missing here. But just notice that usually youre gonna want to have the s here.
But you might have to omit. It and i will in this case. Just for our example.
So lets set some other stuff as well so for example. We can set a record vale variable. This is gonna be where our sent mail is stored as a record.
Its basically gonna be our sent mailbox. Okay. So im gonna say sint.
So. There that what this means is whenever i send mail put that mail in the box. That is sint okay.
We can also set a trash variable that is where our trashed mail goes and if you have a trash variable set. Whenever you delete mail. It isnt actually totally deleted.
Its just sent to this trash mailbox. So you can have that or you cannot have that if you want and also we have a postponed box. We might be able to guess what this is for this is for drafts.
Okay so im basically naming my mailboxes so this is naming where mud is gonna look for different things. But theres also another command called mailboxes okay and this is where we just named mut. We basically just give the names of all of our boxes that we want mut to pay attention to okay so im gonna say inbox.
Im gonna spell it right im gonna say sint im gonna say trash im gonna say drafts. Im gonna say junk and im gonna just you know put some other nigga lets just say other you can basically just put whatever you want here so we can have all of those im gonna save this lets see let me double check see if theres something i missed. I think we got all i think we got all we need for right now so our smtp url.
Lets just open up mutt and see what happens okay so im gonna open. It up again. Its asking me for my password okay so here we are and lets reply to this mail.
Okay so im going to reply. Some subject and include message and reply. Im gonna say yes its gonna open it up in whatever your default text editor is so this is my reply and im gonna save that note oh i forgot to set my from address maybe i should change that im gonna actually exit out so to change that you can just say set from and im gonna say you mutt and katli and you can also set your real name.
And that is the name your first name last name that you want to be identified by im just gonna put mutt mudding tune or something like that so now im gonna go back and actually send that mail so im gonna put in my password again okay im gonna reply to that here is reply now so its sent from mudding ttan. It is going to go to my sent mail box. And its being sent to actually the same email address.
But im gonna press y to send that message and it is now connecting to kok dolly. Its now prompting me for my password. Im gonna put it in and im gonna press enter and it failed okay why did it okay i stopped the video for a second.
I thought there was a big problem that had gone wrong i actually just typed in my password. The wrong way so just to verify that i can since the hell reply to this email here is a reply and i havent changed anything in my marcy. I dont think so looking up mail.
Dr. Lee now that none of the internets just taken forever. So im gonna put in my password and authenticating and okay.
Its sent yes. So yeah all that was as i typed my password wrong. So lets talk about passwords actually and ill leave you so youre now at a point.
Where you can start messing around with mut. So you can check the mutt manual. Im gonna close out of this for a second you can check the mutt manual for all of the different kind of things you can add now im gonna provide a actually theres two things i want to do one i want to show you how to change the colors to make it look a little prettier and ill show you how ill start talking about passwords.
So first off mutt prompted me for my passwords every time. I needed to set use them im pretty sure it actually saves passwords. If you already input you know some kind of smtp password.
Itll already itll carry that over from the last time you sent mail. But you can set passwords in your mud rc so you can say smtp pass now. Im gonna put in my password here dont worry i dont care if you see it its a junk email account.
So im gonna put in my password here. Im gonna put in my imap password as well here okay and these are typically the same thing if you have a normal email account. Okay i cant type today so now if i reopen mut notice that it is not gonna prompt me for my password because that already has it and if i send mail.
Okay and this wont prompt me for a password if i send that yeah so it authenticates it works fine okay now in the next video. Im gonna talk about how to encrypt to your passwords. So you dont have to have them in plain text.
But as i said i want to show you how to do the colors thing now ive actually provided in the video description you should check it out. I have provided a nice little file let me open it up. It is called colors.
Mod rc. And this is just a list of color settings to give you an example of the kind of things you can set to get particular colors so im going to copy this colors file into my mutt config. So now that it is in config slash mut what i can do is i can actually call it i can source it from my mud rc file.
So i can say source colors as a color or colors just color dot mud rc and once i do that im gonna exit my instance of mud and then reload it and youll see that everything has colors now okay. So these colors are just what i have set in this file here and of course you can play around with it and change. What you want to get things nice and pretty now in the next video as i said i want to talk about encrypting passwords and i also want to talk about how you can get your mail offline.
So you dont have to log into your email. Account. All the time you dont have to be connected to the internet to actually get things done so ill talk about that in the next video.
But this has been enough for one and i will see you guys next time .

the mutt software is an example of what type of mail service software on linux?-1
the mutt software is an example of what type of mail service software on linux?-1

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