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Theyll give me hey put the place up. Yeah. We know what we pay pay them cant get enough for you boo.
Im a taster face makeup iguana take just shake. It up what the boss thing. Does he take me out that dork no plate.
Then whyd you do way down there what my wife everybody special edition video guess you guys know very well we have special guests mara did theyd be super. You guys youre doing this starbucks frappuccino challenge. So here we have fixed our book ben see frappuccinos we got the caramel frappuccino we got a double chocolate chip.
We got jonathan we got matcha green tea we got mocha frappuccino and last but not least we have the vanilla bean grass all right the rule is simple you gotta finish 3 starbucks frappuccino real rock purposes to pick which three flavors are gonna be ours yep. Its whipped cream. All of it the last set breasts of the finish.
All three is the winner right one to go caramel frappuccino of course. Ill get the mocha legit. Yeah right go get one two three oh shit okay all right i guess ill just hop in shipment last one we go rock paper scissors rock paper scissors.
Yeah. The matcha green tea lets do it yeah. Thats not me out.
Mr. Miller bean wish all right so i got matcha green tea check that baby out my favorite. I used to guess is that san francisco state university.
All the time yes we got job and shit beater good on a hot summer day little bit of crisp and that caramel frappuccino.

starbucks venti caramel frappuccino calories-0
starbucks venti caramel frappuccino calories-0

Yeah. So i have the mocha frappe. You know so its all good with it nice and cold watch your mocha.
Too hot night. Wrong day youve got double try catch it with girls who dont know java tip and double chocolate chip is the same but this has no caffeine unit. Okay let you know you wants a little fyi and we have to been in the bean crap.
You know to give its delicious because and then the bean default blue is the standard all right so you can reach them in any order to add a serious time you want make sure you get all three done. Hmm is it anybody alright alright. Here.
We go sorry. Another challenge. Two three music.
Oh holy moly. Oh. I can get him.
Oh. My god reach it up so far our brain man. Oh.
My god after 2000. I hope you over thing music halfway through. Oh.
My god my my eyes hurt.

starbucks venti caramel frappuccino calories-1
starbucks venti caramel frappuccino calories-1

Im making my way down this java chip is not even. Oh my god alan your mom okay. Oh.
My god winter is coming just like hindering me man run quit. Now never may never learn how to music get out matcha green tea done go here go here my number one day. Overdrive you oh.
My god. It was the new thing yall. Messy over there.
Oh. My god like im. In like the end.
Youre done youre done right here bro hell nah brah. Good health. One got a chilled bread music music lets go.
No lets not getting today. Well hey calm down brett calm down. Whos why do this overdrive.
Okay. I feel like im getting body freed right. Now bro.
Too much childish shit put ice in here.

starbucks venti caramel frappuccino calories-2
starbucks venti caramel frappuccino calories-2

Bro advertise. How oh listen when i was keep in mind. Oh.
My god good job. Mario mario is a victor. Its my job bro.
You didnt you did the double time. The ship first oh i hurt matches on that first dude. So hard at the end.
I guess ill just take this l ran out of breath. Got my first l of 2017 in head to head back. Thanks to the man who started the channel with me mario you gonna be calm.
I bet you know i mean and. And just having somebody that trust the reason well. Im shivering right now it has to talk hole hey.
I have reason mama or you literally just frozen right home. My brother dont try this at home go ahead. Yall.
I got the chills down my spine tough loss. Now. Ivano gave.
Me my first l.

starbucks venti caramel frappuccino calories-3
starbucks venti caramel frappuccino calories-3

Glad i got the elephant. This guy goes. Nah.
Yeah. I try my bed in my head monastery. Oh.
Man oh bro a pellicle. See literally my whole legs are like i have never won jacket ever in my life in these videos. I see yeah nonetheless that was a great challenge.
It was pretty neck and neck that little rods that i had in my frickin drink. Yeah effort man this one right here kind of set me back a lot now you caught up critic. Yeah that reading getting them to take it back they never look back on the lead man.
Yeah. This is all made all these are made by with whole milk. Its a little made with heavy cream.
I would have been a different story each one would have been my ice cream thats the best our best present you know challenge hope you guys enjoyed it id like everyone tomorrow for being in this challenge. Always a tough competitor. He toughed it out gave.
Me my first elephant s. Ahead battle. I lost and thought.
It was you like subscribe try. And say thanks against all the leather support guys keeping crime in max sums it up see you guys in the next vid gonna come real soon peace music. .

starbucks venti caramel frappuccino calories-4
starbucks venti caramel frappuccino calories-4

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